The Technology Cloud and Its Impact on Your Digital Life

by Austin Osoroh 1

The technology cloud is already looming over us, techmongous and goodies packed, and of course Apple and Google are already battling for its domination. While the former believes that the technology cloud, at least for now, best complements your digital life by storing and syncing contents across your idevices which remain at the core of your computing needs, Google’s war chants is loud and uncompromising, “Everything for the cloud! The cloud for everything!” 

And by that Google means everything including your data, computing power and operating systems. Microsoft may appear ‘slow’ in joining the technology cloud race but it will take a very brave gambler to bet on its staying out for long. Since these tech titans basically dictate our digital lives, it only makes sense to prepare for the new ‘adjustments’ they will be unleashing on us all.

Technology Cloud Vs External Storage

Technology Cloud representation

Internal hard disks, external hard disks,thumb drives, recordable/rewritable discs and all things storage. Remember when marketing gurus and retail stores sweet-mouths used to woo and con us with impressive figures relating to storage as we gaped at the latest, coolest gadgets on display? Well, let’s just say those marketing lyrics are now past their shelf life. And were you among those griping over the meager-ness of storage capacities in the likes of Apple’s macbook Air? There is no better time than now to wise up, clam up and vault over the debate fence. The technology cloud reduces the need for more storage, and offer device makers more room to innovate and improve on performance, designs and probably pricing. So if you nursed dreams of achieving terabytes squander of personal storage space do not despair just yet; it might still be happening, but in the technology cloud rather than on the next generation of devices.

Internet Everywhere and Always

Technology Cloud and connected devices

If it’s not already a priority on your monthly expense bill then start bracing for its eventuality; access to the technology cloud is via the internet only, period. Because even the devices at the disposal of your computing needs will be heavily dependent on the cloud in the nearest future, internet access is guaranteed to become a necessity(assuming it is not already) in your digital life. The relentless growth of mobile computing only reinforces the assertion that having access anywhere and everywhere is a coming reality; getting by on the office rations or public wifi will soon no longer suffice. It may still be years away but devices will increasingly owe their relevance to the technology cloud and internet as our dependence and appetite for ‘live and always on’ digital existence burgeons.

The Future of Devices

Sure, the folks at Googleplex get it, it’s their implementation that may possibly be risky. Think about it. If true computing power and operating systems can sit in the technology cloud then need for local computing brawn on devices reduces, right? The major challenges to the Chrome OS strategy presently is that the cloud is not yet matured for all

Tech Titans Cluster

out computing, the internet is not yet ubiquitous and the Chromebooks are relatively expensive. When full-scale, all-out computing becomes a robust possibility in the technology cloud and internet access is widespread enough, expect your connecting devices to radically change in design, build materials and pricing because of the leeway accorded by reduced considerations for processing power and operating systems. In fact, it may even be possible that you happen to know about a Cupertino based company, and its designs for such future devices. Be assured that the technology cloud compels the rest of us to be very interested.

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