The World According to Broadband

by The Tech Labs 1

These days, it’s amazing how much of our lives revolve around the internet. For a large percentage of us, a few days without a broadband connection would be a nightmare. We shop online, we bank online, we get most of our news online and it’s very easy to take all of this for granted. With over 2.5 billion people now having access to the internet it really has become a part of our everyday lives.

From the humble beginnings of dial-up internet, we moved on to ADSL broadband (which most of us will currently be using), and now fibre optic broadband is emerging as the future of online technology. We are in an age where the average download speed in Europe is 15Mb and 13Mb in North America. However, we can count our lucky stars that we’re not using the internet in Antarctica, as it costs around 15 times more, on average, to surf the web! has looked into the world according to broadband…

The World According to Broadband

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