Top Apps to Discover New Things

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If you are the kind of person who is constantly on the lookout for new things, then read on. We have shortlisted a few apps on various topics which will interest you a lot. Here are the top eight apps that help you discover new stuff:

Taste New Food

There are many applications which find the best food places near you. But ‘FoodSpotting’ is different from the others. Its strength lies in its algorithm for finding places. It uses photographs to find places serving the same dishes at a place near you. You can also check out dishes that other users have shared.

Listen to New Tunes

‘Slacker’ can help you create new music stations. These stations can be based on songs, artists, or genres. You can include other tunes by artists from similar backgrounds and do a lot more. You can even block a particular artist or a genre of songs that you do not want to hear. The customization process is the backbone of this app.

Find Your Way

The legendary new app ‘Waze’ is in a league of its own. It not only routes your way to the destination, but also tells you about accidents and traffic snarls. It also tells you how much time would be wasted at the traffic jam. The app has an interesting new feature. Using GPS, it also locates the cheapest gas station near your current location.

Invite Yourself

Each city has at least one major party going on every night. Some find it hard to keep track of all of them. ‘Saambaa’ is every party animal’s dream app. The mobile app can list out all the parties that are scheduled for the day. With a strong ‘ambassador circuit’ across all the major cities, the app keeps you updated every second. The chat feature enables you to chat with the attendees from your group.


This app has already become quite famous. It combines the Facebook and Twitter feeds, latest news into a neat format. The different channels focus on varied topics from technology to fashion. There are people who like to know about the latest updates. This application is built for them.

Krrb – Bring Antiques to Your Mobile

Krrb helps you to find local antiques. It virtually builds an antique shop in your mobile. From local to global, you can choose your customization level. Apart from increasing your knowledge about the local antiques, it helps you to choose the best for your home.

Meet New People

Although it might be somewhat of a privacy issue, but ‘Highlight’ app is worth a try. It uses Facebook as its platform. The app finds people near your current location. These are then displayed on your screen. You can message the user from the app itself.

Find the Song

There are many of us who like a song but cannot identify it. ‘Shazam’ is tailor-made for such people. You can also watch the video of the song on YouTube. If you want, you can share it with your friends. It also shows you legal options on purchasing the song. And all this can be done straight from your device.

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