Fujifilm Released X100 World First Hybrid Viewfinder Digital Camera

by Neha 2

Now the world’s first Hybrid Viewfinder digital camera is available from the proud makers – The Fujifilm. With its classic style and epic functionalities, it beautifully combines old school design with new age tech. A lethal combination, isn’t it?

Hybrid Viewfinder Digital Camera by Fujifilm

With this brand new Hybrid Viewfinder digital camera, you can now get the perfect framing for your picture. Through this optical viewfinder, you can receive real time image data while you are shooting.

Viewfinder digital cameraThe high tech functionalities of X100 include a 12.3MP sensor with a 23mm Fujinon lens and a customized APS-C CMOS sensor along with the new EXR image processor to ensure highest quality photos. Moreover, it has an awesome 2.8-inch display, supports 720p video recording (24fps), HDMI-mini out and is operated by a Li-ion battery. With the help of the enchanting X100, you can now also shoot high-quality HD movies. The camera supports ISO range from 200 to 6400, which can further be extended to do 100 and 12800 as well.

The Hybrid Viewfinder Digital Camera Experience

Photography experience seems incomplete if not having the pleasure of seeing the world via a viewfinder. Therefore, Fujifilm is there to give you the ultimate click and to make you enjoy the most exciting photography experiences you have ever had!

The Hybrid Viewfinder Digital Camera in the X100 makes it one-of-a-kind in the world. Its marvelous viewfinder is one and the only combination of two distinct viewfinders i.e. one found in high-end film cameras and the other in digital compact cameras. This way there are both electronic and optical viewfinders in one camera, so that you can have the best of both worlds by having the ability to have just a perfect shooting experience with great fun and ease.

The marvel is a result of the innovation and continuous R&D efforts of the research team at Fujifilm. Fujifilm has always tried to bring product innovation with unique features every time it launches a new product. FinePix X100 is just another result of their untiring efforts in order to revolutionize your camera experience!

Why Hybrid Viewfinder Digital Camera?

The premium Hybrid Viewfinder digital camera will sure be a delicious treat for all the photo enthusiasts. Fujifilm FinePix X100 with its one-of-a-kind features will allow all such photo enthusiasts to explore photography and move a step ahead to take photographs as a professional.

Yes, we know that you are thinking about the price now. Well, the Fujifilm FinePix X100 can be bought for about $1,200 USD. Rest assured that you would be getting an unmatchable value for price! So, wanna have an ultimate camera experience? Get the Fujifilm Hybrid Viewfinder Digital Camera

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