Vine: Shoot And Its Gone

by Thea 0

Vine is the new animation maker app from Twitter. Capture precious moments in short six-second videos and share it for the world to see. Well, that is the concept. Sadly, Vine breaks your heart every time you shoot a precious memory. The videos you shoot need to be shared instantly as the app doesn’t actually store them. And Vine doesn’t really allow importing any other video clips; all Vines have to be shot exclusively from the app itself. Record a Vine and fail to share it straight away, you might find that video is not stored for later use.

The Vine app is relatively new so it can be allowed a few discrepancies. But that’s easier said than done. Vine behaves in a notoriously temperamental manner. The Vines regularly fail to upload, don’t allow private sharing, randomly decline the feed and routinely crash. These routine crashes are the main cause of frustration for the users. Your snappy Vines just go down the drain every time there’s a crash.

The whole purpose of the Vine is to help you relive a golden moment. When this basic feature kicks back, it’s sort of natural to feel cheated. The next time you live a beautiful moment, consider how you want to remember it. It might make more sense to live it at the moment than to try and clumsily capture a copy of it. When you come across some of life’s great moments, you sort of have to capture this moment forever. But if you go the Vine way, there’s a good chance your personal creation might vanish without a trace.

The content on Vine is certainly not supposed to disappear in this manner. Those kinds of features are good in chatting service apps. Not to take anything away from the app though. The conceptualization and overall design of the app are indisputably fantastic. Moreover, being the top free app two weeks ago in the iTunes app store was a testament to the fact that how many people are truly appreciating the Vine way. But the flaws are sure to frustrate even them at some point. The video storage problems, the frequent and extremely frustrating crashes need to go. This just doesn’t sit well with any user.

Vine is, on the whole, a lovely idea and entirely new way of recording moments that you wish to cherish forever. But the random crashes have stolen a great bit of memories. This puts Vine in the unforgivable category. Developers at Vine need to come out of their cubicles and address the user problems. All video’s or Vines need to be internally stored as video drafts until shared. You surely have the users intrigued with the possibilities of Vine. It’s time to make it count. Make sure you earn the trust of users. Fix the shortcomings mentioned above. Such a fix would finally let the app be used in the way it was actually intended. All the users you have frustrated so far still cling onto Vine because of the exciting possibilities. Make sure the users get what they want.


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