Windows 8: The Low Down on Microsoft's Master OS For All Its Platforms – Part 1

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Since its release on October 26th, Microsoft’s Windows 8 has generated a lot of talk. There were numerous rumors circulating in blogosphere prior to the release of Windows 8. The general consensus was that the PC users have been ‘left out in the wind’ by this mobile device specific OS. This is for the most part, true. The new OS is indeed tablet and mobile driven, but the desktop users have not been subject to neglect contrary to pre-release rumors. This version of windows is more touch friendly than its predecessors but it is very compatible for normal non-touch PC users. The kinks associated with the touch in windows 7 are now completely gone. This is now a wholesome OS.

Let’s have a look at how many rumors have affected the Windows 8’s release and how many of them have been dispelled, now that it is out.

Windows 8 OSSyncing Media Devices

The Zune app, which previously used to sync media devices, is no more. Instead, there is now a companion app on the Windows Play Store. It gives an overview of what’s on your device. This seamlessly works with your desktop so that you have your photos, music and other data where you want them.

What’s up With Xbox Music?

Touted to be a competitor to Pandora and Spotify, details on Xbox music are highly speculative. Even post release there is no word on it yet, but there may be a companion app on the Windows Play Store.

Smartglass App

Smartglass app is the one that gives content pushing support to the Xbox 360. It lets you handle all the data pushing to and from devices to the master device. The details are still sketchy as to how this will handle on 3rd party apps.

Crossover of Desktop Favorites

The user favorites like Paint and Movie Maker are unlikely to make the jump from previous Windows versions to this new one. But most likely there will be another companion app for executing these functions. Even the media center is an optional function. Also missing are the desktop office functions. Though, you can still install the office preview in some versions.

Cost of Purchase

XBox Music in Windows 8For the next six months, the upgrade to Windows 8 is available at $40 for users of previous Windows versions such as XP, Vista and Windows 7. But post that, Microsoft hasn’t said what the price of upgrade will be for Windows 8. Any news regarding a cheaper and affordable upgrade is only speculative now.

Number of Available Apps at Launch Time

Microsoft has a target of a 5 digit number of apps that it wants in its windows store. It is still miserably short. Microsoft certainly needs to get some developers on board and have some major apps to be available soon.
These are a few of the speculations and rumors that are circulating about Windows 8. Though for some part of it, they are true, most of them are just rumors. Only with more time can the entire details be apparent. Keep watching this space for more details.

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