WolframAlpha – Know Your Facebook Connections Better

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Facebook is indeed one of the most used networking websites of present times and on an average a person spends at least 2-3 hours doing ‘Facebooking’. In such a scenario, various application developers are coming up with striking ideas to keep the users glued to their Facebook accounts.

WolframAlpha has recently launched one such Facebook application. It’s kind of an analytic tool that can be used y the Facebook users. Let’s understand the app in detail.

How informed are Facebook users about their FB friends?
What is the marital status of your FB friends? How many your FB friends have mutual friends with you? And how many of your FB friends live near your locality? Manually keeping such info handy with you is slightly difficult, but what if you get access to an application that collects all the strangest data about your FB friends and provide you a computerized visual report? Sounds interesting, isn’t it?


What is WolframAlpha application?
The WolframAlpha app is actually a Facebook application that beautifies your FB activities. We usually perform several activities on FB everyday including liking, commenting, posting pictures or videos and w checking out our friends’ profiles also. WolframAlpha app gathers information from our all these activities and combines the information with its own analytic data and offers a relatively enhanced information about your friends.

The application not only gives info about your connections, but it can even identify your FB friend who has given maximum ‘comments’ and ‘likes’ on your posts.

A visual report is displayed by the application that is the most captivating feature in it. The report is shown in the form of a map with some color codes that denote the friends according to the degree of familiarity with them. The report goes deeper into the friend’s list and categorizes your friends into 5 categories: social getaways, social outsiders, social insiders, social neighbors, and social connectors.

Social insiders, as name reveals are the friends who are having the maximum number of mutual friends with you, whereas social outsiders are the friends who have few or no mutual friends with you. Similarly social getaways are those who are familiar with the maximum number of people out of your social network, but social neighbor knows very few people out of your network. Social connector is someone connected to a group of friends.

It is quite exciting to see the status of your friends based on the activities you and they perform on FB. Although, the application is said to have few downloading issues by the users, the makers are hopeful to get the maximum ‘likes’ for this effort!

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