Yahoo Mail App For Tablets Redefines The Way You Access Your Inbox

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Reading your daily mail on the tablet could be a cumbersome experience. There are mails which you want to access on a full screen. There are older mails that simply sit in your inbox and eat away space. Again, there are image attachments that need to be displayed. While popular mail platforms like Gmail and Apple have already powered tablet users with mail reading apps, Yahoo has recently joined the scene with a simple yet effective mail app. This yahoo mail reading app for tablet is designed to make accessing your inbox faster and easier. It also helps you manage your mails and messages neatly.

Features of the Yahoo tablet mail app:
The tablet app for Yahoo Mail is an impressive bunch of features that are in some ways even better than the current apps offered by some of the leading email platforms. Some of the features of the app are:

1. Full Screen mail: The app has a layout that is in common with the Gmail or Apple Mail layout. The tablet screen shows the Inbox icon on the left and a blank space on the right that displays the mail contents. However, things change from here. A full screen option makes it easier to flip through your mails and make them appear clearer and larger. The entire tablet display is taken up by the full screen mode so that you can access your important message better and perform necessary actions quickly.

2. Mail flipping: The mails get displays on a Flipboard like feature that even comes with a flipping action animation. You read through your mails just like you read through the pages of a book. A small button at the bottom of the screen activates this feature on the app. Attached images are also displayed along with the message.

3. Spring clean your Inbox: The app allows you to perform multiple actions on multiple messages. For instance, if your inbox is stuffed with redundant mails and messages that you no longer need or remember, you can trash them with one small touch. You simply select the messages in bulk, star them, delete them, or move them to the folder. It is especially true when you are bothered by useless mails in the middle of reading an important message. Simply, select the mails and perform your action and go back to reading.

4. Identify sender and bulk delete: An extension of the previous feature, the mail app allows you to sift mails according to the sender id and take necessary actions.

5. Compatibility with major tablet makers: The Yahoo mail app is compatible with iPad and Android powered tablets and is usable with all its features. It is also available for Kindle Fire

The Yahoo Mail app for tablets has come at the right time. The market is rife with mail reading apps and could take away a large number of the remaining Yahoo loyals. This app is yet another effort on part of Yahoo to connect better with its dedicated fan base and offer something that they can use on a daily basis. The app makes accessing mail boxes simple, organized and even fun.

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