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  1. I notice that you have a section labeled iphone5 review which, of course, is a preview of what you think will be on the iphone 5 when it is announced and released. This is excellent service for those that are followers of Apple.
    However, although I see a that you have a link for the Samsung Galaxy S II, you do not have any information or conjecture for the Samsung Galaxy S3 – even though a to be announced date has been issued as May 3rd at 7 PM in London. On other web sites, there is much speculation on the Galaxy SIII. Is your bias so great for Apple that you are trying to ignore the Galaxy SIII?

    1.  @spaul40 Hi There, no we did cover it. The editor picks above were selected before the s3 post was written, You can read what we think we will see in it here: http://www.thetechlabs.com/tech-news/samsung-galaxy-s3/ – Thanks for joining us 🙂

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