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TheTechLabs currently generates over 125,000 1,500,000 page views per month and is expected to generate 2,200,000 page views per month before the end of 2011. The site targets tech enthusiasts people and who are interested in learning about all of the latest and offers multiple ways to build your brand and get your message to our large readership. Ad spaces are sold on a per month basis.

Site Stats (as of October 2011)

  • Alexa rank: 95,280 40,415
  • PageRank: 5
  • Website grade: 99
  • RSS readers: 1,132 2,582
  • Twitter followers: 1,912

The Website Grade for!

TheTechLabs ranks very well in the search engines for a wide range of search terms related to technology in general, consumer electronics and software programs, and is continuously growing with an ever increasing readership. By supporting TheTechLabs, you are also contributing to the publication of more quality news and tutorials.

Banner ads

Zone 1 – 728*90 (top)

Cost: $250 per month

Your ad will be placed at the top of all content including the news, tutorials, downloads, etc. This zone has the highest click-through rate on the site and is ideal if you want to grab our readership’s attention before they even start going through the content.

Currently unavailable

Zone 2 – 300*250 (sidebar)

Cost: $250 per month

Your ad will be placed at the top of the sidebar and will appear on every single page of the site. Because of its size and placement, this spot has a great exposure and the highest click-through rate on the site. Return on investment guaranteed!

Currently unavailable

Zone 3 – 125*125 (sidebar)

Cost: $125 per month

Your ad will be placed in the sidebar along with three other 125*125 ads and will show up on every single content page of the site. This zone has one of the highest click-through rates on the site. You only need to provide the banner and link. These spots are selling like hot cakes so make sure you grab one now!

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