Top 3 Features Of The New Myspace

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The new Myspace is here and since the later parts of 2012, the once-popular social network is working hard to regain its online territory. The revamped and re-configured Myspace focuses heavily on discovering music together. It boasts of features that bring musical artists, their songs, their fans and the entire icon-driven universe to you. With leading singers like Justin Timberlake going all out in launching their Myspace presence, the venture certainly looks towards a positive direction. Site owners, along with several artists, feel the time is ripe for Myspace to make a comeback worth remembering. In this new avatar, the social network has been aligned to meet user demands and trends in a big way.

Raging features of the new Myspace

As a music-focused social site, Myspace has come up with some seriously happening features that are already creating ripples in the virtual world. The most popular features are listed below:

1. Free iPhone app: The site has finally hit upon the missing link in the social networking chain and launched an iPhone app for Myspace. This new-found mobile connectivity comes at a time when the mobile phone has transformed as the center of the user’s universe and there are apps for anything conceivable. It is free to download and here users can find an artist’s profile, songs and performances, together with their fans and responses. This app makes it possible to create a compact artist homepage and is closer to what the new Myspace hopes to achieve. It aims to generate a genuine icon-follower interaction and socializing.

2. Radio stations: Unlike algorithm based music centers, Myspace allows artists to create their own radio stations. This feature is a popular twist to radio options available in social sites. It does not set up stations based on the user’s music preferences, unlike iTunes Radio or Pandora. Myspace enables its users to make their unique radio stations. My Radio is an ad-based station and promises good music.

3. GIF creator: Users can access the GIF creator through the Myspace mobile app. GIF is an extremely popular feature and loved by millions of online users. However, creating a GIF has always been a complex process. With the social GIF creator, users can create GIFs in a few easy steps. It is almost as simple as capturing a photo.

Social media response to the new Myspace

Since its release in late 2012, the online user community has shown a positive response towards the site. It has been well accepted and talked about. Twitter, the biggest social microblogging site, has been abuzz with tweets and re-tweets about Myspace. The owners have also incorporated a few changes in the site according to user feedbacks. For example, the initial Myspace usage of icons was a bit vexing for many. Hence, the site now includes a lot of tutorials and notes that make it easy to navigate through and make for a richer user experience.

In the end it can be safely assumed that the ousted network is gaining ground and keeping no stone unturned in fulfilling user demands. Its marketing practices are in sync with its objectives. However, only time can tell whether it can inspire that same user confidence it once used to command.

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