Samsung ATIV Tab 3: The Complete Mobile Office Experience

by Thea 0

Samsung recently announced its latest Windows 8 tablet, the ATIV Tab 3. Claimed by Samsung to be the world’s thinnest tablet, this avant-garde device scores high marks on the portability front. In comparison to other Windows tablets like Tablet 2 and Lenovo ThinkPad, ATIV Tab 3 comes out to be a clear winner in respect to ease of use. For avid iPad users, the ATIV Tab 3 comes as a welcome surprise as it is feather light. It weighs only 1.21 pounds, almost 4 ounces lighter than the iPad. It is just 0.32 of an inch, which is incredibly thin as compared to other tablets.

The ATIV Tab 3 gets some quick brownie points for its use of real Windows 8 and not Windows RT, a watered-down version of Windows. In fact, the list of plus points keeps on increasing as we discover that the “Clover Trail” Intel  Atom chip inside the ATIV Tab 3 enables you to run the older Windows apps you so loved in your desktop! So there you have in your hands, an ultra-light Windows 8 Tab that gives you the joy of mobility combined with the familiarity of a desktop environment.

The Windows 8 devices are usually not accompanied by free pre-installed softwares unlike Windows RT. However, Samsung shows far-sightedness by pre-installing Microsoft Office in the ATIV Tab 3. Even though it is just a stand-alone version of Office 2013 Home & Student, you cannot complain as it does not really make much of difference if this is the only Windows device you are using.

Samsung’s dedication to take ATIV Tab 3 a level above the rest is clearly reflected in the way add-on features like the S-pen are integrated with the Tab. Remember the remarkable stylus that comes with Galaxy Note and works with drawing apps like S Note, that’s the S-pen.  It comes in as a handy formula creator and handwriting-to-text tool. The goodness of the ATIV Tab 3 cannot be completely described without commenting on the overall writing experience, which is just like the Galaxy Note, simply fabulous!

samsung ativ tab 3Now, let’s address the biggest concern of all Windows Tab users – the response time. The ATIV Tab 3 comes as a real surprise since its overall Windows 8 experience is really smooth, even though it has less powerful Atom chip. The Tab is both fast and fluid while switching from app to app. However, things might turn out to be a bit different if you want to use Office, Photoshop and Chrome all at the same time.

Our research and the facts tell us that the ATIV Tab 3 is easily one of the lightest robust “mobile office” solution you can lay your hands on. Paired with a keyboard, this incredible Windows Tab enables you to do significant work while providing optimal mobility. The only glitch here is that the shipping date and the price is yet to be announced by Samsung. Here’s wishing that ATIV Tab 3 falls in the budget of the average buyer. Keep reading this space for any new updates on the ATIV Tab 3.

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