How much protection do you get from an iPhone screen protector?

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Many people argue that it’s no longer necessary to protect your iPhone with a screen protector due to the higher quality of glass used in construction. If you have seen some of the comments that accompanied the launch of iPhone 6 then you know that this is not entirely true. Many online forums were buzzing with comments about the ease with which iPhone screens could be scratched.


Look at it this way, if you have just spent a significant amount of money on a new phone, isn’t it worth investing in screen protector, just to give yourself that extra peace of mind? You can get iPhone 6c screen protectors in a variety of materials, at an affordable price. If you are not convinced let’s take a look at how a screen protector can offer an extra layer of protection for your iPhone.

Protection you get from an iPhone screen protector

However careful you are in looking after your iPhone it’s still possible for the screen to get scratched. Even just accidentally dropping your phone from a low height can result in the screen surface becoming scuffed. Using a screen protector on your iPhone provides an extra layer of protection. The screen protector suffers the scratches not the screen itself.

You may have heard people say that they have seen videos of an iPhone screen remaining unscratched even when coming into contact with a set of keys. As a result, you may be wondering why you need the protection. It’s true that the newer iPhones are pretty resistant when it comes to being scratched by keys. It’s also true that there are plenty of day to day items which cause a lot more damage than keys. Sand, grit and stones tend to be more damaging. All of these are present in the environment around us and it’s really easy to get sand and grit particles on your hands. These in turn can scratch your phone screen when you use it. You can see why it’s well worth having that extra layer of protection.

Does a screen protector affect the look and performance of your phone?

iphone6_temepered_screen_protectorSome people say they don’t use a screen protector because it has an adverse effect on the look and performance of their iPhone. If you use a plastic screen protector it may feel slightly different than the feel of the glass screen. If you want the feel of glass then you can invest in a tempered glass screen protector. At the end of the day a screen protector is an addition to your iPhone so will alter the look and feel very slightly. This change is minimal and should not be enough to detract from the user experience of your phone.

Most importantly, if you don’t have a screen protector in place then your phone screen is at greater risk of being scratched and you stand the chance of having to spend money having it repaired or replaced.

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