Five Tablet Apps To Dispel Your Doodle Dilemmas

by Thea 0

For all those who lament over the neglect that technology has showered on the art of doodling till date – good news has arrived. In a space cluttered with inefficient and inconvenient drawing apps that have failed to cater to one’s doodling instincts, the following tablet apps have arrived as the doodler’s messiah and unleashed a whole new world of creativity for the networked doodler.

Paper by FiftyThree
Recognized as Apple’s iPad app of the year in 2012, Paper by FiftyThree is an extremely slick and smooth app that offers grade one functionality and is clean and simple to use. Indeed, it is an amateur doodler’s dream come true. The free version of this app offers a simple yet comprehensive toolbar, with one drawing pen and some basic brushes. To color shapes more easily and control the size of your lines, you can upgrade to its paid versions that provide more freedom while drawing.

SketchBook Express by Autodesk
This tablet app from Autodesk is indeed a marvel in the world of barely functional doodling apps. Its technology aims to imitate real-world drawing experience, which enables users to draw as naturally as possible. Besides,  it comes with a large variety of customizable brushes and facilitates image layering up to the level of 6 layers – all in the free version of the app.

On one hand it is simple enough for the average doodler who draws on a whim, and on the other, it offers intuitive features to the professional illustrator as well.

Bamboo Paper by Wacom
This app tries to replicate the experience of doodling on an actual paper, and is hugely successful in this attempt.
Despite of its simple features that offer only limited customization, it is definitely one of the popular doodling apps on the block. When used along with a Bamboo Stylus, this app facilitates real-time note-taking and drawing on the go, in as natural a manner as possible. Bamboo Paper is definitely the app to go for if you’re looking for a pen-and-paper doodling experience.

Doodle AppsAdobe Ideas
Adobe Ideas is a doodling app with a difference. The USP of this app is that it lets users draw images and then save them on Creative Cloud, wherefrom they can be edited by anyone having access to an internet connection.  It allows the user to customize the brush type and size, and type text within.  For accuracy, it provides doodlers with a 50 level undo and redo facility.
All these features in a simple and minimalistic user interface makes it all the more attractive for an avid doodler.

Sketch Club
Sketch Club is a paid iOS app that beats the rest. It is meant for people who wish to create professional doodles. What makes it stand out from the rest are the interactive abilities build into it. You can share your creations on a social gallery, where other doodlers can rate it, provide feedback and leave their comments. It provides a tutorial to teach users about the use of the app and about drawing complex doodles, apart from offering excellent brush customization and image editing options.

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