Why Would I Need a GoPro?

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While modern smartphone cameras have moved far beyond their basic beginnings to become comparable alternatives to dedicated camera equipment for amateur photographers, the GoPro’s range of advanced features make it an outstanding choice for those who regularly shoot high quality motion video. GoPro cameras are built to thrive beyond where most smartphones can venture, making them the best choice for some shots, and you can get the GoPro 4 Black at any Harvey Norman for immediate delivery.

New Angles

The first-person view that has made GoPro into a household name has been the driving force behind the popularity of the device, but these innovative units can be used to achieve other unique viewpoints as well. A range of available mounting apparatuses are available to help create one of a kind shots, and photographers can even create custom mounts to capture a truly unique perspective.

Rugged Design

Why Would I Need a GoPro?Smartphone design focuses on versatility before all else, and one of the shortcomings of their design is limited durability. For this reason, they should rarely be exposed to outdoor recording in most areas, as simple damage like a cracked screen or water immersion could easily render a smartphone useless. GoPro cameras are specifically designed for active recording, and feature impact-resistant, waterproof designs to deliver peace of mind during outdoor shoots.

Immersive Shooting

Smartphone cameras require that the photographer look at the viewfinder during recording to ensure the best results, and this can draw attention away from the activity at hand during a first person perspective shoot. Instead, GoPro devices are designed to be much less obtrusive, allowing hands free use and eliminating the need to monitor the viewfinder while in action for a more involved shooting experience.

Video Quality

While the top smartphone models such as the iPhone 6S and high end Galaxy devices include high definition cameras ideal for everyday shooting, they still fall far short of the capabilities of dedicated professional video equipment. The flagship GoPro Hero4 Black records 1080p video at 120 frames per second for unmatched video quality as well as high resolution slow-motion footage.

GoPro cameras have ushered in a new age of active photography, enabling adventurers and vacationers alike to get an entirely new view of their experiences. While smartphone cameras are suitable for day-to-day casual use, the range of advantages offered by GoPro camera equipment can still make it an excellent addition to a shutterbug’s photography arsenal.

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