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Every time you connect to the internet your actions are logged to a specific IP address. This works similar to your physical home address, meaning it’s possible for someone to do a reverse IP lookup and see who it belongs to and where you’re browsing from.

IP Hider Ever IP masking tool logoIf you use the same IP address regularly – which is extremely likely – then it can also be used to build a profile of your habits. This means that a third party could easily track what websites you visit, how often you visit them, and how long you spend on each portal. This may not seem like much on its own, but when combined with other personal information the personal profile can become pretty accurate and scary.

That’s why VPN or virtual private network tools exist. They mask your real IP with another address, generally from a completely different country, so that it’s much more difficult to track what you’re doing when you browse the web.

IP Hider Ever is essentially a proxy or VPN tool that can be used to hide your IP address so that you can keep your internet traffic truly private, as well as your current location or physical address.

What is IP Hider Ever for?

IP Hider Ever works like a VPN to mask your IP address so that you can hide your internet traffic, and also personal information tied to an IP, such as your physical address. According to the developers, it offers “government-level safety protection” from snoopers and intruders.

Why Would You Want it?

IP Hider Ever is a privacy and security solution for anyone that wants to mask their assigned IP address from outside parties. This could be to protect their personal information tied to an IP such as their name or home address, or it could also be to protect themselves from spying. Everything you do when connected to the internet can be traced back to the IP. This includes browsing adult websites, shopping and online transactions, social media use, and much more.

IP Hider Ever is an easy-to-use IP masker or VPN tool. You can choose from a variety of masked IPs located in remote countries such as Germany, Russia, Singapore, or other areas of the United States.

You can essentially choose what you want your new IP – which will be masking your real one – to be. The masking process is carried out with the click of a single button, quick and easy.

Additional options allow you to keep the same IP address every time you browse, or you can allow the program to automatically assign a new IP every 1, 5, 30 or 60 minutes for an extra layer of protection.

Furthermore, all incoming and outgoing traffic through the IP Hider Ever service is encrypted, so that not even your ISP or network admins can see what you are doing.

Anything I Should Be Aware of?

IP Hider Ever is free to download and try, however, it does require a subscription if you plan to continue using the service. Prices are $4.95 a month for up to 2 users, $9.95 a quarter (every 3 months) for up to 5 users, or $29.95 annually for an unlimited number of users.

There are free VPN and IP masking tools available, although premium services generally offer the best features.

Be sure to give IP Hider Ever a try first before paying for a subscription, as there are plenty of other tools out there if you do not like this one.

Where Can I Download IP Hider Ever Safely?

The best – and safest – place to download IP Hider Ever is from the developer’s official site using our download button.


Rating: 9/10


  • Windows
    • Versions: 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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