The Apple iPad Mini, What Happens When You Try to Innovate Without The Retina

by Briley 1

Apple has released the iPad Mini, and no matter what you think of the specs, it’s unquestionably a charming little device.

The Mini has garnered lots of scrutiny thanks to its current price, which starts at $329 for the 16GB model. The scrutiny can be attributed to the current state of the budget tablet market. The iPad Mini weighs in with a mere 7″ display, hence the “Mini” moniker. The price tag, however, keeps the Mini placed right at the top of the market chain, considering it is one of the most expensive 7″ tablets currently available.

The Google Nexus 7 is considerably cheaper at $199. Of course, there are other offerings like the Kindle Fire HD, and the Nook HD. You could argue that these other devices hardly compare, especially considering they are running the Google Android OS, compared to the iPad Mini’s Apple iOS 6. That is neither here nor there, however as we are not here to create a debate.

The point is, there are plenty of other offerings on the market, and that is why Apple has taken quite a bit of rough criticism for the unveil of the Mini.

Regardless, the Apple iPad Mini is here, and most of you are probably wondering just what it has to offer!

iPad Mini Being Held Up

The New Apple iPad Mini – “Every Inch an iPad”

Obviously the “Mini” moniker comes from the 7.9″ size, and as for the display we’ll get to that later.

iPad Mini With Pinch to ZoomThe iPad Mini is rocking a dual-core A5 proprietary processor, which if you didn’t already know, is the processor that was originally designed for the iPhone 4 and the previous iPad. In other words, the iPad Mini is equipped with a last gen processor. That doesn’t mean it’s any less efficient though because clearly a smaller device wouldn’t need as much processing power as the larger iPad with a 10″ screen.

The iPad Mini is equipped with all the same features as the standard iPad, like a digital compass, an accelerometer, an ambient light sensor and more. The iPad Mini also includes integrated speakers and a microphone, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The new Lightning connector is also included on the iPad Mini. The Lightning connector was introduced in the current generation of the iPhone, or more specifically the iPhone 5.

Of course, the iPad Mini includes integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n support and Bluetooth Wireless 4.0 functionality.

iSight Camera on The iPad MiniA front facing, 1.2 megapixel camera is just right for using FaceTime over Wi-Fi or cellular. There is another 5 megapixel rear-facing camera which can be used to record 1080p HD video or capture photos while you’re on the go. You might appear to be less goofy to others when capturing a photo with your 7″ iPad Mini, than you would using a standard iPad.

Most of these features you should already know and remember seeing as they are all included in the standard iPad. So wait, what exactly is so remarkable about the iPad Mini besides the smaller 7″ size? It must be the screen, right?

The Non-Retina Display

Nope. There is nothing extraordinary about the iPad Mini screen.

iPad Mini IPS Panel DisplayWe’re not saying the screen is of poor quality mind you, but the iPad Mini isn’t even equipped with the infamous Retina display. Instead, the Mini includes a 7.9″ LED backlit IPS panel display with a maximum supported resolution of 1024 x 768 and a rated pixel density of 163 ppi.

Before the Apple fanboys and lovers who claim not to be, attack us all in a hussy, we must state this: the iPad Mini screen is still vivid in detail and plenty capable for the size.

Unfortunately, as with most Apple products, you are paying more for less. Only this time, it’s slightly more visible. On the same side of the coin, it all depends upon what you consider the term “less” to represent. In this case, many would argue that you’re paying for a user friendly interface and comprehensive support that Apple offers for its products.

For some, that’s a steep price to pay, and that is exactly why these other budget tablets exist, and exactly why critics are criticizing the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini Will Be Available Soon

The Apple website retains that iPad Mini orders will begin shipping in approximately two weeks. That means if you order now, you shouldn’t have much longer to wait.

You can buy the 16GB iPad Mini for $329, the 32GB iPad Mini for $429 and the 64GB iPad Mini for $529. All of the models we just mentioned, can be ordered with Apple’s “Black & Slate” or “White & Silver” body finishes.

All negative comments aside, the iPad Mini is certainly an efficient device. If you want a smaller iPad for a relatively cheaper price, than the Mini is your tablet. Hopefully over time, the price will drop enough so that the tech world will be forced to stop blasting Apple and appreciate the Mini. Although, we’re confident that folks will never stop blasting Apple because critics make the world go round’. Also, because there are times when bashing Apple can be quite fun.

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