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GIFs – or animated pictures – are used pretty much everywhere on the internet now. Forum and social media users on sites like Reddit use them a lot to joke or convey messages. Bloggers and news networks use them to spruce up content. People share them just to entertain themselves or have a good time.

You probably know this already if you’re here, and you probably use GIFs a lot.

GifCam is an incredibly useful, and free Windows application that allows you to create animated GIFs right from your desktop. More specifically, with GifCam, what you see is what you get.

What is GifCam for?

GifCam Logo with delayed animationGifCam works like a screen capture tool and allows you to position the window over other elements and open windows on your desktop. Through this method, you can create animated GIFs quickly and easily.

Just manually adjust the size of the window to fit what you want to capture, and then click the record button. Everything you see inside the frame is recorded and when you tell it to stop recording, the content is formatted into an animated GIF file. Since GIFs can be shared almost everywhere, this may be a better tool to record simple screencasts than traditional apps.

If you need to, you can also edit the GIF on a frame-by-frame basis which includes adding custom frames.

One unique feature is that if the application detects matching frames – as in you didn’t do anything between the current frame and the last – it will simply add a delay to the existing frame. This does one of two things. It keeps the file size down because that means the resulting file will have fewer images to process, and it makes the final product much easier to sort through and edit.

When you are ready to export the file you can customize the image options. This feature allows you to create 256 colors, 20 colors, greyscale, or monochrome GIFs. You can also edit the image style of each frame before saving the file.

Why Would You Want it?

If you want to create animated GIFs quickly and easily without the hassle of a more advanced photo editing tool then GifCam is your solution. Plus, it allows you to generate GIFs from any content that’s visible on your desktop including videos, movies, photos, and more.

Anything I Should Be Aware of?

GifCam is a portable app which means it comes with everything you need to activate the app right in the download directory. You do not have to install anything to use this app, nor do you have to deal with messy junkware prompts.

Because it’s portable, you can also move the directory to a flash drive to carry with you everywhere you go. Then all you need to do is plug the flash drive into the computer to run your apps – and it will work on any computer.

Where Can I Download GifCam Safely?

The best – and safest – place to download GifCam is from the developer’s official site using our download button.


Rating: 10/10


  • Windows
    • Versions: 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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