Getting the Right Video Conferencing Equipment for an Effective Team Collaboration

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Any time you need to get on a video conference call, you might worry about whether the person on the other end can see and hear you properly. If you’re like most people, you’re involved in a video call through your computer. This is why you need to make sure you have all the additional equipment to make the experience even more enjoyable. Even if you’re using quality software from a good provider, you might still have poor picture quality and poor sound, just because your computer did not have everything necessary to broadcast your image and your voice. Here are a few suggestions for equipment to help make sure you can be seen and heard properly during the call.

Get a Portable Light Source

In most places, you’re not going to be wall-lit while you’re on the video conference call. This is why you should have your own light source. One of the best lighting sources when you’re on camera is LED lighting, according to Geek Beat. If you can utilize this in the form of a stick, it will illuminate your entire face and get rid of any shadows that might normally occur. The light should be located above and behind your computer just slightly. You don’t want it in front of the camera or it will be a distraction to the people you’re talking to. The light will seem a little annoying at first, but you’ll get used to having it on and it will serve to remind you that you’re on a conference call. Thanks to great video conferencing connections through companies like Blue Jeans Network, you’ll appreciate having the right lighting. The people on the other end of the call will be impressed with how professional you look on the camera.

Have Better Speakers

There are two things wrong with the speakers on your computer when you’re in the middle of a video conference call. The first problem is that they’re not going to provide you with very good sound. These speakers are only designed to do so much and they definitely will not offer you the realistic sound as if you’re in the same room as the people you’re talking to, which CBS News advises is the whole reason for using video conferencing in the first place. As such, you should make sure you purchase speakers with at least two cones. One cone will produce bass while the other produces the higher tones. These don’t have to be concert quality speakers. They just need to have the ability to produce the rich sound of the human voice. While it’s true that nothing can quite capture all the timbres of the human voice, many of the newer speakers are doing a very good job of getting closer. These speakers should be positioned close to the computer on either side. You’ll appreciate the difference you hear when you’re on your next call.

Use a Better Microphone

Most people don’t like to utilize headphones with a microphone on it while talking through video conferencing. If that’s the case, you should invest in a long microphone with a base. The base should be situated close to the base of the computer, but low enough it cannot be seen by the camera. Make sure you have the microphone as close to your mouth as possible so everything you say can be heard on the other side. According to The Wall Street Journal, some offices spend thousands of dollars to build a video conference room using powerful microphones that are strategically placed. You don’t want to spend this kind of money to build the room, so instead, spend around $100 to purchase a good quality microphone you can use on all your calls. Resist the urge to lean into the microphone whenever you’re talking. These microphones are powerful and you can actually distort the sound when you get too close.

Have a Really Good Internet Connection

The last piece to the puzzle is making sure you have a great Internet connection. Even if you’re using some of the best video conferencing software, like Blue Jeans Network, you can still run into graininess in your video, according to PC Advisor. When possible, don’t rely on the Wi-Fi to provide you with the connection you need. If you can run a land line to the computer, it will provide the most data possible to your computer. Connect every time you’re about to have a video conference, or utilize a computer that is always connected and you will have a much better experience every time you get on a conference call. Remember that the best Internet connections are through cables and dedicated servers rather than through a cellular service or through a phone line. The more data it can carry, the clearer the picture and sound will be.

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