Samsung Aims to Gain the Top Spot: Announces 3 New Innovative Devices

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Samsung recently announced the addition of three new products to its innovative line of ATIV Windows Tablets and PCs. The new products include the ATIV Q hybrid tab, the ATIV Book Plus 9 laptop, and the ATIV Tab 3.

The ATIV Q: A Hybrid Tablet Device
Looks like Samsung is leaving no stone unturned to get to the top. The ATIV Q tablet comes as a surprise even for a hybrid tablet. It not only supports both Android and Windows, it also works as an Ultrabook as well as a normal tablet. Such innovation gives a clear hint that Samsung is giving its best shot to retain and attract customers.

The device weighs around 2.8lbs and features 13.3 inch screen – great for tablet device, isn’t it? Add to that, a phenomenal screen running resolution of 3200×1800, and you easily have one of the best hybrid tablet devices in your hand. Samsung also claims that the ATIV Q is optimized to be able to run in various environments. The most endearing feature of the ATIV Q is its ability to work in four different modes. If you want a desktop-like experience, the ATIV Q acts like a standard laptop complete with keyboard access.  Other modes include the standard tablet, the standing tablet style and the raised tablet mode.

To add to the beauty of the tab, Samsung allows the user to share files and folders between the Android 4.2.2 and the Windows 8 mode. This provides the user a much more seamless experience than other hybrid tabs currently available in the market. The ATIV Q also offers great configuration specs with its latest Haswell CPU, nine hours battery life, 128GB SSD, and 4GB RAM. It is also equipped with a microHDMI out, SD card slot, a USB 2.0 port, and USD 3.0 port.

Samsung InnovationThe ATIV Tab 3: A Tablet with the Power of PC
As claimed by Samsung, the ATIV Tab 3 is the world’s thinnest tablet device which has the power of providing a PC-like experience. This Windows 8 tablet is designed on the lines of Samsung Galaxy series tablets and smart phones.  Samsung also claims that the ATIV Tab 3 has a ten-hour long battery life, which puts it at par with other Android and iOS tablets. Complete with an Intel Atom processor, the ATIV 3 features a 10.1 inch display, 1366×768 displays, weighs around 1.2lbs and is only 8.2mm in thickness.

The Samsung SideSync
Innovation is the integral part of the ATIV series and Samsung has introduced a new feature called SideSync, which is supported by the ATIV devices. The SideSync enables the user to switch from Android-based Samsung smart-phone to Windows 8 devices. In other words, the user can use their PC keyboard to send messages to mobiles, transfer videos from one device to the other and view maps on the large screen of the tab.

Keep reading this space for the latest updates and reviews on the Samsung ATIV range of innovative products.

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