Apple Adopts a New Product Strategy to Enhance Appeal and Usability

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Apple is undergoing a new era of changes, under the supply chain maestro, Tim Cook.  The company is treating its fans with newer specification refreshes with a vigor never shown before.  New changes to devices and tweaked versions of products are being launched at a very fast pace for meeting the market trends and optimizing the product viability.

If one sits down to list all the changes that Apple has launched this year, the list comes out to be quite a long one.  The Air improvements and Retina MacBook Pro were launched in February and included latest processors.  This was in line with Apple’s strategy to boost the internal specifications for the Mac range. However, there were also seen some major changes in the way Apple operates its product cycles with the launch of iMac with VESAmount, new 16GB iPod touch and 128GB 4th generation iPad.  All these products came without a rear camera, a major modification by Apple.

No Fanfare Product Launch

All of these updates and modifications clearly reflect Apple’s commitment to achieve constant improvement and dramatically alter its approach for operating its product release cycle. In fact, unlike the star-studded launch events that Apple holds to introduce new hardware, these updates were launched without any fanfare. At best, the products got a press release and in cases like that of iPod touch, a simple update on the online store was all Apple did to launch the product. The reason behind this is that these changes, though new, are not innovative enough to have a huge launch.

Optimizing its Way to Perfection

There is no denying the truth that Apple has one of the most efficient and effective supply chain system.  Under Tim Cook as the CEO, the company had minimal inventory sitting around in the warehouse along with near zero manufacturing errors. In addition, there were continuous adaptations and improvements to continually increase the profit margin.  It is very likely that Tim Cook has now applied his skills for optimization not only on the supply chain but also to the actual Apple products.

The strategy to optimize is clearly reflected in some of the new launches by Apple. Take for instance the iPad, the latest storage update enables it to give tough competition to similar devices such as the Surface. Similarly, the latest modifications in the iMac alleviate all the issues pointed by the reviewers and targets the business users.  Even with iPod touch, Apple tries to fill the gap in its product lineup along with simplifying the supply chain.

Flexibility is the Key

Another noticeable change in the Apple products is their flexibility. The products have become much more mutable as compared to what they were before Tim Cook took control. With all these positive changes going around in Apple, there arises the serious question of offending the sensibilities of users who purchase the products early. In the midst of new updates being introduced every now and then, the early buyers may feel that they have been cheated and regret their decision.

However, a closer look on the upgrades show that they are designed to expand the base of potential audience rather than lose the existing one.  Apple is sure to gain even higher profits and popularity with this new approach. Come back again for the latest news on Apple and its products.

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