5 Internet Speed Test Tools to Test Your Internet Connection

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Knowing how fast your internet connection is very important as an internet user, because besides the fact that it lets you know if your ISP isn’t delivering on their promises, it also makes it easy for you to know when something is wrong with your internet connection. While it is easy for you to calculate your internet speed based on how fast websites you are visiting are loading, or based on the download speeds you are getting, it is important for you to know that doing so is always going to be flawed. However, there are a lot of quality tools online that give you an accurate representation of the internet speed you are getting – this article will be listing 5 internet speed test tools you can use to test your internet connection.

1. Speedtest.net
Speedtest.net is currently the most popular speed testing website available on the internet. It has a lot of speed testing servers that can be used to determine your internet speed, and based on your preference, it automatically connects to the best server to help you determine your internet speed. Speedtest.net also has a mobile speed testing option that allows you to speed test your mobile internet connection.

2. BandwidthPlace.com
Bandwidthplace.com is currently my favorite speed testing tool. Aside from the great interface it offers, and how it measures your internet speed, Bandwidth Place also has a small chart below your speed test showing you the various kinds of internet connection available, the category yours fall into, and how good it is.

3. Internet Frog
The speed testing tool provided by Internetfrog.com is another great online speed test tool. It helps you test your internet download and upload speed, it shows you the quality of your internet connection and also gives an estimate on how long it will take your internet connection to download files online.

If you use a popular internet service provider the speed test tool at Internet Frog also shows you the speed gotten by other people using the same ISP as you who have used it for their speed testing while at the same time showing you the ratings of your ISP and what other users have to say about it.

4. TestMySpeed.com
If you’re looking for a simple speed testing tool that does nothing else other than to show you how fast your internet connection is the tool you need is the one provided by TestYourSpeed.com. It is currently the fastest and most simple speed testing tool I have seen online. It also gives a few tips on how to get an accurate internet speed test result.

5. Speakeasy
The 5th speed test tool on this list is the one provided by Speak Easy. It provides you with servers in 8 different locations. You can easily select any server in any location to determine how fast your internet connection will be.

This is a guest post by Paul T. He teaches people online how to speed test.

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