Introducing The Not-so-Indie Humble THQ Bundle

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The Humble THQ Bundle

You could unequivocally state that indie bundles are kind of my thing. I keep my eyes peeled for all the latest bundles and deals, and I’m pretty good at buying them early.

I’ve had a few shoddy bundles here and there, which essentially offered up a bunch of crappy games. When it happens, I do feel a little burned, but at least the money goes towards a good cause. It just depends though because some indie bundles don’t donate any proceeds to charity.

Every once in a great while, you come across a whopper, and when I mean whopper – I mean a humongous pile of ridiculously awesome games that have been lumped into an indie bundle.

Well, I have one such bundle for you today, and surprisingly despite what the title says, these games are anything but humble!

Introducing The Humble THQ Bundle

The Humble THQ Bundle

These games are clearly not indie titles, but who cares, the bundle still rocks!

The games included in the bundle are Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, and Company of Heroes. Company of Heroes comes bundled with the two standalone expansions, Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor.

Along with the games, you will also receive the soundtracks for each title (in FLAC and standard MP3 formats).

If you beat the currently listed average, at the time of your purchase (which was at $5.70 when I wrote this), you will also get Saints Row: The Third.

Holy hell that’s an incredible deal! Especially when you consider the fact that as of the time of this writing the average bundle price was way below $6. You could spend $6 and get all of these games, plus their soundtracks.

Unfortunately, they are only available for Windows which means Mac users have to sit this one out. Sorry guys. The reason they are Windows only, is that all of the games are offered through Steam, Valve’s premiere digital distribution platform. Once you purchase the bundle, you receive your product keys which can be redeemed through Steam. This also means that the titles are not offered DRM free, like most games in the past (it’s one of Humble Bundle’s staple features).

Generally, and this may not apply here, Humble Bundle releases a series of games in a single round, and then about a week later they reveal even more bonus games. Just like with Saints Row: The Third, any other bonus games that are included in the sale will be given to everyone that exceeds the average price when they buy the bundle.

That means, there is still a chance that you will see more titles added to this bundle. Keep in mind, this is not a guarantee especially because this bundle is different from all the past ones.

The THQ Humble Bundle Games

Just to do a quick rundown of all the games included in the bundle:

Darksiders – is an action RPG which has been compared to the likes of the Zelda series. Since it was the first title in the series it does have its, but it’s a damn good game.

Metro 2033 – is a survival horror first person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world. Survivors have moved underground to stay alive, specifically the Moscow metro system. It’s your job to keep everyone alive and protect your home.

Red Faction: Armageddon – is the most current title in the Red Faction series which takes place on Mars. Previous titles in the series were renowned for their destructible environments and physics based gameplay elements, and Armageddon is no different. In Armageddon, you are fighting off aliens that wish to wipe humans off the planet of Mars.

Company of Heroes – is a visually stunning RTS game set during WWII. Players take controls of soldiers as they fight their way through epic historic events during the war like D-Day and more. Company of Heroes features on of the richest single player campaigns in a long time. It doesn’t hurt that the two standalone expansions are also included in the bundle.

Saints Row: The Third – is an open-world action game that expands upon the idea set forth in the Grand Theft Auto series. Saints Row is known for its over-the-top and zany action sequences and storyline- the third installment is no different.

Get The Humble THQ Bundle NOW

You can get more information for each game, and watch all of the related trailers by visiting the Humble Bundle website. I highly recommend you buy this bundle while you still can. Every title included is a AAA title, and they are all worth playing. Not to mention these games are worth more when purchased separately.

Plus, you know, you’re also giving back to charity.

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