Sony PlayStation 4 Features, Design, Games And Release Date

by Joel Fernandes 306

Sony is certainly in competition with Microsoft to bring up its next generation gaming console to the market. When the PlayStation 3 was released five years ago, it was sold out in almost every store, and as of June 31, 2011 there were more than 51 million units sold.

The competition gets tougher and intense in the video game market, and Sony is preparing itself for the release of PlayStation 4 or PS4. In fact, while the PlayStation 4 is currently getting its treatment, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 6 are in the early stages of planning and conceptualization at Sony’s R&D labs.

The world eagerly waits for the next generation PlayStation 4 sported with hi-tech gaming features and latest technologies. Gamers are not just expecting the PS4 to have a combination of motion and dual-shock controllers, but also 3D gaming experience. There’s no reason why one should not expect what the next version of PS4 will contain, since technology has advanced widely and effectively.

PS4: PlayStation 4 Features and Specifications

The Sony PlayStation 4 is said to be made of eco-friendly materials. The gaming console is expected to be made up to 60% of recyclable materials. Apart from that, it will also have a “Eco Start” feature, which will allow gamers to save and resume games, without having to switch off the console.

Additionally, it is choreographed to switch off every 30 minutes of no activity. The interesting part is that during this time, the console will self-charge automatically from a rechargeable cell. This not only saves energy, but also maintains and extends the life of the console.

Although the device is blended with eco-friendly features, it certainly needs those specifications which are essentially required for any hardcore gamers. The PlayStation 4 is expected to sport a 1.5 TB hard disk drive, which allows users to store a large number of games. It will have USB 3.0 ports along with an HDMI connect port.

For U.S. Residents Only

The Sony PlayStation 4 will have full 3D support with 4K2K compatibility, and supports 3D Blu-Ray. It is enabled to synchronize with Sony Ericson, and also synchronize with the Sony Bravia. The Sony Entertainment Network (SEN), formerly called Qriocity, will also be included in the console.

In terms of CPU, the current PS 3 uses a cell based processor with 1 PPE (Power Processing Element) at 3.2 GHz. We are expecting the PS4 to have 32nm 8 Core Cell processor with 16 SPEs, along with a 22nm Kepler. We are also expecting the console to have a boatload of RAM, with at least minimum of 2GB RAM.

PlayStation 4 Mock Illustration (You Can Embed This)

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Sony PlayStation 4 Design

Although the gaming console is yet to be announced, fans have already posted concept images of the PlayStation 4, which certainly looks incredible. It’s obvious that users mostly look for technical specifications, but there are certain number of people who also rely on looks and design. There are many concepts available, and one such concept by Joseph Dumary, shows the evolution from PS2, to PS3:

Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4

Here are some other designs:

Sony PlayStation 4 Concept Design  Sony PlayStation 4 Concept Design

Sony PlayStation 4 Concept Design  Sony PlayStation 4 Concept Design

It is also expected that the Sony is planning to include the “body movement-based control like Kinect”, a motion sensing input device developed by Microsoft for the Xbox 360.

PlayStation 4 Games

It is confirmed that PlayStation 4 games are currently under development, and Sony is set to launch the games somewhere around the same time as the PlayStation 4 release. The games are also expected to be available in the PlayStation online store, where you will be able to buy and download games instantly.PlayStation 4 Head-mounted Display

Sony is also developing high-quality games, new technology, and integration with 3D and dedicated gaming. Mick Hocking, Senior Director at Sony Worldwide Studios revealed a head-mounted display (picture wraparound glasses), which reveals incredibly clear, high-end 3D graphics.

Phil Harrison, former head of Sony Worldwide Studios, shared a few thoughts on the next generation gaming console, and mainly stressed on the concept of “game streaming”. The basic idea about streaming games is to play them online, where users will have to purchase rights to stream games, just like how you stream videos on Netflix.

“The technology to stream high-quality games directly to your living room or computer or TV is not some kind of science-fiction fantasy – it works, and it’ll only get better over time. I think that’s clearly going to be a future for our industry.”

For U.S. Residents Only

PlayStation 4 Release Date

There are several speculations around the Internet about the release date of the Sony PlayStation 4. Sources indicate that Sony is planning to announce the gaming console sometime in 2012. According to a report by a tech news blog DigiTimes, indicates that Foxconn and Pegatron Technology will assemble the PS4 for Sony starting at the end of this year for a 2012 launch. These were the companies which assembled the PS3.

It’s unknown whether the Sony PlayStation could be given a different name, but at this point we can just assume that it’s going to be PS4 or PlayStation 4, since Sony has named its previous PS consoles in a similar fashion. The PlayStation 4 is expected to be one of the best gaming consoles ever, and certain after looking at the concept designs and specifications, there’s no doubt about that.

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  1. Come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please come Playstation 4 if not I would be PISSED OFF very hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh my god why the fuck is the playstation 4 coming out and playstation 4 is going too be cooler than PS1,PS2 and I don’t know if it is cooler than the PS3?

  3. is there fifa 12 going to be on playstation 4 if not i will be felling stupid so please come out playstation 4

    1. I hope FIFA 12 come out on PlayStation 4


  5. Fetta cheese ftw

  6. I hate the liverpool one because they suck

    Any way some where cool

  7. I have a ps3 so I don’t thing I’m getting a ps4.
    How much is it any way?

    1. are you stupid? if it is not even out how are you going to ask how much?

  8. But what was the delay its been years ps3 came out we should be on ps6 by now.

    1. It’s not a freakin iPhone man

      1. @Agressivepillow hahahahhha

  9. PlayStation must have more quality than ps3.ps3 did not have a lot of quality.
    Some thing that PlayStation should do is make the PlayStation 3D, find a better name for it.

  10. whens the ps4 due date please my ps3 has just died yellow light of death darn thing. is it worth getting another ps3

  11. i got ps2, never get ps3, so i get my play station 4 already. Brough it from Japan. envy me boys.

    1. your lying  i have friens in japan

    2. show a picture of your ps4, story teller

  12. Well, you probably mean psVita, and thats definitely not what you call a PS4

  13. video games are for homosexuals. so is masturbation.

  14. i think ps4 should look like the one that is made out of glass

  15. i hope with the ps4 you are able to play the ps3 games as well.

  16. I’m just waiting 4 the day where u wear some sort of eye-wear, so u can c panoramic vew, tht’ll b fucking awesome! Add a 3d processor 2 it, and start playin battlefield!!! Oh yeahhhh

    1. Playstation 3 already has 3D support.

  17. I’ve always been a gamer ,and to see the sony industry come out with more than it’s already popular version of the play station is getting me geeked .I for one can’t waite to see what it has to offer as far as games ,and gadgets.

  18. I Think Sony shoud wait. What is the rush XBOX 360 rushed to beat PS3 but i think you should take your time wait 3-5 years to beat XBOX 720. And if you people want to see future gaming look up CryEngine 3. But PS4 should not put were you have to always wear those 3D Glasses those should wait i’m talking PS6 , anyways it’s a great idea to bring playstation store . And if sony you wait you don’t have to keeping doing PS4 Updates. PS4 should have it’s best security not where you need a real e-mail or where you choose our name not that that will lose costumers bad idea. Sony you relased PS2 with wired controllers so you relased PS3 with wireless controllers so PS4 should have a cool controller you know like it should always feel soft i don’t like how the controller in awhile feels all sticky , old, dusty even if you take perfect care of it and when you purchased a PS3 new controller that is a fantanstic feeling. I Think sony should let playstation network users have more character remaining not 16 but 20. Also sony you should put the gaming expirence to a new level i’m talking games as L.A. Noire , Grant Theft Auto IV , BATTLEFIELD 3 , Dead Island , call of duty modern warfare 3 , assassin’s creed revelations , saints row the third , RAGE, batman arkham city. those kinda games don’t make games that disco santa claus would play example: resident evil, the sims , green lantern , ben 10 , captian america, lego indaian jones, not those. And then friend list should not have a max i have over 5 accounts full with 500 friends and it’s kinda lame how i have to sign out i can talk or invite all in party like ok no ones online on this account then i go to my other and thats annoying put max friends 5,000 . and please let us change our playstation user name that would be a perfect system like hell ya this name sucks i don’t wanna lose my purchases tho that’s PS3 i hear it 80% of the time allowing sony … let us change our name that’ll change everything to the population 79.95% . well sony you should have your sytle increaseed these are my thoughts and yeah the PS4 should come with a p.i.m.p. game not like PS3 coming with lego batman what am i 5 ? PS4 should come with a war game and i think the PS4 would be pretty impressive i liked the PS3 but not as much as PS4 you should do the games on time as wel cause i played PS3 and xbox games some time the connection servers are really lag . so the PS3 sounds pretty amaziang i ‘m just giving ideas out spread the word i mean sony you make computers,tv, and consoles so good luck! with the PS4 i hope you guys change a lot cause PS2 is compared to PS3 i saw a video how the graphics are exactly the same i like how he PS3 is steady in PS2 the camera moves to much and yeah thats all have a great day

    1. Sony has shot down recent rumors of the PS4 being revealed at E3 later this year. Executive Deputy President of Sony, Kazuo Hirai, spoke at CES and repeated Sony’s stance that PlayStation 3 has a 10-year life cycle and they see no reason to rush out the PS4.
      “Andy (House) is absolutely right in that we are not making any announcements at E3,” said Hirai. “I’ve always said a 10-year life cycle for PS3, and there is no reason to go away from that.”

  19. Hey ding dongs why dont you all get a life….PS3 is here to stay for quite a while. There will be no PS4 until around the end of 2015, beginning of 2016 and will most likely not be announced until the end of 2014..These so called concepts well thats what they are is just concepts so PLEASE dont get them hopes up cause they are never close.

  20. PS3 is cool but my game machine is Xbox. Right now I am playing a game and trying to get to the next level. Sometimes we have to kill some time here at Smartphones Info.

    1. I like knowing that you’re getting paid to play games. I think I’ll be calling a supervisor there soon..

  21. I think they should come out with something that shocks you when you fall or get shot that would make the game way funner to play as the shocks get more intense.

    1. To be completely honest, over time, people would just get annoyed by something like that. It sounds cool in concept, but with repeated ‘shocks’, it will just end up pissing people off. Not to mention drain battery life from the controller considerably, especially if you still want wireless (which is assuming everyone does.)

      That’s why they have the dual-shock controllers that came out as early as PSX. It didn’t shock anyone, but still got pretty annoying.

      1. @dieek it takes a week for my ps3 controller to die in one full charge of battery … this will only be for xbox and there crappy controllers… i know friends got that xbox!!!

        1.  @rjesus94  @dieekdude ps controller is to tiny. if i let friends who have an ps3,  play on my xbox they play far more better. so just STFU. XBOX RULEZZ!

        2. @rjesus94  sounds like your just mad you wasted your money

  22. i was thinking of trading my xbox for a ps3 but i think if whats mentioned above is true i might as well wait for ps4. Does anyone have any advice. much appreciated. thanks

    1. I can’t believe anyone really wanted to buy an XBOX. It is one of the shittiest consoles ever made, by hardware standards. People bicker and moan about discrepancies in graphics and such, but when you have a source (game informer) reporting that 54% of their consoles red ring, why the fuck are you even buying such a product? Not even that, I can’t even pick up the thing without it shooting the disc around and almost destroying it. I’ve never had EITHER of these problems with PS2 or PS3.

      I would hate to buy a console that not only has the largest fail rate of any console, but one that also seems to destroy my games as well. Plus- PS3 already had wireless built in. What was up with that shit for XBOX?


      1. @[email protected] Who picks up their console while the disc is spinning? Clearly you’ve never owned a portable CD player, or paid attention in physics class. And could you try to sound a little less like a biased fanboy? I could pick out a lot of severe problems over the past with the PS3, like PSN being hacked and crashed multiple times, or thousands of PS3 consoles becoming bricked because they couldn’t figure out what a leap year is. And Game Informer was the LARGEST estimate at 54 percent, more than double SquareTrade’s estimate of 23 percent.

        Also, while the PS3 did come built in with wireless, it was only on the 60gb model, which was priced at $600 (!!!), and was the only way you could get an HDMI port, when THE NEXT YEAR, the Xbox 360 20gb (less than half the price) shipped with HDMI. Even the 60GB 360 was $200 less than the PS3.

        Really, either side is arguable. Apples and oranges, in my opinion. Each console has it’s pros and cons.

        1. @SpifffyHaat @dieek @samo2k11

          You make good points but two things 1) PSN being hacked is not Sony’s fault and 2) “why would you pick up a system while the disc is spining” what if it fell of the stand? that happened a couple times with my PS2 PS3 and Wii and i put them back up and continued playing.

          I think we should STFU and just play N64 or SNES….

        2. @SpifffyHaat @dieek @samo2k11

          Agreed.. Apple is better 😛 jk

          iPhone is the best portable against the psp and ps vita.. This is completly off topic and has nothing to do with ps3 😀

        3. @SpifffyHaat @dieek @samo2k11 DUMBass… REALLY you wanna throught that bull crap here. Physics.. really cd player… in what era are you living in?? you still use casettes on your car too or what.. get over it your shitbox is really a shitbox now you little fan boy move along

        4.  @SpifffyHaat actually, the 40gig model also had HDMI and wireless which came out at the same time as the 60. I know, cos I have one. Still works perfectly, and it’s never been turned off since I bought it all those years ago as a first release version.

        5.  @rjesus94 Pretty sure I said either side is arguable… I don’t even have either system. I’m a card games kind of guy.
          Also, after wading through your disgusting pile of grammatical errors and grade two spelling that you call a “comment”, I’d just like to say:
          1) Cassettes (<- proper spelling) are compact and convenient, and look cool on a shelf.
          2) 10/10 would agree that if anyone here is a dumbass it’s you.
          And 3) The only shitbox I own is your mother’s.

        6. @Shadowninja708  i phone isnot a game console with a massive library of games. what a joke

        7. @rjesus94  whatthe hell is a fanboy?

        8. @SpifffyHaat   i could of been your dad but i could not beat the stay dog over the fence.  no need to be so stupid,or cant you help it

    2. @samo2k11 get ps3 bro. Cuz I’ve read rumors that Sony waits 10 years for every console. So you can bet on 2013 probably. Get ps3 cuz I have Xbox.. And ps3. Ps3 is much better, you don’t have to waste money on online membership.. Plus, xbox has a messed up community full of drunk teenagers playing cod and halo. Ps3 has nice people plus it’s free for mostly any features. Ps+ is nothing much. They make it look cool, it’s not. So I’d suggest getting a ps3. I actually want to sell my Xbox, but my bro will get pissed. So just get a ps3.

      1. @Shadowninja708 @samo2k11 hey douche face you know if that was true ps2 would have come out like 2004 and then ps3 would even be out for another 2 years so shut the fuck up they come out with a new one every 6 years playstation came out 1994 then ps2 2000 then ps3 2006 we ARE do for a new console they also come out with a redesigned version every 3 or 4 years new ps1 year 2000 new ps2 year 2004 and new ps3 2009 so you can all shut the hell up if sony followed their current style were getting a new console this year! though since the slim ps3 was release late i wouldnt be suprised if it was announced in 2012’s forth quarter then released 2013 in the forth quarter but that last part is just my guess cause 1 year of hype… hell they would break the ps2’s record if they did that… also they would atleast get one or two supplie trucks jacked….

        1. @stick287  get a life loser

    3. i would trade in a heartbeat

    4.  @samo2k11 Dont trade your xbox for ps. Xbox is better than ps. Sony is just copying others ideas. look at ps move. Its the same as wii! now they want to copy kinect too. WTH!!! ps just sucks.

      1. @baskasem RIGHT ON THE MONEY. microsoft does comp programs. sony does radios and tvs   think about it.  xbox is the best!

  23. Guys.. When ps2 came out it was an hell of an console.. Evvery one wanted to buy it.. When ps3 came out sony just left there shit to ps2. Now what.. Fucking ps4…. I just wanna know.. The game in ps3 is it still there or what? I have call of duty and do i stoll have it when ps4 come out.. PM ME BACK have an great day:)

    1. @Fardin humriz I guess when better grafics and performence comes u want to go whit that. I can relate 2 playing “old” games but the quest is 2 be more realistic whit higher performence and so on. So many r leaving the older consols. May i say that as of now i got 2 PS1. 2 PS 2 and 3 PS 3 in the house along whit 2 Nintendo 8 Classic….. the games i play now is MW3 and MW2 but before them it was natuarly other games. I remember when i was happy playing Kid Icarus in Nintendo 8 and thought that was amazing… Now mayby play it out of nostalgic reasons but do i think its good ? nooo. I look 4ward to PS4 and i will be one of the first 2 have 1….. Lets hope u can play PS3 games in the newer PS4. I can play PS1 and 2 games in one of my PS3 but i never do………. have a nice day…..

      1. @JohanSonesson @Fardin humriz Some games are timeless. Mario Brothers? No, it gets old, like you said, i play it for nostalgia reasons. Call of Duty 2? No, i don’t even play it anymore. However, you get the games that were way ahead of its time – maybe not entirely graphics wise, but rather storyline and gameplay wise. I say this as I await my orders on ebay for Final Fantasy VII, IX, Star Ocean 1 and 2 games (PS1 games). I also replay Final Fantasy X, Splinter Cell, Kingdom Hearts, God of War, Star Ocean TTEOT and Tomb Raiders on the PS2 and games with similar super awesome storylines once every 2-3 years. So there is no way I can toss my PS2 console. My fear however is that PS2 consoles do have an expiration (not calendar but they get old and burn have the laser burn out). Also with the release of newer titles i realize how amazing these RPG titles were compared, with newer ones focusing more cool abilities and greater graphics rather than better stat systems and storyline. #justsaying

      2. i had never seen a person so convinced like you  just shut up and go play in one of your stupid consoles @JohanSonesson

    2. I could care less for what most of the people are saying here; the point for us gamers to consider are the games and their relation with the consoles. I’ve heard many rumors about Sony creating the PS4 to be more user friendly with gaming companies, which would translate hopefully to a better console supporting said games. This has been problematic for many game developers and a reason why most just recently have begun to tap into the full power of the almighty PS3. I’m willing to pay the price if they can assure me that I’ll get my money’s worth. Personally, I’ve never really liked Microsoft, and I want to see Sony flourish, but all the new gizmos and gadgets mean jack if the rest of the companies don’t know how to handle it. After all, you wouldn’t trust your five year-old with your brand new Lamborghini, right? Well… I wouldn’t at least ^ ^.

    3. @Fardin humriz no, and we are going to disable your accout.

      (this is an opinion, troll, and plain blathered speach. do not take it seriously as it has been made in jest, I do not work for or have any afiliation with sony or any of its coporate members or employees, besides on twitter.)

      1. @Mrknify are you troll?

  24. Damn… My friend just showed me the recently leaked information of the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 and I must say, I was completely amazed. I didn’t think this info would be released for quite a while, but it’s managed to find its way onto the Internet, luckily! If you guys want to check out the PS4 and Xbox 720 for yourselves, here’s the site I saw them on:


  25. They should add interchangeable graphics cards and ram slots so we can upgrade our consoles, also they should put something like a Intel Xenon “Nehalem” 6-Core CPU (Or something else from Intel), and enable custom clock speeds on the Processor…

    1. @AndrewM107 So make it a PC?

      1. @ForevarAlones @AndrewM107 In a way, Yes…
        A PC with PS3 Firmware… Precisely, but it needs to have multiple PCI slots so we can do SLI…
        The ability to have multiple HDD’S would be great too…

        1. @AndrewM107 @ForevarAlones

          Its a gaming CONSOLE- not a Custom built PC in your moms basement. I dont mind PC players but when the get in peoples faces about modding and patronizing people then i get pi**ed. They are consoles BECAUSE none of this interchangeable bulls**t. KEEP PC PLAYERS AWAY FROM CONSOLES OR THEY WILL DESTROY GAMING AS *ALMOST* ALL OF US KNOW IT.

        2. @cachildress96 @ForevarAlones
          I’m not designing the new PS4, I’m just throwing some ideas out there to think about. No need to get your panties in a wad…

        3. @cachildress96 @AndrewM107 @ForevarAlones

          calm down there guy, yes a lot of us pc uses would love to mod the #ps3… some have, it will NEVER happen, so don’t go smashing somebodys dream, let them dream.

          now run along go back to sleep under your bridge. (troll)

        4. @AndrewM107 @cachildress96 @ForevarAlones

          It would be a good idea, but the whole reason anyone has ever turned to consoles is because they don’t like upgrading there PC’s
          Which is why this would be a bad idea, alot of people with PS3’s aren’t really technically minded, they just like playing games. Some gamers out there don’t know the first thing about upgrading RAM or changing a graphics card, take my younger brother for example. He didn’t even know that PS3’s had graphics cards, or RAM at that matter. Yet he plays COD like a pro.
          People like you and I will probably stick to PC gaming while we know a little more about the technical side of gaming.

          So to conclude, gaming has always been developed so they can aim the market at all kinds of potential gamers, young people and older people alike.

    2. @AndrewM107 From a business standpoint, that’s a terrible idea. If someone like you really wants to overclock a PS that bad, you’ll do it anyway. Not worth the cost to Sony to make it any easier for that one guy in ten thousand.

    3. @AndrewM107 so how much of that did you google before you posted?

      1. @cachildress96 @AndrewM107 None, actually…

    4.  @AndrewM107 buy a pc then …

  26. am i the only one who thinks the ps4 shouldn’t have a number? its fine now, but it’ll get old easy, so i think they should change it before it does. say, play station legacy? idk, i’m just rambling really

    1. @AlanPapazian no… xbox720…. is a retarded name… not ps4…

      1. who cares about the name?
        Xbox is just far better than PS

        1. @baskasem  yes it isby far look at memory alone. on xbox you can listen to your favorite music while gaming. playstation cant even develop that

        2. @timruss5232  because the console with the most ram is always the best in each generation. just like the original xbox, panasonic 3do, and sega gamegear.

  27. should buy the PS3 or wait for the ps4?

    1.  @PSFANATIC97 JUST BUY xbox 360 kinect

      1.  @PSFANATIC97 All in ONE…….

    2.  @PSFANATIC97 i would wait for the playstation 4 because it will probably be in stores by christmas, but i heard starting price was about $550 and no matter what anyone says, dont buy an xbox 360 its an absolute waste. mine broke within 6 months and im glad it did cuz i didnt want to pay for xbox live and my ps3 just broke it lasted me 5 years

      1.  @napoleon_06 I m from croatia and  when playstation 4 come to mine country,price will be arond 700 $

      2. @napoleon_06  @PSFANATIC97  I DONT KNOW HOW YOU PEOPLE BREAK YOUR X BOXS  PS3 IS A HUNK OF JUNK.HARDLY no memory  download to many updates and they lock up, send in for service. i have sony bravia hd tv but would never plaything 3

        1. @timruss5232  @napoleon_06  @PSFANATIC97
          Coming from a console user who’s memory starts at 4gb…

    3.  @PSFANATIC97
      i bought mines last week but still will buy a ps4 maybe when it gets a little better and cheaper over time wont you agreed.


    1. @eternal you must be out of your dam mind to think that

  29. Sony has shot down recent rumors of the PS4 being revealed at E3 later this year. Executive Deputy President of Sony, Kazuo Hirai, spoke at CES and repeated Sony’s stance that PlayStation 3 has a 10-year life cycle and they see no reason to rush out the PS4.
    “Andy (House) is absolutely right in that we are not making any announcements at E3,” said Hirai. “I’ve always said a 10-year life cycle for PS3, and there is no reason to go away from that.”             10-YEAR LIFE CYCLE NO RESON TO RUSH OUT THE PS4 !!!!!!!

  30. Gabriel ypu are right i have seen many many comments abot the 10 year life cycle and it seems to be true.And there is no reason to rush ps4.I for one dont want ps4 to come out for a few years!I love ps4.And with the sales i do to thin it waont coem out for a few years now,but ive seen that it will come out in 2012?Is that a hoxes?!Please reply to me at my email which is [email protected]



  33. The Designs are looking very good, the red-silver one looks best. But more important will be the technical strength of the PS4…and if it may will be the last  Generation of Consoles will be the last one (included the Xbox 720). So the PS4 has to look spectacular und has to offer even more spectacular Games and Services…

  34. The Designs are looking very good, the red-silver one looks best. But more important will be the technical strength of the PS4…and if it may will be the last  Generation of Consoles will be the last one (included the Xbox 720). So the PS4 has to look spectacular und has to offer even more spectacular Games and Services…
    More about the specification of PS4 and Xbox720 can you find here, it´s in german but easy to read.

    Thanks for sharing

  36. The best article i real about PS4 is on http://www.goodtechsystems.ocm they also write its specs and features.
    recomended for others from me

  37. According to the features looks like its gonna be really expensive

  38. I would like to see a change in the design of the controller. I would like to see a “stealth bomber” style shape with a thinner design spreading the writsts out confortably and releasing tension in the hands for less cramping and stiffness. I made one out of wood and everyone i showed it too said to patent it LOL.

  39. I bought an xbox 360 and boy was that a mistake its broken 6 times and i had to pay the bill each time until i boght a new one and that one locks up every so often i’m switching to sony for life should have never gone with a microsoft bad bad idea

    1. @MitchelSchraufnagel your idiot that is obviously no idea how to care for a game system. had mine since release not one problem. sounds like you better waite for a childproof one

      1. @timruss5232  @MitchelSchraufnagel Please hit this guy in the mouth with a dictionary then maybe he’ll start making sense…Like, you better learn how to spell…How can you call someone an idiot for having hardware failure when you clearly have suffered a spelling failure?

      2. @timruss5232  How much does Bill Gates pay you to suck his d#ck

  40. lol,after work,go back home,play the game,it is so happy!

  41. Check out my review for this

  42. The concept designs are so good it’s so much better than the actual working design right now.

  43. Im wondering If I should buy the PS4 or Xbox720, I already have $60 in store credit saved for either one, and im wondering if I should work and work and then sell my Xbox360 any suggestions?

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