Top 10 Free Apps to Create Flash and HTML5 Video

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Over the last decade, dynamic video content has become extremely popular over the Web, so that video promos, slideshows and clips are now a must-have for each modern blog or website aiming to keep pace with the times. That’s not hard to add a video onto a web page, you just need to make it web-ready.

With the growth of Adobe Flash format, webmasters started using Flash player to embed video into a site. To do this, you need to upload to your server a video converted to Flash FLV or SWF video format and insert embed code. Alternatively, a video can be hosted on a video sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo and played in the browser with the help of Flash player plugin.

Today, along with Flash video it’s also possible to integrate an HTML5 video – video of a new web standard which doesn’t require any middleware to be streamed in a browser. The recommended video formats are MP4 (H.264), OGG Theora, WebM. All modern browsers have support for HTML5 video but old versions of Internet Explorer (used by the majority of web users) don’t support this new standard, so webmasters often provide Flash fallback for their HTML5 videos.

Both Flash and HTML5 web standards require video of a certain format, either FLV, SWF for Flash or MP4, OGG, WebM for HTML5. Therefore, you can’t do without a video conversion software to make your video web-ready. Here is a roundup of helpful apps which can assist with video to Flash or HTML5 format conversion.

Both Flash and HTML5 support

Freemake Video Converter

This is a perfect solution for conversion to Flash and HTML5 compatible formats. The video converter accepts over 200 video formats, plus DVD and online video from 40+ websites. Together with the resulted video files, the software provides embed code, the example of HTML page with the integrated video and step-by-step guide on how to embed it. The app is free but only for Windows.

Quick Media Converter

This is free Windows-based converter for audio and video. It outputs to Flash, QuickTime, RealMedia, H.264, OGG, so that this is enough to create an HTML5 video with Flash fallback. Video parameters can be easily customized. However, no embed code or batch mode conversion to a batch of formats are provided.


This is online video converter with 100 Mb limit and the possibility to turn almost any desktop video to FLV, OGG, WebM. You can also convert web video content from 15+ video portals. The video can’t be customized, so you won’t get a video of a smaller resolution with this software. The plus is that you can access the converter from your PC or Mac. The resulted video is sent to email.


This is a powerful video converter hidden behind a cumbersome interface. This is free and for Windows only. The output video formats comprise FLV, SWF, MP4, OGG, WebM, so both Flash and HTML5 video can be created with the help of this video converter.

Only HTML5 support

Miro Video Converter

This is an open-source video converter to MP4, WebM, OGG Theora – suits well to create an HTML5 video for your needs. The layout is simple and intuitive. There is no profile editor or embed code provided after the conversion. Still it’s a good option for those who want to get HTML5 supported video files free and easily.

Easy HTML5 Video

This is a free program to create HTML5 video. It provides all formats in a bunch, embed code and Flash fallback and features additional options such as the ability to publish video from the software interface, specify controls for the HTML5 video player, add watermark to a video. The program works for Windows and Mac OS, to use it for business you need to buy a licence.

Any Video Converter

With the trial version of this video converter you can create HTML5 compatible video – all three formats (MP4, WebM, OGG) are presented. Still you can’t convert to all of them at once, only one by one. The free version is ad-supported, don’t forget to opt out.


This is popular open-source desktop converter for Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be used to create MP4 files with H.264 video codec. Video parameters are fully customizable. Though only MP4 video isn’t enough for HTML5 integration.

Only Flash support

DVDVideoSoft Video to Flash Converter

This is a simple Windows utility which converts video of numerous input formats to Flash FLV and SWF. The software provides six basic variants of the flash player from the minimalist to all-customizable multi player. The software is free but it imposes a toolbar during the installation.


This is a popular video encoder to FLV, SWF, MP4 and other formats. It features a preset editor but doesn’t offer any code for embedding Flash files. The software is for Windows only.

This is a guest post by Elena Vakhromova, who is a freelance blogger and social media marketer. She enjoys writing about free Windows and web-based tools and takes an active part in their promotion in social media. Currently Elena assists with YouTube to MP3 Converter marketing.

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