The Best Diablo-Like RPGs For Android

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It’s not every day that you come across a mobile game that is worth playing as much as a full-fledged console or PC title. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say that most mobile games are complete rubbish.

We have sorted through some of that drivel before, to create a list of notable RPG titles on Android. Our previous list was by no means comprehensive, so naturally we’ve found some more! This time around though, we’re going to talk specifically about some fantastic Diablo-like RPG titles for mobile.

After all, who wouldn’t want to get into some hack and slash action while on the go? Wouldn’t it be gratifying to slaughter some orcs and make some gold while you’re waiting at the DMV? What about exploring a dungeon while your cars oil is being changed, that’s certainly more appealing than watching Judge Judy reruns.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Diablo-like RPGs for Android, and we’re confident the list won’t disappoint.

The Best Diablo-Like RPGs For Android

The Diablo series comprises some of the best known action RPGs ever to have been released. Diablo III was certainly no exception to that rule and offered an even bigger experience when compared to the first two titles.

The problem with most action RPGs though is that they require a PC or gaming console to play. Sure, there are portable gaming consoles like the DS, PSP and PSVita, but not everyone has one. Everyone has a smartphone though, or at least most people do.

If you ever find yourself out on the town, bored, you can pick up one of these delightful Android titles!

Heroes Call

Heroes Call

Heroes Call is a generic style action RPG for Android that includes everything you would expect from a Diablo clone. The game features three different player classes each with their own weapon types, equipment, skills and abilities. Heroes Call will have you playing through more than 30 various dungeons, driven by over 40 quests that take you traveling around the in-game world.

Heroes Call is not exactly like Diablo in that you have a massive world to explore. Instead, you start at the city of Brineside, which essentially serves as a quest hub. Inbetween quests, you can purchase supplies, equip your character, and select abilities to use in combat.

When you’re ready to embark on a quest, you just start your journey, and you’re brought into one of the various dungeons in the game. As you fight enemies, your character levels up and you gain ability points, which you can use to acquire new skills.

There are three player classes, the Plague Wizard, the Blood Knight, and the Shadow Assassin. In the free version of the game, you can only play as the Blood Knight, who plays like your basic warrior. The other classes must be unlocked before you can create a new character with them; they cost $1.99 each in the Google Play store.

Regardless of whether you purchase the two classes or not, you can still experience the full game with the Blood Knight for free. There are no other in-game purchases required in order to progress through the game, nor are there any energy requirements like in most free to play games.

Heroes Call is available for free via Google Play.



SoulCraft is similar to the Dungeon Hunter series for Android, except it does rely on in game purchases. There are advertisements and pop-ups within the game menus, as well.

Currently, there are five different game modes that have you playing in different levels, the game modes include time run, arena, hellgate, crystal defense, and boss fights. Instead of playing through an expansive game world, your sessions confine you to one level at a time (like we said, it is like Dungeon Hunter).

You can play as an Angel, Demon, or Human. The story principally involves the Demons and Angels fighting to bring about the apocalypse. Whatever race you choose, your missions consist of saving or destroying the world respectively.

SoulCraft is available for free via Google Play, but there are different in-game items and characters that require a purchase.

The Best Diablo-Like Games For Android



Horn is more of a third person adventure title with RPG and platformer elements mixed together.

You play as a young blacksmith, who wakes to find his country has been seized by a terrible curse. All the villagers and townsfolk from his world have been transformed into monsters. Eventually, the young blacksmith realizes that he has the ability to free his people and return them to normal. As such, the blacksmith sets out with a sword, crossbow, and musical horn on a fantastic adventure to save his world.

Horn features a control scheme designed specifically for touchscreen devices and makes use of various gestures. It also features an open, and rich, fantasy world, with 3 separate lands to explore. There are also tons of hidden secrets and side content to play through.

Even though, Horn is not your standard action-RPG, or Diablo clone, there is no doubt that genre fans will enjoy this magnificent masterpiece.

Horn is available via Google Play for $6.99.

Dungeon Crawlers

Dungeon Crawlers

Dungeon Crawlers is a turn based tactical RPG with stylized 3D graphics. As the developers state, “Dungeon Crawlers takes the tactics genre and injects it with fun 3D battles and much-needed humor.”

It features a full-fledged story, an endless supply of monsters to slaughter, and plenty of boss battles like the Banshee Queen or the dreaded D. Knight Shyamalan.

There are also 12 dungeon levels to explore, each with their own specific environments and monsters. If you’re a talented enough player, you can earn in-game trophies to show off to your friends. Yay.

Dungeon Crawlers is available now for free via Google Play.

Pocket RPG

Pocket RPG

Pocket RPG is the closest you’ll get to a Diablo clone for Android. It features three playable classes, including the Blade Master, the Dark Ranger, and the Battle Mage. You explore dungeons filled to the brim with enemies and their share of scary bosses.

The game plays a little differently than you would expect, however. With each mission, you start out at level 0 with an empty inventory, and you must continue to build your strength and character’s skill. Because you start out fresh, at the beginning of each quest, items, weapons and equipment play a significant role in each mission and their uses vary.

Pocket RPG will provide hours and hours of continuous dungeon crawling fun, and is one of the best mobile RPGs available.

Pocket RPG is available for $1.99 via Google Play.

More RPGS For Android

If you like the games we’ve listed above then be sure to check out The Bard’s Tale, which is an excellent action-RPG that was just released for Android.

Just in case you didn’t check out the link when we dropped it at the beginning of this article (we know, we’re bad about repeating ourselves), you should also check out our article on the best mobile RPGs for Android.

If you’re into PC gaming, we also crown a new Indie Game of the Week every weekend.

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