One in Six People Use Their Mobile Phones During a Funeral!

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You wouldn’t dream of using your mobile phone at a funeral. Or would you? A study carried out by OnePoll interviewed 2,000 male and female attendees and found that one in six were unable to resist texting, making or answering a call or engaging in social networking when they should have been saying their final farewell.

This is in spite of the widely held belief among interviewees that using a mobile phone at a funeral is unacceptable – more so than when driving, at the cinema or attending a wedding.

Despite frowning on phone use at funerals, 20 per cent of those interviewed were unable to bring themselves to turn off their mobiles. Of these, 30 per cent would turn their phone to silent, but 10 per cent would not even change the volume setting.

As mobile phones become increasingly integral to the way in which we live our lives, it appears that a cultural change is occurring. Only a few years ago, using a mobile phone at a funeral would have been inconceivable. We know that it’s wrong, but we’re so married to this precious piece of technology that separating ourselves from it, for any length of time, is now implausible for some of us.

Mobile Phone Etiquette at Funerals

Mobile Phone Etiquette at Funerals [Infographic] by the team at Co-operative Funeralcare

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