10 Summer Activities For Uber-Geeks And Nerds

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Summer is a time for warmth, a time for friends and family, and most importantly a time for being outdoors. Unfortunately, for the geeks out there and – dare we say – nerdiest of the bunch, it can be difficult to step outside that beautiful threshold which separates our homes from the real world.

Yes, the real world is scary, and there are lots and lots of terrible things lurking out there, just waiting for us to venture forth from our caves before they spring an attack. Despite, the looming danger, you cannot cower in fear in the confines of your house forever.

One thing you probably didn’t know is that being a geek or a nerd, can be potentially harmful to your health. Remaining locked away inside your home, playing with various gadgets and tech devices, is a delightful pastime yes, but it is not healthy. As mom would say, stop wasting the electricity and get out of the house.

But as geeks and nerds, we’re a fair skinned bunch, especially the ones who rarely venture outside. Should we decide not to protect ourselves properly, the sun can burn our skin to high hell and cause lots of issues in the future (*cough* cancer *cough*), but it can also provide our bodies with valuable nutrients and vitamins that are essential to our health and growth.

So, to get this summer started off right, and more importantly in an effort to get you nerds out of mom’s basement for a while, we’re going to list the ten best outdoor activities that are suitable for nerds and geeks this summer!

10 Summer Activities to Get You Geeks Out of The House

Now This Kid Knows What We're Talking About!

Go Hiking You Noobs

Trendy Geek Hiking And Taking PicturesOne of the best outdoor activities for anyone, including nerds, involves hiking. The world is vast, and there are plenty of areas that are worthy of an exploration. We’re willing to bet that, no matter where you are, you can always find a fantastic trail or place to hike nearby.

There are all kinds of critters to see, plants and wonders to witness and calories to burn. We’ll warn you now though, no matter how easy it easy to skin and kill a bear in Red Dead Redemption, a real bear will not go down as easily. If you see a bear, you run. In real life you’re not a dervish with max dexterity and strength attributes capable of impressive crit ratings.

Of course, if modern hiking is too dull you can always conjure up a unique quest and embark on a journey with friends a la Lord of the Rings, with plastic swords and creepy cloaks in tow.

Do you want to track your hike interactively and update friends and family on your journey in realtime? Yeah, there’s an app for that. EveryTrail lets you locate nearby hiking trails, track a trip and alert friends while you’re eating your peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

PWN Those Fish, Man

Who cares if you PWNed some ten year olds in Call of Duty or World of Warcraft? Go do something with your life, catch some food, learn the true art of survival. PWN those fish, man.

He's Fishing, What a Nerd.

Fishing is a fantastic outdoor activity, and every nerd on the planet can do it! Why, you ask?

When you fish, you bait a hook, throw out the line and wait.. yes, that means you sit around and wait for a fish to snag the bait. Sometimes the waiting takes hours, and sometimes the waiting takes minutes which is the pure beauty of fishing. You can stock up a cooler full of beers and chill with some friends while you wait for the fish to appear.

There’s no exercise required, except for when you’re reeling in a fish, and no overexertion of the human form. You can just sit, relax, and wait.

If you’re scared of worms or against sending nightcrawlers to their doom while they dangle on a hook, then fishing may not be for you. Try not to vomit when the worm guts get on your fingers, your friends might giggle at your expense, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

You could always use your nerdy warlock magic to summon a fish, or do the ol’ Dovahkiin. “FUS-ROH-DAH!”

Tone Those Uber-Quads

It doesn’t take a lot of muscle to push some buttons, or program some code, but who cares – if you’re bulky you can look fabulous while doing it! We’re not talking Arnold bulk here, unless, of course, you have the desire to shoot some roids directly into your veins. Just because you’re a computer nerd, does not mean you can’t show off some muscle every now and then.

What is This Geek Doing With His Bike?

Biking, or trail-riding, is perfect for toning your legs and your butt. Why would anyone worry about such inconsequential and shallow parts of the body you ask? Well because everyone likes a tone bum!

Biking is also a form of cardio, so it’s great for your entire body, as well. If you go biking enough this summer, you’ll even build up an abundance of endurance, which is essential for other outdoor activities we listed. Besides, if you spent a few days PWNing those fish, you’ll probably need to burn off some of that beer you ingested.

Always remember to wear a helmet, it may compound your geekiness but so what, it could save your life. Not to mention, no one wants a concussion because they suck.

Tone Those Uber-Biceps

Kayaking is Fun we Promise, But This Guy is Totally a Nerd.Yep, since we already talked about toning up your Quads and your butt, we might as well talk about toning up those infamous biceps you have there.

One of the best ways to build upper body strength outdoors is to go kayaking! The resistance of the water on the paddle as you row a kayak is perfect for building up strength and toning those biceps. Probably the best part of kayaking is that, it’s loads of fun! Don’t believe us? Why don’t you go try it? We guarantee you’ll have more fun kayaking than you do grinding and leveling your characters in an MMO.

Depending on where you go kayaking, chances are, there are probably some magnificent sights to behold!

Of course, remember to wear sunscreen for that fair complexion you have going on, or you’ll look like a nerdy lobster- and nobody likes an educated lobster with glasses.

Chill Out And Barbecue, Rasta Style

Nerds And Barbecue. Best. Mix. Ever.Yeah, we threw the Rasta reference in there, but we’re just talking about the “chill out part,” man. Don’t bring any drugs to a barbecue, you’ll probably regret it later, dude. Do remember to bring the alcohol though!

Most folks will probably wonder why this is considered an outdoor activity, but the answer is straightforward, it is because barbecues happen outdoors and because there are likely activities going on. Invite enough friends to the barbecue and you can even get a buzzed game of football going!

Don’t want anything to do with football? No problem invite some buddies and have a giant larking party. No matter who you are, it’s always pleasant to enjoy the company of friends in an outdoor setting, it makes for some good times.

The Best Summer Activities For Nerds And Geeks

Offer Yourself Up as Insect Food

Who the hell in their right mind would allow bugs to chew and gnaw on their skin? Everybody that’s ever been camping and loved it!

Camping with Geeks is The BestKeep in mind we’re not talking about modern-style camping, with a decked out recreational vehicle and gadgets galore. We’re talking about the type of camping where you sleep in a tent, and huddle around a fire singing an acoustic version of “I Love My Computer,” which puts Bad Religion’s version to shame.

If you’re worried about becoming bug food, do what everyone else does when the bugs come calling and bring some insect repellent. The repellent probably won’t work like you want it to but hey, that’s the allure of camping, right?

Obviously we don’t have to tell you that camping is fun because you can hang out in the middle of nowhere and get your drink on. If you’re one of those saps who doesn’t like beer, then sip on some wine coolers and play D&D by candlelight.

Go Gold Farming at The Beach

Using a Metal Detector to Look For Treasure, Not Nerdy in The SlightestTake some time away from hoarding your gold and search for gold in real life. Unfortunately, you probably won’t find much in the way of treasure, nevertheless it’s exciting to look! Ah, the thrill of the hunt.

Metal detectors are easy to find, and there are places to rent them if you don’t want to make a substantial purchase.

If looking for gold isn’t your thing, you could always go swimming, work on your tan (god knows you need one), or play some sandy volleyball.

You could even mix two outdoor activities and do some hiking on the beach! Whoa, man! Yeah, our enthusiasm is a little bit exaggerated here but can you blame us? We’re trying to get you into the world, as Morpheus would say, “the real world, Neo.”

Climb Those Rocks Private

Rock Climbing Gear! ...And Dear Lord Look at Those Shorts!

No, that tagline was not a perverted remark about your genitals. We were genuinely ordering you to climb some rocks.

Rock climbing is a thrilling outdoor activity, and you don’t necessarily have to go all out like Stallone in Cliffhanger to do it. You could climb any oversized rockface really; including large boulders, rock climbing walls and real cliffs. Of course, make sure you have the proper equipment to do it if you’re going solo.

There are always places to go rock climbing with professionals if you decide you want to give the real thing a try.

Oh and if you want to be a trendy geek, you can always stop to update your Facebook status with photos and comments every 50 feet you climb.

Urban Prospecting

A Modern Urban ExplorerBelieve it or not, there is such a thing as Urban exploring. So, for you trendy geeks who happen to live in the middle of a city, this is an excellent activity for you.

Urban exploring involves hiking or traveling through the city and visiting the stranger sights. Most urban explorers visit old, decrepit buildings on the outskirts of the city or landmarks that have since been forgotten. Sure, large cities have their share of modern skyscrapers and office buildings, but they also have their history as well, and that history includes old architecture. Keep in mind we’re not talking about getting yourself killed, or breaking any laws here – that means no trespassing.

How much of a nerd do you have to be in order to truly appreciate magnificent art in the form of historic landmarks or buildings? Plus, all that walking is called exercise, which is convenient for your body and your soul.

Look For Flying Saucers

This activity is essentially the odd one out, because it requires the absence of daylight, but that doesn’t mean it is exempt from being qualified as an outdoor activity.

A Father And Daughter Gazing at The StarsStargazing is something that truly every nerd, geek and jock on the planet can enjoy, and they can also do it while holding hands and singing Kumbaya. Realistically, jocks would probably never hold the hand of a nerd, but who needs stereotypes?

The night sky is beautifully entrancing, and to view most of it, a distant location away from light pollution is required. In fact, stargazing could be combined with any other activity on this list, which is what makes it so awesome. You could hike down a trail, set up a camping location and gaze at the night sky when the sun sets. That’s not one, but three different activities all crammed together for the price of.. well, okay so this isn’t an infomercial, but you get the point.

Get Out There And Nerd up The Summer, Geeks

So there you have it fellow geeks and nerds, those are some notable activities and pastimes that you should be doing this summer. If you absolutely must, you are free to bring along your tablets, smartphones and extra gadgets to make the experience more – nerdy. Just remember though, it doesn’t count as actual exercise if it’s an avatar doing the blunt of the activity. Sorry Second Life gamers, you need to have your own body outdoors for it to count.

Also, we recommend drinking lots of water while doing these activities and not Code Red.

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