A Few Things We Would Love to Change about the Facebook Mobile App

by Thea 0

In 2013, the Facebook Mobile App went on to become the most popular mobile application in the US.  This social networking site overtook Google Maps to gain the top-spot. Whether you love it or not, this online community has become the core of our smartphone-centric daily routines. However, since there are no free lunches in the universe, staying in the limelight has its own cost.  The Facebook Mobile App also pays the cost as it faces some positive criticism in the ‘blogosphere’.  Here’s a list of points we think Facebook mobile can improve upon.

1.    Bring the Line Wrap Back-: Do you feel that the Facebook Mobile experience is inferior to the Facebook experience on desktop? Then we are on the same page. The Facebook mobile app truncates the longer titles of the content on the news feed, thus, making it lose its appeal. We seriously miss the faithful line wrap technology. Bring it back please, Mr. Zuckerberg!

2.    A Better iOS Experience-: Using Facebook on iOS? Then you must have met the blank white screen with blue borders? Yes, that’s Facebook trying hard to connect to the Safari. We hope never to see the white screen again, with a more compatible Facebook Mobile App for iOS.

3.    A Smoother Picture Viewing Experience-: Although with time, the Facebook picture viewing app has evolved, the Facebook mobile still has some serious glitches. One of the few issues that you might have faced while browsing through Facebook mobile on your Android or iOS is the constant crashing of the window. That happens because most of us accidently close the Facebook window while clicking on the like button. A much better solution to this problem is the double-tap-to-like feature which is already available in Instagram. With the two networks being so closely intertwined, we hope that Facebook incorporates this amazing feature as soon as possible.

4.    Chat Head Support on all apps across iOS-:Now, we know how the iPhone users feel cheated by the Facebook Mobile app.  When Facebook revealed all new feature for the Android platform where the chat heads would be supported across all apps, it made the Android lovers lives easier. They could now chat with their friends even they are playing a game. The only problem here is that the iPhone users cannot do the same. So Mr. Zuckerberg, please play a fair game and give the iPhone users this much needed pleasure.

5.    The Universal Complaint: It should be faster-: Yes, we understand. Ask a kid what she would like to change about Facebook Mobile and the answer would be the speed. In fact, here is one universal plea for the Facebook admin team: please make the app work faster or else, we will still keep on using it! No choice in that.

We hope the Facebook CEO is reading this article and we get to see a better and faster running Facebook Mobile App in future.

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