Giveaway: 5 licenses of Rainbow Live – XML Editor + CMS

by Carlos Pinho 15

James McNess of Code and Visual has generously offered up 5 licenses worth $99 each for the Rainbow Live XML Editor + CMS!

In James’ own words “Rainbow Live provides most of the key functions of a lightweight CMS, without the overhead of complex server side scripts and SQL databases. Rainbow Live was specifically built for Flash based websites and components which typically use external XML data to provide their content”.

What it Rainbow and Rainbow Live

Rainbow is an easy way to edit your xml data smoothly in an organized manner. Code And Visual launched to 2 options,  Rainbow XML Editor which is Free and Web Based, and Rainbow Live which has Flash CMS Features.

Both let you edit your XML data and will help you avoid writing poorly formed XML. However Rainbow Live, the extended version of Rainbow also includes the ability to edit the data for your Flash site live online – it works like a lite version of a Flash CMS. Using a system like Rainbow Live gives the ability to have your client to maintain the website content themselves, without need the developer involvement.

What Do I Have To Do?

We’ve already drawn the winners for this giveaway! Nevertheless, stay tuned as more competitions will come. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

Comments (15)

  1. twitter : jbuda

    domain for cms :

  2. Twitter: khrome57

  3. Twitter: zavoianf
    Domain for cms: development)

  4. Nice! this time i’ll get in contest!
    Twitter: msdevweb

  5. Username – exoph

    Domain –

    Thanks so much for this chance to win. This looks like it’ll be one of the best giveaways I’ve seen for while during the worldwide economic decline.

  6. Twitter: RomeoLab


    Another amazing winnin competition. Hoppe will be lucky again..


  7. Twitter: tutorijali

  8. I hope i’ll get lucky, great contest

    Username : drawingclouds

    domain :

  9. Rainbow Live looks pretty nice!
    Twitter: Go_Liath
    Domain: (site is currently being redesigned)

  10. i want this…

    Twitter : lazaac
    Domain Name :

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