Apple iPad 3 Features And Release Date

by Joel Fernandes 896

The Apple iPad is one of the best-selling tablets in the world, and the iPad 3 is one of the most anticipated devices from Apple this year. This article explains you about the new features that are to be included in the iPad 3.

Update: The New iPad was announced on March 7th 2012… It is not called the iPad 3, it is kown as iPad 2012. We have written a full review about the new ipad 2012 here.

In a nutshell, the Apple iPad3 will feature a new, thinner and sleeker design, down nearly 20 percent in size compared to the iPad 2. It will also support full touchscreen HD display with a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536.

Apart from that, the iPad 3 will have a lighter battery, reducing the weight of the tablet. However, the battery is reported to cost 20 to 30 percent more than the current iPad’s battery, and will also have a longer battery life.

It is also expected that the iPad 3 will have a wireless charging technology, which will be able to charge the battery and transfer data wirelessly.

iPad 3 Features

iPad 3 Features

Let’s now take a look at all the features in depth:

A6 ProcessoriPad 3

The current Apple iPad 2 has a 900MHz dual-core ARM Cortext-A9 processor, Apple A5 chipset and PowerVr SGX543MP2 GPU. This certainly made the Apple iPad 2 a powerful tablet and a main competitor in the world of tablets. Now Apple is aiming to make the competition tougher by sporting an A6 Quad-core Processor in the iPad 3. This would make the iPad 3 as powerful as any high-end desktop.

According to Linley Group senior analyst Kevin Krewell, “We expect the A6 will be a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 design, which would be competitive with next year’s best mobile processors. In 2012, Nvidia will offer a quad-core Cortex-A9 processor, and Qualcomm will have the aforementioned MSM8960, a dual-core A15-class processor operating at 1.7GHz. Fabricating Apple’s A6 in 28nm (instead of the 40nm process Nvidia is using for its quad-core part) will reduce both die cost and power, yielding a much better product.”

iOS 5

The iPad 3 will come with the latest iOS 5, which will host the multi-touch gesture technology. However, analyst and tech enthusiasts predict that Apple would introduce OS X Lion for the tablet, since it will be powered by a quad-core processor.

This will also include multitasking features, such as notifications, task-finishing, app-switching, location and background sound.

3D Feature and New Retina DisplayiPad3

Apple enthusiast expected the Retina Display feature on Apple iPad 2; however, Apple has been working majorly for an improved version of it to include it in the iPad 3. The iPhone 4 currently supports the Retina Display with a screen resolution of 960 x 640. Apple explains Retina Display as: “Developing pixels a mere 78 micrometers wide, Apple engineers were able to pack four times the number of pixels into the same 3.5-inch (diagonal) screen found on earlier iPhone models. The resulting pixel density of iPhone 4 – 326 pixels per inch – makes text and graphics look smooth and continuous at any size.”

With the Retina Display feature, the screen resolution of the iPad3 will be 2048 x 1536 pixels. However, it is said that the third version of the tablet is delayed due to Retina Display issues, and Apple is expected to ship the tablet in early 2012.

There are speculations that the tablet will display the 3D view. Although it’s too early to expect features like 3D display, devices like the LG Optimus can record videos in 3D, and output the same through HDMI.

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iPad 3 Features Continued:

Cloud Computing

Apple announced its Cloud services during the WWDC 2011, and will definitely include the iCloud technology both in the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. With iCloud users can store photos, apps, calendars and access songs on iTunes without having them to store in the phone’s memory.


The iPad 3 will come with an improved camera, since the previous version of the table didn’t seem impressive enough. Unlike the iPad 2, the new tablet will come with LED flash to support the camera. It is expected to have a 5MP camera with 1080p or 720p video recording quality of 60 frames per second. The technology made by OmniVision will help reduce the size of the table by 20 percent.

Fingerprint Proof

Apple has already been granted patents on this technology, and is working real hard to make the iPad3 fingerprint proof. The touch screen will be coated with oleophobic materials, which will reduce the oil and fingerprints on the screen.

iPad 3 Mock Illustration (You Can Embed This)

iPad 3 Illustration
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Apple iPad 3 Release Date

There isn’t any official word from Apple on when the iPad 3 will be released; however, rumors indicate that it will be announced sometime early next year. Reports state the trial production is likely to start this October. One of the major reasons why the launch of the device has delayed is due to the Retina Display technology. It is also said that it could be delayed because of legal issues with one of Apple’s main supplier, Samsung.
The price and availability of the iPad 3 is still unknown. Please make sure that you keep visiting this page to stay updated.

For U.S. Residents Only

Apple iPad 3 Price

Though the tablet promises quite a lot of new and exciting features, rumors indicate that it could be priced at a very high range. However, with the competition kicking in, I expect that the iPad 3 will be set at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, are you going to buy the new iPad 3? And what other iPad 3 features are you expecting? Let us know by adding your views below. it is also important to mention that Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5 a few months after the launch of the iPad 3.

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  1. Want to see increased memory with iCloud storage of iTunes U so I can take my lectures with me. Online education is where apple needs to go!

    1. @HeatherPurvesCarson Heather, I agree. Some thing we all have to keep in mind, especially how current trends are going is proper laws to protect the user of such storage. Did you read about the mega site for storage being hit with a court order to stop until the FBI had a chance to search for illegal items? They users didn’t even have a chance to get their data off the servers and the company started, last Thursday, deleting user data. The FBI claimed they were perpetrating many types of media theft along with illegal porn. whether you did or not, you lost your data and could not get it before the company did a major delete operation. Did you know that the last big legislation was in 1985 (best as I can remember) and it told the government that data held by others had a right to privacy. The government stated that only voice calls were covered by the protection of the constitution, not data. The courts changed that, but when that change occurred, the guy who wrote Facebook was just 3 years old. Laws need to be kept up to date, which is difficult with the speed of technology. Keep these things in mind as you ‘wish for things’….

    2. @HeatherPurvesCarson Oops, looks like you misspelled online education. It’s actually spelled “Out of business”.

  2. “This would make the iPad 3 as powerful as any high-end desktop.”

    …is this comparison for real? saying that an ARM chip will as powerful as a x86 just because both are quadcore. No doubts that the iPad 3 it’s going to be great but NEVER as powerful as an high-end desktop CPU. Is the same saying that a mustang GT is as powerful as a top fuel dragster just because both are powered by a V8, the difference is that the mustang have 400hp and the dragster more than 8000.

    1. @elpidiovaldez You’re exactly right, right now, my iPhone 4S has a GeekBench of about the same as my 8 year old PowerBook G4. Still impressive but for raw CPU power, an ARM isn’t even close to an x86 Intel. Though the graphics included with the ARM architecture is quite impressive. The iPad 3 could be 20 times faster then the iPad 2 in graphics and 180 times faster than the iPad 1.

  3. I would hope that the pricing of the iPad 3 will stay the same, and hopefully the iPad 2 will continue to be available at $100-$200 lower cost. A $299 iPad 2 would really keep Apple at 70%+ market share in the Tablet market.

  4. “This would make the iPad 3 as powerful as any high-end desktop.”

    Silly, delusional fanboys. You don’t even know they first thing about your iToys, let alone real computers. But at least this is going to be slimmer and lighter. Those are the only things that matter, right?

    It’s a shame that people aren’t required to learn something about the technology they spend their money on before purchasing it. Apple would’ve gone out of business years ago.

    1. @carbonated_turtle Ah fandroids, you guys are hilarious. Maybe that’s why Microsoft and Google (among many others) keep on following and copying Apple’s every move.

      Apple is great, a UNIX based operating system, fantastic hardware, a very strict and high-quality framework for developers, excelent use of resources, etc. Maybe it is you who should know something about technology before posting. You would’ve stopped making a fool of yourself years ago.

      1. I had a great, long, unbiased response to this comment but accidentally deleted it. In a nutshell, Microsoft flourished for years while Apple was in the dumps, and Google is a search engine branching out. Only recently has Apple pioneered anything. Microsoft still does and probably forever will dominate the working world due to ease of programming. Apple was made for the simpleminded consumer. Apple’s only advantage is their vastly superior marketing skills, and sees fit to overprice each of their products as a result. You can buy an iMac for $2000+, but that same $2000+ invested in a high end Sony/Dell/Anything else for that kind of money will generate a machine with far superior specs than Apple can produce. The performance of an Apple device is often no better than that of anyone else’s. Lastly, Google is a multibillion dollar company trying to expand, and competing with iOS is not difficult. iOS isn’t special in the slightest, for it is simply too restricting, whereas Google’s Android version x is open to anyone’s desires. For you to say everyone “{keeps} on following and copying Apple’s every move” is utterly ridiculous and false.

        1. @bagginsfrodo52 Only recently has Apple pioneered anything? How about the first commercial computer with a GUI? Or the first mouse? Or the first PDA (Newton)? Or the first spreadsheet (VisiCalc)? And judging the quality of a computer solely by its electronic components is very short-sighted. Things like OS integration and software efficiency matter, and that’s why Apple is way more expensive. It like expecting to pay the same for a 6-cilinder Ford car than for a 6-cilinder BMW car.

        2. @bagginsfrodo52 Ever wonder why so many of us who were locked into Microsoft for those years have been moving en masse to Apple. It’s simple really. Microsoft never released a product that was ready for market. Those who bought new Microsoft products were, in essence, Beta users. And by the way, when help was needed it was there, but those conversations were long and tedious .. and .. they required long distance calls (ultimately costlier than the product itself). Looking from the Apple side .. When they release a product, it’s ready for release. And it always turns out to be amazingly excellent.

          By the way, I’m truly sorry you accidentally deleted your first response. I’d like very much to have read your ‘unbiased’ posting.

        3. @almagu @bagginsfrodo52 Xerox Was the first Mouse

        4. @almagu @bagginsfrodo52I meant to respond to this comment earlier, but got tied up and Gregory beat me to it. I also had a long comment typed up last night in response to your original message, but somehow it never ended up posting. Fortunately, bagginsfrodo said everything I wanted to.

          First off, I’d like to point out that you know about as much about cars as you do computers. Have you ever seen a Ford with the same V6 as a BMW?

          Second, Apple didn’t invent the PDA, GUI, mouse, computer, phone, mp3 player, or most of the other things Steve Jobs took credit for. I could post links to prove all of this, but frankly, I don’t have time right now, and it’s all information you can find with a simple Google search. Jobs was not an innovator, he was a repackager. Putting something that already exists into a white case with nice rounded edges isn’t the same as inventing something. That’s a common fanboy mistake.

          I hope this has taught you to do some research before talking out of your ass about your shitty iToys.

        5. @carbonated_turtle @almagu @bagginsfrodo52 @carbonated_turtle you are so silly, you have no idea what your talking about, i used to think the same way you did until i gave apple a chance, i can tell you that its not about the hardware, its about osx running on proven and tested hardware, as a computer engineer i think i should know

        6. @swey @carbonated_turtle @almagu @bagginsfrodo52 The fact of the matter is that any conceivable A6 chip really won’t be up to par compared to an Intel i5 or an i7. Just because it will have 4 cores doesn’t mean it can handle that kind of workload ON TOP OF a high-pixel touch screen.

        7. @GregoryMoore @almagu @bagginsfrodo52 Engelbart at Stanford University invented the mouse. Interestingly, Xerox was located just up the road from Stanford.

        8. @swey @almagu @bagginsfrodo52 Yeah, you really should know if you’re a computer engineer. I’m shocked that you don’t.

        9. @carbonated_turtle @[email protected] It’s a little funny to me; those individuals (like yourself) that Troll Apple product articles in hopes of pontificating the superiority of your rival platforms all have messages that claim you accidentally deleted, or lost your responses. I ran a business on brand new Microsoft Vista & we always had those same problems. I switched to Apple & surprise, surprise, I don’t lose data anymore. My projects now integrate seamlessly & I never had to waste time becoming a computer “Expert” in order to run a business. Most of us are more interested in living a good life, but I’m happy that you found computers so much more interesting than women 😉

          I’ll readily cede that your knowledge of computers seems superior to my own, but I spend more time with beautiful women than you spend staring at your screen.

          As for cars vs computer comparisons, you’re probably right & wrong at the same time. That 8,000 Hp figure is like your computer; capable of amazing speed, but not capable of daily driving. In other words, your computer is like your personality – No fun & not really suited for the the general public.

          If you want to argue about Apple’s sex appeal, or women, find someone less qualified than myself sir; I’m a DJ for Spearmint Rhino & I run a mobil DJ service. I know more about sexy & women than you know about Trolling & you my friend, are an expert.

        10. @DavidDiaz @carbonated_turtle @almagu @bagginsfrodo52

        11. and you friend is the one I like best…..applause applause

        12. @[email protected] I’ am sorry, but the creator of the mouse; was “IBM” not Apple. And that occurred went they were working together. Created by a IBM Engineer

        13. @julianpr0419 @almagu @bagginsfrodo52 The mouse was developed by Engelbart at Stanford University .. It then migrated up the road to Xerox .. Apple picked up the idea from Xerox .. Stanford licensed the mouse to Apple .. Apple turned into a production product .. and the rest is history.

    2. @carbonated_turtle While a agree completely with you that an iPad will never be as powerful as any high-end desktop (during the same product cycle), your bias and just plain ignorance is making your posts much less valid. Try and refrain from the name calling and insults. People may actually respect you and your opinion.Calling people fanboys and then making gross broad generalizations without any validity only makes you look disingenuous. Frankly, even if your point of view had any validity – you still are off base by calling people fanboys and insulting their intelligence. For the record, the items you are calling “not real computers” and “toys” happen to be real computers and products that happen to allow millions of people to get work done. If you’re too delusional in your own prejudice to see this, then that’s a shame.

  5. An iPad as powerful as any high-end desktop computer is a good thing. That said, powerful is one thing, use of that power is something else again. I’d love to buy one of these new iPads and even use it as a replacement for my desktop. As a current iPad user I’m sure it could do that .. but .. the size of the screen is the great limiter. My desktop with its 27″ monitor won’t be going anywhere.

    1. @kcooper35 There will never be an iPad as powerful as any high-end desktop computer. To even suggest such a thing is laughable. Unless you mean in comparison to a high-end desktop computer from 10 years ago…

      1. @EnochLight @kcooper35 This link is about what’s going to happen to computing in the near future. It’s actually not that laughable dog.

        1. @bobdobbs No one is doubting that computing will continue to make massive leaps in processing power. What I am saying is that an iPad will always be inferior to a high-end desktop during the same product cycle.Hell – my cellphone in my pocket has more processing power and RAM compared to my high-end audio/video workstation desktop from 12 years ago…

  6. “3D Feature and New Retina Display”

    That’s what’s got me sold and ready to buy the day this drops. I wasn’t aware of highly truly high-quality the retina display was until I went from the iPhone3 to the iPhone4. Night and day difference. I was literally in awe at the sharpness of the screen, and, for the first week or two, would just press the home button to look at it.

    I can’t wait. I’m hearing March, and hopefully it’s earlier in the month than later!

    1. @JMattHicks Yeah but, you realize there’s no way in hell that there will be a ‘3D feature” on the iPad 3??? This article is complete opinion based with very little basis in fact.

  7. Can’t wait for the IPad3. I wish more schools would embrace this type of technology and see it as a step in the right direction in fixing the broken educational system. My preschoolers have learned so much with the educational apps. Keep them coming!

  8. Is the iPad-3 going to be 4G

    1. @Lakers247

      I certainly hope so.

  9. transformer prime is still better

  10. Ok lets do this i’ll take that bet and show my desktop PC i made is more powerful then that stupit IPad 3 anyday of the week.

    My PC

    Intel Core I7 920 running at 4.2 Ghz with HT on looks like 8 CPU’s all running at 4.2 ghz

    6 Gig RAM tripple Channel 1N

    Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 3 gig VRAM Core 1.1 ghz 1500 memory

    SSD boot 225MBS Read 116MBS Write

    You tell me will that run everything i can for this?

    Do they hand out crack before writing this kinda news?

    1. @JosephSmith I also have an overclocked Core i7 920 but according to the person who wrote this article we wasted hundreds in hot and power hungry electronics that are matched in performance by the great iPad 3.

      Why people who doesn’t know shit about technology are allow to write about it. This is terrible, this is just gas to the fanboi fire, now they will rise their swords and attack saying “…dude I’m telling you check and see for yourself, is as powerful as a core i7”

    2. @JosephSmith

      Can you take that wonderful desktop wherever you go, use it ON THE GO… you gonna drag that thing around with you?? The whole point of a tablet is PORTABILITY and still be able to do EVERYTHING portably that you can do on a desktop…..and automatically sync with iCloud to your desktop, iPhone, laptop….anything Apple/Mac…wirelessly and automatically….but anyway, back to the whole point and idea of a tablet……..PORTABILITY!!Did you SMOKE some crack before writing your post??? LOL

    3. @JosephSmith ok put in a half inch by 10 by 12 enclosure, let see how it works? you all say technology. IPad is a technololy placed in that small enclosure, get that kids.. stop whinning about IPad, If you don’t want one, then don’t buy. who cares about you people…?

    4. @JosephSmith Yeah but can u take ur PC everywhere u go there Joseph. I hate Apple products too. I’m juz saying buddy!!. I got a screaming PC with the best video card out there u can find.

    5. @JosephSmith Yeah but can u take ur PC everywhere u go there Joseph. I hate Apple products too. I’m juz saying buddy!!. I got a screaming PC with the best video card out there u can find.

      1. @lilpupdoggy @JosephSmith But Joseph is right; if you don’t like Apple products ‘do not buy them, no one is forcing you to buy them and don’t tell me advertisement is making you do so.

  11. All these features are nice, but what I would really like would be a USB port (and the ability to move files) and the ability to play flash. I think Apple has a golden opportunity to really grab a share of the business market if they make this more of a business tool….

    1. @rkay48 You mean .. Make them so they can compete with the iMac, the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air?

      1. @kcooper35 Sure, why not? It’s supposed to be as powerful as a desktop, right? Folks want tablets, so give them one that is more “useful”

        1. @rkay48 Businesses are using iPads for specific dedicated tasks. But for business computing, or even home computing, the screens on these tablets are just too small.

    2. @rkay48 I have a gadget now that plugs into my iPad and takes USB and multi type card inputs. I am not a tech savvy person like you guys, just a happy old lady I like a PC for my computing and I love my iPad for my pleasure. I have a son that constantly rags on me that I should saify to a MAC……not going to happen! The combo works for me and I like both LOL you guys are WAY too excited and serious about your own opinions 🙂

      1. @Jessieturner @rkay48

        1. Please tell me what the gadget is because I have been told something like that doesn’t exist!!!

  12. how about SOMEWHERE in the middle of all the $#@^%#$^%&^ ads we have an actual post date of the damn article, jesus christ this page is so cluttered with crap…

  13. @ Joel Fernandes: I’m sure you’re a nice fellow, but this article is… well… you need to work on it, man. The majority of it is PURE CONJECTURE, and you present it as fact.


    The other part just has things which would make absolutely NO SENSE. A 3D display??? What are you, drunk? If you’re going to write an OPINION piece, please label it as such.If you’re idea of journalism is writing for the Onion, then please do work for them (BTW, the Onion is the greatest “news” source evaaaaar). But if you’re going to report on products not yet released and speculate on possible features, at least write the story as such. Your resume will look a lot better.Any editor sees this in your history, and your career is going to be quite challenging in web journalism. Just say’n…

  14. * update: oh and, the idea that OSX would be on the iPad 3 because the quad-core processor (that might be in it potentially, I might add) is “as powerful as any high-end desktop”???? LMAO!!!! You can’t be serious, man. You do realize that mobile processors aren’t even in the same league as their x86 coutnerparts, right?

  15. Apple is creating a bang in the market, apple i pad 3 with 4 G will be launch in march

  16. Apple is pretty cool, I’m using an ipad right now. But from what I hear its a gen 2 iPad 1 lol. Apple never gets anything right the first time IMO. but like any other marketing genius apple probably has the best iPad already made… But, why release the best thing out there right away? Why not put out a shitty version first and slowly upgrade it, rerelease it and make more money. If I made a tablet that was 4 times better than the iPad id make sure to release a version that is 2x, 3x, and finally 4x better to make money along the way. The only reason apple is making so much money is because people want what they think is good now. And when some people can finally afford it and buy it apple releases the upgraded version shortly after. A vicious cycle to the middle class but the best group to sell to. I have an iPad and a droid bionic and I like both. A majority of the people who buy these products don’t care about the technology behind it as long as it says it’s better than the last. iPad, nice tablet. iPad 2 ooooh camera and lighter. iPad 3 camera with flash and faster. Yay. Technology is always advancing and this company is taking full advantage. Moores law and what amdahl or something, both important factors in technology today and I feel that the technology is far advanced than what the public sees now. Quoted by Moore that at the turn of the century we will see computers with a storage capacity of 10^9 which is around 128 MB… Megabytes! We are now currently dealing with terabytes of storage. But all in all I like all technology and it doesn’t matter what name is behind it. If you don’t like the latest and greatest, wait a year and it will be obsolete and on sale. Point being, apple, Microsoft, or whatever it be as long as it connects to the Internet and allows me to do what I want I’m fine with it. And th mouse was licensed to apple, not created by them.

    1. @Your_Connection – it’s very entertaining to see people, time and time again, describe Apple as being this drug pusher of tech that delivers sub-par equipment upon first release, only to release better products during said product’s life cycle just to continue to make profits.FYI, you just described the vast majority of EVERY FREAKING TECH COMPANY ON THE PLANET. Much of what you saw in the original iPad was due to economies of scale, availability of technology at the time, and – BIG SURPRISE – market demand! No one else – at the time – was offering anything even remotely comparable. It would have made absolutely no sense to just release something with all the bells and whistles during first release.Just felt I needed to point that out, as I constantly see this reoccurring “theme” in forum posts like this one. Oh and – I still think that Joel Fernandes article here is a load of crap. It’s an opinion piece presented as fact, and that’s just bad journalism.

    2. @Your_Connection When I interviewed at Fairchild R&D the interviewing scientist pointed out his tie tack. He explained that it’s a silicon wafer and that each of those little squares is an integrated circuit, and that each of those circuits contain 13 transistors. I was blown away. Gordon Moore’s office was just down the hall and Andy Grove’s was upstairs.

      I worked in the industry all those years since and I’m going to tell you right now, no one holds back. There’s no planned obsolescence. And when you say that Apple doesn’t get it right the first time, just know that Apple built its reputation on not releasing product until it’s right. That fact alone has resulted in Apple standing head and shoulders above its competition.

      I won’t even comment on your Moore’s law misunderstandings and math issues.

      1. @kcooper35 @Your_Connection Lol, ya I think that a bit more close to the truth. I think, People in general( me too) tend to like believing in all sorts of conspiracy. Sure, the economic system tends to make company presidents do things they probably would not have done in a system where profit wasn’t so important but they are humans after all. I mean…Its not all that easy to pack a 7000mha battery, a dual processor, 512Mb of ram, a 9,7 inch screen and a GPU in a 0.34” thick tablet. I truly think that the engineers at apple aren’t five steps in advance and the company slowly releases stuff to make extra profit. The Ipad is a piece of art. Plus everyone is able to use their reason to determine weather they need something or not. Obviously if you’ve been working on a project for a year and you get your product out you’ll want to advertise it as being the most awesome thing, there’s nothing wgrong with that. ALL IM TRYING TO SAY IS: STOP COMPLANING ABOUT THE SYSTEM AND THE COMPANIES AND USE YOUR REASON TO MAKE THE GOOD CHOICES. YOU DONT NEED TO LET YOUESELF MANIPULATED BY THE BETTER THINNER FASTER COMMERCIAL, BUT DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT THEM DOING SO, IF YOU LIVE IN THE COMFORT YOU DO TODAY, IT IS BECAUSE OF THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM IN PLACE, STOP COMPLAINIG ABOUT COMPANIES REALSING NEW PRODUCTS, THATS HOW OUR ECONOMY ROLLS! WE ARENT COMMUNISTS YET.

  17. Are people just going to buy the iPad3 because it’s new, and discard their older iPads?

    1. @instantlover if they are like me they’ll sell back the older model to get the new one

    2. @instantlover you know it!

  18. Everybody already as an iPad and/or iPhone and/or Macbook. Do they REALLY expect us to buy this, too?!

    1. @instantlover I don’t have an Ipad, I’m waiting for it to become a decent machine, It hasn’t matured enough for me. Might be the one that comes out. I don’t want lag when I take notes, Paper is still superior to electronic writing for now but when I’ll be able to write and draw precisely without lag I’ll switch to ipad because I don’t want to carry all those notebooks and manuals with me. I don’t think i’m the only one to think like that.

      1. @ethrac @instantlover My first reaction to your comment was, “have I been experiencing lag and not realizing it?” So I picked up my iPad 1 and checked out my note taking apps. Ghostwriter – no lag .. Adobe Ideas – no lag .. Notes – no lag. Could you maybe provide us with an example of where this lag you speak of occurs.

        1. @kcooper35 The iPad 2 only has 512 mb Ram. Makes sense.

        2. Oh and runs at 900 MHZ

      2. @ethrac @instantlover what are you suppose to do with an IPad, CGI? like ur suppose to take notes only as in your comment. Or you just don’t have one and one of the haters of Apple products?

      3. @ethrac – what is decent to you? I don’t think you even own a decent tower computer to compare with? will a simple lag affect what ur doing and lastly if given for free, I iknow for a fact that you will shut ur mouth and just use it. Me thinks you just don’t have the budget. Was Samsung tab operating in Android decent enough for you? then you buy it, much expensive though…

      4. Just won an ipad2 – my first apple product ever.would not have bought it but couldn’t turn it Down for free. A decent piece of equipment for entertainment purposes easier to read my email than my android phones. Won’t be buying iPad 3 nor iPhone 5- too expensive.

  19. No Im not buying it, cost apple is just as bad as Gate when it comes to a monopoly. Apple price thier stuff way to high for no apparent reason at all. i can get the same from a Android tablet, and about half the price.

    1. @SniperBass just say, can’t afford it. less stress.

  20. I am getting tired of appple playing games with me as to when the new ipad will come out. It is so childish. Does anyone know how the Samsumg tablet and hhow it differs from ipad? Is it jsut as good? Pleae tell me.

    1. @phyl The Samsung and Motorola Tablets running Android have quite a few MORE features than Apple’s products can offer; namely FLASH PLAYER. Although it doesn’t seem all that necessary and Apple has gotten away with it since the beginning of their time, if you have a device such as a tablet with a screen that big you should be able to watch shows on your tablet rather than your computer but much of that is powered by flash and therefore can’t be done on an iPad. There are comparible app downloads for some shows but again, it’s limited.I am getting my son and I a table this Spring and it is very difficult for me to go with an iPad other than the facetime option, it just doesn’t seem to offer what I want/like. A 5mp camera? Seriously, fix that. No one releases 5mp cameras anymore on the high-end of technology it should be 8MP or higher… AND like many have pointed out, Apple’s products tend to be higher priced all because of their name… That’s silly.

      1. @BobbiOlson @phyl I thought I wanted a smartphone a while back. It seemed silly to buy an iPhone when I could get the Samsung for less, so I bought the Samsung. To make a long story short, it ended up in a drawer (where it still is). I decided that smartphones were too glitchy and went back to a phone that was less smart but not such a pain in the neck. In the mean time, my son bought an iPhone and couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want a smartphone. Not so long after that I bought an iPad. That’s when I understood why Chris was so happy with his iPhone. This iPad always does exactly what I want it to do with no frustrations whatsoever. It reminds me of when I switched from using Microsoft based PCs to the Mac. There are lots of ways I could describe the experience but I’ll say it in just these few words: The Mac is friendly and predictable, and never produces those frequent nasty surprises that can drive you right up the wall.

        And do you know what’s really silly? Believing that Apple products are higher priced simply because of their name. And by the way, in my experience those higher priced Apple products actually cost you less over the full life of the product.

        My iPad is the iPad 1. I will get an iPad 3 (no camera in my iPad 1). Being a bit of a camera buff, I’d be perfectly happy with 5 MP (I have no plans for really large photos where the difference using a camera with a smaller pixel count might be noticed). But I’m guessing the iPad 3 will have a higher number of pixels, not so much for higher quality, but because of people’s perception that a higher pixel count always means better pictures.

        One other point, one of my local news stations display its videos using Flash. Darn! But then again I can’t think of other times I’ve needed it. Nevertheless, it would be nice if Apple allowed it. The problem was (other than sparks flying between Apple and Adobe) Flash has been too power consuming. Apple would have had to lower its advertised battery life if they had included it.

        1. @kcooper35 Do you know anything about computers? Flash being more power consuming? really? The xoom still has the same, if not better, battery life than the iPad 2 and it runs flash, it’s not more power consuming, do you know anything about languages? Probably not, you are an iFan…

    2. @phyl the way you complicate stuff…stay with samsung, you deserve it!

  21. I want to buy it but it depends on the price. Hopefully it will be priced similar to the previous ones. With the economy the way it is they need to be careful to not overprice it like Sony did with the PS3 at its launch. Many people don’t need an iPad 3 and if the price shocks them they won’t buy one, only the die hard Apple fans will.

  22. I want the iPad 3 to be like the iPhone 4s. I want to be able to talk to it, like you can do with the 4s.

  23. WTF i just bought an ipad 2 lol

    1.  @ShandaWinkler hiiiiiiii

  24. I am getting sick of Apple acting like a spoiled child not telling us when the iPad 3 will be available to buy!!!!!

    1. @phyl I take it you’re not buying into the March 7th date that’s been bandied about in various newspapers and other news sourses around the web. Are you going to buy one?

  25. I am really pissed that soome kid stole my ipad2 out of my shopping cart when I wasn’t paying attention. And I just bough ta nice case for it from office depot. Damn it. I got used to having it withme for everything so I think that I will buy the ipad3 unless it is a thoudand dollars. No I don’t believe the March 7 date. Thse people act like bad children. When it does comeout there will probably be only 7 of them for sale as usual and Idon’t camp out for anything!

  26. Why can’t the ipad3 be the iPad 3D. Take what some android phones and web2.0 televisions left out of their “3D” features, and perfect it to run in sync with IOS. In my opinion “perfected 3D” will be a game changer.

    Watching movies in 3D, taking 3D pictures, capturing your own 3D video, playing 3D games, multidimensional home screen instead of the flat side-scroller etc.

  27. I had saved up $800 for an ipad and accessories.  I bought a transformer prime instead.  after playing with an ipad 2 for awhile, mac os is too frustrating to use compared to the freedom of an android.

    1.  @tchad78 This is the first time I’ve heard someone say that the iPad is frustrating to use.  Please share with us what it is about the iPad that you find frustrating.

      1. @kcooper35 @tchad78 How about the restrictions of an iPad? Or how the devices are about 2 years behind everything else?

  28. Apple doesnt give a Flip about the customer!!! it is on a constant schedule to keep pushing out the newer product. If you havent noticed, apple tends to hold off on features. For example the Ipad could have had a front and back facing camera, but they held off for the 2. not only that but as soon as a newer model comes out, every accessorie on the marget switches to the newer one, leaving us searching and impossible to find things for them. money hungry bastards!!!! Karma is a bitch…isn’t that right Jobs?lol whos next

  29. I love the ignorance of iFans. They think they have the latest and greatest, but really, all that stuff was released a year ago. And I love the “oh the iOS is the BEST”, why is it? Because you are too dumb to run a linux without it crashing? yup. In the opinion of a developer and from someone who has to sell these dumb apple products, Andriod is a much better operating system because of the fact that it was developed around this idea, freedom. iOS users feel stunned when they go to an android phone can it can do 100x more than what an iPhone does. You may doubt me, but really, if you knew anything about phone and computers, you know that I’m right. You waste your money paying into a company that says they have the lastest this and the newest that, but fact of the matter is that all they have are flashy commercials. Example: Siri, are you serious? Did you know that just two weeks after siri was announched, the Android market got bombarded with apps better than siri that have more functionality? All apple does is focuses on the tinest, little thing a phone can do and all the iDiots will go out and waste money on it. All you iFans are just ridiculous. I’m not a fandroid either cause I’ve used windows, webOS, and all the others. I just believe in the best product, which happens to be android. Go google.

    iCloud- did you know google has been doing everything you do and more for about 2-3 years already?

    1. @NicFlippinWhites @NicFlippinWhites When i switched from Microsoft to Apple a few years ago, I was very aware of the fact that you could do more on an MS DOS machine than on the Mac. The difference with the Mac though was that everything it did, it did well, without glitchiness, and always in an uncomplicated way. The same holds true today when comparing Android devices with the Apple products. It’s not about how much it does, it’s about how well it does what it does.

  30. Wow…I mean I just got the iPad 2 wifi 3G and now the iPad 3 is coming out….I guess I will have to sell my iPad 2 again and buy the iPad 3. It feels a bit stupid hat these things come out so frequently. I bet hey have the iPad 4 already in their safe just waiting a few month past the 3, to release that….

  31. iPad 1 & 2 owners should not feel bad; I have a 5 year old iMac and it still does all the computing functions I need done and i have not had a compeling reason to buy anything new.  I upgraded the OS, iWork, iLife (about $180.00) and the technology works Great!!!! 
    I will buy a iPad 3 when it comes out and the iPhone 5 also; not because of the hype; I am just very happy with my iMac experience over past 5 years.  Are Macs expensive? Not when I add the amount of time I have spent fixing issues with other technologies to make them work.  That is for users that enjoy buying faulty products and the painful many hours spent working to make them do what apple products do out of the box and find this experience satisfying.  I play Soccer for fun!

  32. Yes, there is hype about Apple products; Yes, they cost more at the time of purchase and Yes, they work out of the box!!.    Apple products are not meant for users who enjoy spending countless, painful hours fixing things; I play Soccer instead. 
    I made the switch to iMac, 5 years ago and will not consider any other consumer technology ever again.  This stuff works!!  My iMac is still going strong with only minor software upgrades.  I will purchase the iPad 3 when it comes out, but not because of the hype, but because together with currently bandwidth it will be a great tool that works!!  I hope it helps!  If you are a geek who don’t mind fixing and tweaking devices for a few hours from time to time then Apple products are not for you, save your money and purchase anything out there for half the price.

    1.  @oswaldofuentes 
      I’ve been using Macs since 1 May 1986. Like you, I wouldn’t use anything else.

    2.  @oswaldofuentes Yeah! Apple rocks! I was very happy when I got my hands on the new iPad. I didn’t notice this at first, but when I took the tablet into my backyard, and my iPhone was able to pick up my router signal without a hassle; the iPad didn’t pick up the network at all. This became a nightmare for me. I spent quite a bit of time researching, for a solution, with no luck. All of the methods I found didn’t work for me. In the end though, I found a couple of reviews of <a href=””>Pong Research</a> ‘s cases, that convinced me to give it a try. This case is built with an antenna in between layers of the back cover, which redirects and boosts the power of the signal and increases the range of the wifi antenna on the iPad. After getting one, I couldn’t be happier with my new toy! My iPad works perfect

    3.  @oswaldofuentes Yeah! Apple rocks! I was very happy when I got my hands on the new iPad. I didn’t notice this at first, but when I took the tablet into my backyard, and my iPhone was able to pick up my router signal without a hassle; the iPad didn’t pick up the network at all. This became a nightmare for me. I spent quite a bit of time researching, for a solution, with no luck. All of the methods I found didn’t work for me. In the end though, I found a couple of reviews of Pong Research ‘s cases, that convinced me to give it a try. This case is built with an antenna in between layers of the back cover, which redirects and boosts the power of the signal and increases the range of the wifi antenna on the iPad. After getting one, I couldn’t be happier with my new toy! My iPad works perfect

  33. I heard that the iPad 3 is coming out in April 1 2012

  34. OK, now the hype begins.  I still want to know when will I be able to buy it?  Will it be availble for preoeder?  Do you relly  think that it won’t be out there in April, not March?

  35. I wish the i pad 3 to have some writing features as galaxy note, this will facilitate presentation and get rid of flip charts while demonstrating something during presentation, i also wish it to be compatible with the kind of blue tooth devise or the alike for wireless connection to projector, that will be wonderful and grace to presenters. Shall it be????

  36. Has anyone seen this YouTube video yet? And do you think it’s legit? If it actually is a developer, she mentions the A6

    1.  @ImNotHisGF hmm looks legit to me — locking stacks and all. i wish we could hear what she said about the screen? 🙁

  37. i heard that it was going to be released on wednesday

  38. i really waNNA but this apple ipad 3 so cn ny1 tl ven itz gng 2 cm in India and its price?

  39. Great list of features, and love the photos. 
    I noticed that your article doesn’t include any discussion of Warranties.  (Understandable, of course, since it discusses the features and price of the actual ipad.)
    So many ipad3 buyers research the product – but they oftentimes neglect to research their  “warranty options”.  You don’t need to buy the “default”, which is Applecare.
    I’ve been doing a lot of research on this topic, and actually made an entire website out of it!
    Hope it helps save people some money, and if their screen cracks, or the ipad gets dropped in the hot tub, they’ll be covered. Thanks!

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    thank you

  41. It’s so cool features.
    I love all “A6 Processor, iOS 5, 3D Feature and New Retina Display, Cloud Computing, Camera 5.0, Fingerprint Proof, iPad 3 Mock Illustration”  features 😀
    I had ipad 2 and I intend to buy ipad 3 to replace the other one.
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  42. It’s so cool features.
    I love all “A6 Processor, iOS 5, 3D Feature and New Retina Display, Cloud Computing, Camera 5.0, Fingerprint Proof, iPad 3 Mock Illustration”  features 😀
    I had ipad 2 and I intend to buy ipad 3 to replace the other one.
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  43. It’s so cool features.
    I love all “A6 Processor, iOS 5, 3D Feature and New Retina Display, Cloud Computing, Camera 5.0, Fingerprint Proof, iPad 3 Mock Illustration”  features 😀
    I had ipad 2 and I intend to buy ipad 3 to replace the other one.
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  44. I think apple is the Best product you can buy. It’s so much more organized then a android, I have a iPad 3 never hade a problem love it a lot highly recommend this product.

  45. A proud owner of a three year old 27 inch iMac and a soon-to-be-upgraded iPhone 3GS to the new 5 after the kinks are worked out and hopefully with google maps restored, I intend to finally get around to getting my first iPad about three months or so after it comes out and they fix the first few inevitable bugs.  I lived with and find useful, a eBook with Windows 7 starter.  It satisfies my needs when I travel domestically and internationally for its wi-fi which allows me to read and send e-mails as well as to use Skype and Facebook.  However, I feel that the iPad had evolved not only in technology, but in the features that now appeal to me.

  46. ipod,ipod,when i will have one,want to buy iphone,want to ipod,which one should i buy first?

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