Stop Fearing The Inevitable Dead Battery With These Portable Chargers

by Briley 2

You are stranded out in public, miles away from the right juicing tools, with a firm warning popping up on your smartphone screen, practically screaming at you, that the battery is about to die. The shakes begin to set in, and everything becomes, well, acute and harrowed. We’ve all been there at one time or another.

For many, life without a smartphone is not the same, and when the screen goes totally blank thanks to the lack of a power source, it can be excruciating.

It is no secret that the average life of a smartphone battery just downright sucks. Part of the decline in net battery life is because of the considerable amount of energy that it takes to run a smartphone. Most devices have large touchscreens, bright LED backlights, and a constant connection to some form of a wireless network; all of which continuously drain the battery.

PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack SizeThe battery life of a device is noticeably worse when you are often using it, which is certainly understandable, but that doesn’t make poor battery life any less ridiculous. The whole reason most of us own smartphones in the first place is because we love to stay connected, at all times. When the phone dies, because of a depleted battery, it kind of defeats the point of having a smartphone and staying “always connected”.

Luckily, aside from purchasing an extended battery, there are ways to recharge a mobile device on the go. Sometimes, all you need is that little bit of extra juice to keep your phone going until you can get home. That is where portable batteries and battery chargers come in handy. They’re a relatively new form of accessory, that can both charge and extend the battery life of a connected smartphone or mobile device.

The Best Portable Chargers & Portable Batteries For Mobile Devices

Some travel chargers are convenient, while others are not; as with any other device, some are more foolish to carry around than others. A lot of portable chargers out there just add too much trouble when compared to the benefits of carrying them around. We’ve chosen some of the best portable chargers that are available, in order to help you keep your smartphone charged while you’re on the go.

In the interest of eliminating those nasty low-battery jitters, we’re going to reveal some of the best portable chargers and portable batteries on the market. These chargers should hold you over, at least while you wait for this awesome Brookstone fuel cell charger.

Portable Chargers Provide Extra Juice When You Need it Most

The PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack (5200mAh)

PowerGen Mobile Juice PackThis sucker doesn’t just do the job well, it looks lovely while doing it. The PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack is slightly smaller than the iPhone (thicker too) and includes a snazzy black glossy finish with white and silver accents. The Mobile Juice Pack has a number of blue themed LEDs which represent the charge level of the connected device. Interestingly enough, the Mobile Juice Pack also has a small bulb that allows it to act as a flashlight for up to 250 hours.

Of course, no one cares about the form if the device doesn’t offer some excellent mobile charging options. The PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack includes a Grade A LG rechargeable cell that offers up to two full charges for an iPhone 4 that is equipped with a 1420mAh battery. Of course, this compact charger isn’t going to add weeks upon weeks of additional use, but two full charges are plenty enough for when you want that quick fix.

The Mobile Juice Pack has the appropriate USB connection to compliment most recent smartphones on the market and will work with standard USB and microUSB chargers.

You can purchase the PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack from Amazon for $34.99.

The Anker Astro 3 External Battery Pack (10,000mAh)

Anker Astro 3 Portable Device ChargerWhat makes this baby stand out is that it has a whopping battery capacity, at 10,000mAh. Anker claims the Astro 3 can support up to 6 full charges for an iPhone. The Astro 3 is essentially so strong because it is meant to be used with tablets, but the battery pack can actually be used with almost any device.

The Astro 3 is equipped with 2 full size USB ports (2A or 5V output), with an option to choose between 9V and 12V support for compatibility with various devices. The Astro 3 also comes bundled with 12 separate connectors that are guaranteed to work with any modern smartphone on the market.

In addition, the Astro 3 includes blue LEDs which reflect the charge level of the connected device. A stylish body composition ensures the Astro 3 will compliment most smartphones, and a minimum overall size ensures the device will fit into a carry-on bag or backpack.

The Anker Astro 3 is available from Amazon for $59.99.

Brookstone Rechargeable Battery (iPhones Only!)

Brookstone Battery Charger for iPhonesBrookstone makes their own rechargeable battery pack, unfortunately, it is only compatible with iPhone devices. Since there are a lot of folks out there that use an iPhone, this charger still made the list.

This handy 1,500mAh battery charger will provide up to 4 additional hours of talk time, 7 hours of video playback, and up to 30 hours of music on a single charge. Of course, because Brookstone is kind of a yuppy store (sorry yuppies), this charger will set you back $49.99 and doesn’t offer as much power as some of the other chargers mentioned on this list. Nevertheless, the Brookstone rechargeable battery pack is perfect for that quick fix when you’re out on the city and need a little bit of extra juice.

You can purchase the Brookstone Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPhones through their official site for $49.99.

The ZaggSparq Portable Battery & Backup Charger

The ZaggSparqAt first glance, the ZaggSparq Backup Charger doesn’t look particularly special, it has a plain black finish, a squared off form and resembles the look of a power adapter. Nevertheless, the ZaggSparq includes a 6,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery packed into its compact body. That’s enough power to provide four full charges for the average Android smartphone or iPhone.

In addition, the ZaggSparq includes two full size USB inputs and can support multiple devices being charged simultaneously. Yellow LEDs are also equipped in order to help demonstrate the charge level of the connected device.

The ZaggSparq can be purchased for $99.99 through the official site or through Amazon for less than $70.

The IOGear GearPocket

IOGear Gear PocketThe IOGear Gearpocket is a versatile battery pack that includes a rechargeable 2,000mAh power source which offers up to three full charges for the average smartphone. The GearPocket includes a “smart LED” display which portrays the charge level of the connected device.

The GearPocket includes one USB output and comes bundled with a variety of adapters for increased compatibility with most mobile devices.

You can check out the IOGear GearPocket on the official site.

Stop Fearing the Inevitable Death of Your Smartphone Battery

A dead smartphone battery can ruin a night, if you let it. Instead of waiting for your mobile device to be rendered useless, pick up one of these travel chargers and give your phone the extra juice it needs.

The next time you’re out in public, and that low battery warning appears, you will thank us.

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