The Explosion of Digital TV is Here, And It’s Only Going to Get Better

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The UK digital switchover is now complete, making all TV in the UK now completely digital. Services are available on satellite and cable, through broadband and also via Freeview, which transmits through an aerial.

Digital TV allows TV companies to broadcast better quality sound, a higher quality of picture and a wider range of channels than ever before. As well as this, digital TV allows users to access further information through a series of menus, allowing a level of interaction with televisions in a way that was never previously possible. As well as this, viewers can also listen to the radio via their television and watch archived programs through digital ‘on demand’ services. Viewers can even access the internet through some digital TVs.

Digital TV is also more efficient than the old analogue service. Digital TV can carry many more TV services in the spectrum previously occupied by one analogue service. Switching off the analogue services also frees up spectrum that can be used for a range of new services, such as extra TV channels, mobile TV and wireless broadband.

All over the country, people are settling down on their sofas and marvelling at the veritable explosion of new television channels at their fingertips. However, you don’t get to choose your channels, as it is based on your location. If you want something a little juicer, like HBO, Sky 1 or Eurosport if you’re a sports fan, then you’re going to need a little extra, like what’s on offer from Virgin Media digital TV packages.

Virgin Media remains the most popular provider of digital cable TV due to their brilliant TiVo box, allowing people far greater freedom to choose how they watch TV than ever before. TiVo allows users to pause and rewind live TV, as well as giving them access to ‘on demand’ content and the ability create their own channels by demonstrating to TiVo the kinds of programmes they are interested in.

However, Virgin Media’s new deals make their digital channels even more accessible to a wider variety of customers. The company is now offering its M+, L and XL services as standalone deals which do not require a Virgin phone line. Each of the deals includes access to ‘on-demand’ and ‘catch-up’ services from a range of top channels.

Virgin Media’s M+ package specifically offers 65 channels. In contrast, the L package and XL package include a wider range of content, ensuring that the number of TV channels the average household has access to is only going to get bigger and better considering the range of HD options now available to fill your sitting room with warmth and colour. Whatever you want from your digital TV, you can be assured that the options will soon become endless.

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