Have a Genuine Racing Experience in Your Living Room With The Playseats Gaming Chairs

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Racing games are hard to get engrossed in, especially when there is no steering wheel for your hands to hold, and there are no pedals at your feet. Let’s face it, playing the latest Need for Speed or Forza with a standard controller kind of ruins the immersion factor.

Richard Petty does not use a set of dual analog sticks to operate at blistering speeds and why should you.

Problem is, even the steering wheel sets for purchase that are compatible with most racing titles ruin the immersion. Just the improper placement of the steering wheel and the pedals can ruin the experience. Not to mention, who wants to sit on a couch to drive a vehicle?

What if you didn’t have to worry about any of that? What if you could experience your favorite racing title in a more realistic setting, with an actual setup like one would find in a race car. Playseat heard your cries, and they have designed a series of gaming seats just for use with racing games.

Playseat Evolution Gaming Chair

Introducing The Playseats Game Chair Series

Formula One Playseats Game SeatPlayseats have a plethora of game chairs available, which are designed for use with racing wheel and pedal sets. You can actually use most third party steering wheel kits with the chairs, in order to create a more realistic racing experience.

Our favorite, the Playseats Evolution chair, comes in a black and white model and is available for $365, but the pedals and steering wheel are NOT included.

Each Playseat is fully adjustable and can hold someone in excess of seven feet tall. That’s quite tall, but since the average person is nowhere near that height it’s safe to say that the Playseats can fit anyone. The Playseats can be used by both children and adults and are durable enough to handle heavy steering motions and hard braking.

The pedal rack and steering wheel column are fully adjustable, and will slide into position and then secure in place so that you can feel comfortable when using the seat. The seat is designed with an authentic racing form and is manufactured with a tough pleather material so that it doesn’t rip or tear under pressure.

There Are Several Different Playseat Models Available

There are more Playseat models than just the Evolution chair we recommended, some of them are themed for use with a particular game or playstyle.

Forza 4 Themed Racing Seat by PlayseatsThe Forza Motorsport 4 Playseat includes a black imitation leather seat with red stitching and a matching Forza 4 insignia on the front and back of the chair. The chassis also folds up for compact and safe storage. Several, more costly, bundles are available for purchase which contain the required pedals and steering wheel.

The Dirt 3 Playseat includes a solid frame and slide proof pedal holder to ensure you have a genuine racing experience without the added worry of a trembling seat. The seat itself includes a folding mechanism to allow all users a perfect fit seat. You can adjust the height, length and depth of the seat to suit personal taste. The seat and frame are both adorned with a Dirt 3 design to match the game.

The Juan Pablo Montoya Playseat was designed with ultimate comfort in mind and includes an exclusive theme based on Montoya’s #42 Formula One race car. The seat includes a suede fabric and synthetic leather reinforcements to ensure it remains secure under heavy use. A removable seat back and base cushions combined with side bolster head protection provide additional features that you won’t find in other Playseat models.

Of course, there are plenty of other models available like the Formula One series, the Alcantara, A1GP and Takuma Sato.
Gran Turismo 5 Themed Seat

Purchase Your Playseat Now

We don’t need to explain why the Playseats are such a splendid accessory for console and PC racing games. Finally, you can experience what’s it is like to be a driver behind the wheel of a race car. Sure, the rumbling sound of the engine is missing, and so is the actual race course, but at least now you won’t be sitting on your couch with a controller.

You can browse and purchase the Playseats model of your choice through the official website or through Amazon. We’ve included some relevant Amazon links below.

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