The Sexiest Smart Watch of All

by Thea 0

The iPod classic Nano looks much better than any current device in wearable tech.

The smart watch trend is really catching on fast. Almost every watch maker has tried to manufacture their own version of a smart and a wearable device that also tells you the time. Looking at some of the devices, however, makes me nostalgic. The ’11 iPod Nano, no longer in production, came with a strap-on watchband made of metal. Just thinking about that iPod makes me long for an Apple smart watch. Despite any of the obvious constraints of an Apple smart watch, I’d be willing to wager that it would certainly be a sight better than the wearable computing devices of today.

The smart watch devices in the market today feel like clumsy hardware cobbled together in a haste to bring about an innovation of some kind. Quite needless really, Apple had such a device back in2011. They just didn’t know it. Apple’s classic Nano is the ideal combo of glass, metal, and watch. The stylish gunmetal hex watchband or Apple’s sturdy design element, it’s hard to decide which exerts the major appeal over me. The classic Nano feels more progressive and smart watch like than the devices hitting the market today.

Strictly speaking, the smart watch designs of today are unattractive and very cumbersome. The pebble carries itself well to some extent, but most of the remaining ones are just plain boring. The Sony smart watch pebble does hold some value but the device interface is anything but crisp. Not something you’d want to see in a smart watch. The Nano as a smart watch brings greater productivity to the table, albeit with a few limitations of its own. It lets you do all the usual activities without much of a bother, it tells you the time, it has an unusually long battery life and excellent watch faces that go all the way from classic look to full-out nerd. Running track integration with a Nike pedometer, FM radio, are you sold yet?

Although, it is not exactly water-resistant. And all music needs to come via iTunes. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also sadly absent. Even then, the Apple smart watch is a great performer in other normal watch operations. Although, using a watch that is always in offline mode does slightly defeat the purpose of having a smart watch in the first place. But needless to say that the Apple design still, somehow feels just about right as a smart watch.

The desire to see a proper Apple smart watch is greatly intensified. Imagine an Apple smart watch on your wrist. A watch with Bluetooth and notification settings. A true Apple design for a smart watch. Apple has been at the fore of innovative new technology. But for some reason the boys in Cupertino are choosing to ignore the smart watch trend for now. However, seeing the ever increasing number of such devices in the market, it is safe to assume that other makers are simply cashing in big sums with this trend. It should not be too much to hope that Apple finally decides to do something about this lack of initiative in smart watch segment and give the customers what they want. An Apple smart watch. Is that too much to ask?

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