Things to Watch Out For While Creating Your Own Branded App

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The smartphone is the preferred device for most users today. The increase in the overall number of devices in the market today can be attributed to the applications that have become an integral part of the smartphone experience. Apps add great value and increase the productivity and potential of the device. Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows, a wide variety of platforms are all basing their core marketing strategy around the availability of apps. Apps have proven to be great crowd pullers.

The smartphones have found a wide variety of uses with the public. Most users prefer to use their smartphones for shopping and marketing purposes. With a new and lucrative marketing avenue opening up, businesses are increasingly looking to harness the potential of apps. Having a dedicated app for your business is a great way to go one up over your competition. The branded apps are a customer’s direct link to their retailers.

Recent studies corroborate the popularity enjoyed by the apps among users. Compared to the previous winter, app usage has multiplied almost six times. Seasoned shoppers too prefer using retailers’ mobile apps now more than ever. The heavy market potential notwithstanding, many businesses have been unable to fully utilize this potential. Let’s have a look at why some company apps are proving to be faulty.

•    Similar to the website: Any app that is simply too much of an image of its website is a gross waste of developer’s time and resource. Customers who use the mobile apps need their app to suit their on-the-go needs. Mobile-only functions that enhance the users overall experience are a real must.

•    Neglecting the rules: The Apple iTunes store imposes a lot of daunting rules on its developers. Most new applications routinely run afoul these rules. Make a careful assessment of Apple’s rules so as to ensure viability of the app before you invest your resources in it.

•    Ignoring the Brand Value: The app essentially needs to be a virtual extension of the of the company’s brand. But it is also very crucial that the companies don’t lose sight of the identity of the brand. The app needs to keep visual consistency with the major aspects of the brand.

•    Overlooking privacy: Despite the immense marketing capabilities of the app, it is also crucial for businesses to respect the user’s privacy. Apps need to be selective about collecting certain personal data from the users. A disclosure of data clause and the user’s explicit permission become completely essential.

•    Assuming the availability of an audience: Proper evaluation of the target audience is the key to the apps success. Most apps fall into the trap of believing that their apps will hits millions of downloads right from the word ‘GO!’ This sort of miscalculation may result in your app being one of the, nearly half a million ‘Zombie’ apps that hardly anyone wants to download. The app needs to be able to cater to some unfulfilled need of the user.

Be very careful in evaluating your apps reach and some of the other aspects mentioned above. The apps success may also determine the take-off capabilities of any future apps. Also you need to be mindful of the impact the app will need to have on your business.

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