Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions

by The Tech Labs 3

Google Chrome is becoming increasingly popular and is set to take over from Internet Explorer as the most used web browser. One of the aspects of Chrome that attracts users is the extensions that it offers. There are thousands of different options, from ones that aid online productivity to ones that make retro games appear on your screen with a click of your mouse. Below is a list of some of the extensions that I found entertaining or useful.

It is in man’s nature to sniff out deals and offers. It’s what we’re good at! Well you can make finding that deal a whole lot easier by adding this handy extension to your toolbar. When you visit your shopping site click on the Deals Plus icon and a bar will appear at the top of the page telling you how many coupons and deals there are for the site. You can then click on these to see exactly what deals and offers are available, saving you both time and money.

Chrome Tunes

Chrome Tunes is a great way to listen to music while you surf the web so if you’re someone who uses most of their broadband usage on streaming music on YouTube then this one is for you. All you need to do is click on the icon in your toolbar, then search for the song you want. The extension will then find all the related videos on YouTube and bring up a list of all the relevant versions of that song. It only plays the audio, so you can click play and then carry on browsing.

Chrome Extensions3DTin

3DTin is a 3D modelling program that you could find dangerously addictive! It takes a fair bit of practice but once you get the hang of it you can build 3D models of cars, cartoon characters or robots. A brilliantly grown up way to bring out your inner child.

You Are Awesome

There are some extremely technical extensions that can increase your online productivity, or ones that can entertain you for hours on end. You Are Awesome is neither of these, but it is a fun little app that can give you a nice confidence boost. Simply click on the smiley face icon and it will pay you a compliment. This may come in handy when you realise you’ve wasted an entire day surfing the web!

Feedly xt

Feedly xt is a great organisational extension that could save you a lot of browsing hours. The basic premise of this is to organise the websites you visit into a compact magazine like style. You can select a number of your often visited sites and organise the articles on those sites to appear in one place, meaning that you don’t have to individually visit each site to get your information. Everything will be in one place and very easy to find.

Urban Dictionary Search

The Urban Dictionary is a source of reference for the definition of modern slang words. So in the event that you urgently need to know what a ‘yelpie’ is, or you’d like to know what your wife means when she says you’re having a ‘mantrum’, there is now an easy, quick way to find out.

Xbox LIVE Dashboard

Now you don’t even need to be on your Xbox to log in to the dashboard. You can keep up with your online friends and reply to messages when you’re supposed to be doing work. This can be handy when replying to messages because typing long sentences using the Xbox controller can be an arduous and frustrating process!

Panic Button

Sneaking a peak at the football results in work? Shopping for a birthday present for your partner or kids? Well this is the extension for you. With just one click of the panic button icon all of the pages you are viewing will disappear leaving no trace of what you’ve been looking at. Once the threat has gone you can click the panic button again and all of your pages will return.

Quick Earth

This is a fantastic extension that can keep you occupied for hours. You can travel the whole world in one click of your mouse. Simply type in where you want to go and you will be transported in an instant. 3D layouts are available so you can check out the skyscrapers in New York or take a journey over the stunning views of Mount Everest.

AppJump App Launcher And Organiser

This is the extension you need to organise all your other extensions! While Chrome’s extensions are great, your toolbar can start to look a bit cluttered when you have too many of them. All the icons are quite small and it’s very easy to forget what icon has which function. With AppJump you can sort all of your apps and extensions into groups in order for you to access them more easily.

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