4 Advantages to Using a Broadband Dongle

by The Tech Labs 3

If you’re currently a mobile broadband internet user connecting to the internet through another means, or if you are just planning to be a mobile internet user but don’t know how to connect, using a mobile broadband dongle might be one of the best ways to connect to the internet.

I have been connecting to the internet using mobile dongles alone for years now, and I have used a lot of dongles within that period. That has allowed me to study how these dongles work, and in this article I will be giving you 4 major advantages of using a broadband dongle.

It is Portable

The number one advantage to using a broadband dongle is its portability. If you decide to use other forms of broadband modems you will be restricted in the sense that you can hardly take the modem anywhere you want without it being a problem. Since most dongles are just as small as a USB flash disk you can easily plug your dongle into your USB port and enjoy access to the internet without having to worry.

It is Universal

Another major advantage to using a broadband dongle is that it is universal. By being universal, I mean it can be used with as many providers as possible. A lot of ISPs don’t lock their dongles to their own network alone, and even if your ISP locks your dongle to their network you can easily get tutorials online on how to unlock it.

There are very few modems that could be used with numerous ISPs, and I think that’s a great thing about the mobile broadband dongle since you don’t have to be buying new modems anytime you need a new ISP.

It Delivers Better Latency Since it is Direct

The broadband dongle also provides faster access to the internet because it is connected directly. If you decide to tether your mobile phone with your computer wirelessly the speed you get will be somehow affected due to the fact that it has been shared wirelessly. With a broadband dongle, you have nothing to worry about since it is connected directly to your USB port.

Speed matters a lot when it comes to choosing devices, and the broadband dongle is one of the few devices you can connect to your computer without having to worry about its portability.

It is More Secure as Your Data Can’t be Sniffed

The final advantage to using a broadband dongle is that it is highly secure. When it comes to using the internet, security is very important, and that is why it is important to be careful with any form of wireless network. If you connect to the internet through a broadband dongle you have nothing to worry about since the dongle is connected directly to your computer. Data can easily be sniffed over a wireless network, but with a dongle you can be assured of the security of your network always.

If your prime focus when it comes to using an internet connection is security, using a broadband dongle might be a smart decision.

This is a guest post by Paul, an expert who give tips on how to choose a mobile broadband dongle.

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  1. Unlike using a cell phone, the dongle can be placed at the end of a long USB cable, then positioned (near to a window?) for better broadband reliability & speed. It does not use the battery of the cell phone either.

  2. Great points here. Thanks for sharing. There are plenty of options of internet providers,it can be for broadband or wi fi. Choice depends on your need. If you are on the go and always in need of reliable internet connection , portable broadband dongle is the best choice.

  3. The best and foremost beneficial advantage of using broadband dongle to connect to the internet is that it provides you with better internet speeds. Most modems available today only provide you with a few megabytes of data per seconds, whereas the case is different with  dongles.

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