5 Apps That Will Keep Your Bank Account in The Black

by The Tech Labs 1

Keeping track of your personal finances has never been easier with applications that track your funds. There are several great apps that allow you to see your bank accounts at a glance, and quickly manage your money from the palm of your hand. See what percentage of your money goes toward food, transportation and housing expenses. Never again worry about a bounced check with the five apps that keep your bank account in the black.


Arguably the most comprehensive financial management app, Mint keeps meticulous track of all of your finances. Link your savings and checking accounts to this app and see real-time updating of all of your transactions. Add in your credit cards and keep track of payments and interest. Set a budget based on dollar amounts of percentages, and Mint will make sure you stick to it. This application also keeps track of your retirement and investment accounts.

Personal Finance ManagementRedLaser

This app uses the camera on your device to scan bar codes of items before you purchase. Compare prices at nearby stores for the best deals as you shop. Save money on a wide range of items, from groceries to housewares and more. RedLaser will help you keep cash in your pocket by letting you save your hard- earned dollars.


This app is designed for users who like the “pen and paper” style of budgeting. With nifty categories for every budget item, Smart Budget allows you to set up a budget that works for you. Allocate funds for different categories and track exactly where your money is going. Enter your income and expenditures and let the app do the rest. With a free trial, this app is definitely worth a try.


Similar to a checkbook register, Spendings’ program adds and subtracts your debits and credits, making it simple for you to keep track of your spending. Set up to 10 budgets at a time, and set aside funds for savings with this cool app. Its minimalist design makes it user-friendly and easy to read.

My Weekly Budget

BudgetAs the name suggests, My Weekly Budget helps you keep track of your budget from week to week. This app allows you to create custom reports. View what percentage of your funds is spent on each category at a glance. Get reminders of bills due and notifications when your account balance is low. My Weekly Budget is a great app for someone who is looking to streamline their budgeting with a simple app.

Personal finance apps make sure your account never goes in the red. With apps that track your spending and even help find the best credit card rates, you can manage your money quickly and easily.

This guest post was brought to you by Sam Peters, a blogger focusing on personal finance and managing your credit. She also specializes in helping people find the best credit card rates.

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