Top 15 Google Chrome Web Store Games

by Briley 4

Google’s Chrome browser isn’t all business; it can be used to play hundreds of free Chrome games thanks to the Chrome web store. There are Google Chrome games for everyone at the Google Chrome web store from nearly every genre, including casual, puzzle, role-playing, strategy, action and platform type games.

Just like any app store or market, sorting through the huge list of titles on the Chrome web store can be a bit daunting, because with so many choices available it can be difficult to simply choose.

The Google Chrome games may be free, but it’s easy to waste plenty of precious gameplay time trying out games that are not fun, or just plain suck. We’ve made it easier to choose by playing a few games, wasting some time and narrowing the choice down to a list of the Top 15 Google Chrome games available on the Chrome web store.

Top 15 Google Chrome Games

All games on this list can be played directly via the Google Chrome web browser using WebGL (Java based technology). Anyone interested in playing any one of these games simply needs to sign in to an active Google account and visit the Chrome web store page to download and install the game.

After the games have been downloaded from the Chrome web store and installed players can access the game via the Chrome browser application page.

The application page can be accessed by opening the Chrome browser and selecting the “apps” tab at the bottom of the window.

Angry Birds

Chrome GamesAngry Birds, which is the first game on our list, is not included in the Top 15 even though it’s one of the best games available on the Chrome web store. We felt it would be best to allow some other games the chance to be in the spotlight, but Angry Birds still deserves a mention. Angry Birds has been downloaded over 300 million times across many different platforms including, but not limited to, Android, iPhone and of course the PC.

Angry Birds offers hours of fun and physics based gameplay as players launch tons of irate birds at evil green piggies. If you’ve never played Angry Birds before, now is your chance – it’s available completely free via the Google Chrome web store.

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Top Google Chrome Games

Chrome Games #15 – WarTime

WarTimeWarTime is a browser based MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy).

Players choose one of four factions (North, South, East, West) and are then plummeted into the game world. The game plays as a very slow strategy clone, similar to many popular online RTS games on mobile devices (Android, iPhone).

All structures, units and tasks take an extensive amount of time to complete which means WarTime is NOT a sit-down for hours and play game. It’s best to periodically revisit the game to micro-manage opportunities and build a powerful base. This limits what the player can do when first starting the game, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The invested time is what makes this game a great candidate to play for most with a busy schedule. Many folks can remain productive while systematically checking the game for progress; that is, they can queue many tasks, and leave the game to finish progress in the background while doing work, or playing something else.

Of course, as with most online RTS games there is a certain push to invest real money in order to speed up game progress. There is no need to invest any money at all however, and players can enjoy the game as it is – so long as they are patient.

It’s worth noting that game and account registration is completely free with a valid e-mail address, which is subsequently used to login at future dates.

Wartime Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #14 – Star Legends

Star Legends is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game from the creators of Pocket Legends. Star Legends borrows many features and gameplay mechanics from modern MMORPGs. In fact, the game is played almost exactly like a modern MMORPG with players completing quests and leveling characters in a futuristic space environment.

Star Legends

Players choose from one of three available classes (Commando, Operative, Engineer) that are set to perform special abilities and certain roles in a party comprised entirely of other players. Players can group together in parties to complete quests, and missions to earn exclusive loot and rewards.

The game is available via the Google Chrome browser but is also available on mobile devices, which means player accounts are cross-platform compatible. Any progress made while playing on a PC also reflects progress on mobile devices.

Star Legends Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #13 – Call of Gods

Call of GodsCall of Gods is a browser-based MMORPG/RTS type game. Players start by choosing one of several different divine classes and are then tasked with raising an army to gain power.

Players complete quests by recruiting troops, participating in battles and interacting with other players socially. The combat system and game battles are presented in a real time turn based environment. Players take turn moving troops across a battlefield to attack or defend against enemies. Battles can also be decided by special abilities that are given to characters as they level up. Certain equipment and buff items can be purchased for use during battle to increase player and troop statistics.

It’s worth noting that game and account registration is completely free with a valid e-mail address, which is subsequently used to login at future dates.

Call of Gods Chrome web store page

Chrome Games#12 – Creatures & Castles

Creatures and Castles

Creatures and Castles is an action puzzle game that allows players to experience a unique treasure hunting adventure.

Players designate which way they would like the character to travel through a level by scrolling their mouse. The pre-determined path is then set in motion and players must watch the character navigate a level and its many dangers through that same path. If the character collects all the treasures in the level and escapes alive the player moves on to the next level.

The game gets increasingly more difficult as levels begin to include more traps and enemies, and players must also use unique items to collect all the treasure and move on.

Happy treasure hunting!

Creatures and Castles Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #11 – Edgeworld

EdgeworldEdgeworld is an MMORTS in the same vein as WarTime, however Edgeworld incorporates tower defense and real time combat into the mix.

Players build a base, and fortify it with defenses; they then must defend their base using tower defense mechanics to earn rewards and progress in the game.

Unlike WarTime players are not required to wait extensive periods of time for fortifications and structures to complete building, so players can continue playing Edgeworld for greater periods.

Edgeworld Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #10 – Lord of Ultima

Lord of UltimaLord of Ultima is a browser-based strategy game based on the Electronic Arts title Ultima.

Like other browser based strategy and RTS games, Ultima is an MMO but emphasizes more single player gameplay than most others.

Players start off constructing a single city and building it from the ground up, and have the option later to expand by building more cities. In order to expand and continue building, players must collect various resources. A common strategy is to use third party programs or applications to maximize a city’s resource gain which is collected on a per-hour basis.

Players can join alliances and interact socially, which is practically required to complete the game’s main objective by becoming “Lord of Ultima”.

Lord of Ultima Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #9 – Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad GodRealm of the Mad God is an online multiplayer RPG that introduces shooter elements into gameplay.

Players take control of one of several different classes (nothing original here) but level up their characters and collect loot in the normal RPG fashion by shooting enemies in ranged combat.

Players can group socially and work together in groups of up to “85” to fight powerful monsters. All of this can be done via the Google Chrome browser in beautiful 8 bit graphics.

Realm of the Mad God Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #8 – Dead Frontier

Dead FrontierDead Frontier is a survival horror MMORPG that takes place in a world destroyed by none other than a zombie invasion! Who doesn’t want to shoot zombies?

Players can wield a wide range of weapons from melee, to ranged combat types to help fight off hordes of the undead. Socially players can also group together to complete quests and missions and grow in post-apocalyptic power.

There is also a unique PVP system that allows players to match wits against one another using their customized characters and weapons.

Dead Frontier Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #7 – Pocket Legends

Pocket LegendsPocket Legends is a massively online multiplayer game from the same developers as “Star Legends”.

The game itself plays nearly identical to Star Legends (Pocket Legends came first however) with exception to the environment and settings. All gameplay takes place in a fantasy world thriving with all types of animals and wildlife – but in Pocket Legends the wildlife can talk.

Players interact socially with one another, group to complete quests and defeat enemies and level characters in the traditional RPG fashion.

The game is available via the Google Chrome browser but is also available on mobile devices, which means player accounts are cross-platform compatible. Any progress made while playing on a PC also reflects progress on mobile devices.

Pocket Legends Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #6 – DarkOrbit

Dark OrbitDarkOrbit is an MMO space shooter that encourages players to explore vast galactic and space environments.

Players completely customize spaceships, and are allowed up to ten total spacecraft to control. With an unlimited supply of ammunition, and equipment players can explore an entire universe and fend for themselves in an unpredictable world.

Players can also interact socially, fight one another via a unique PVP system or work together to complete quests and objectives.

DarkOrbit Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #5 – Cargo Bridge

Cargo BridgeCargo Bridge is a unique puzzle game that challenges players to build bridges using minute pieces. The bridge must be sustained as workers travel across the bridge and collect items in each level, which are then transported back to a shop. If a bridge collapses before the workers can collect all the items then the player simply fails and must try again.

Each level has a set amount of money the player can spend to build the bridge or bridges, herein lies the challenge as the player must use the supplied resources to complete levels.

Cargo Bridge Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #4 – Isle of Tune

Isle of TuneIsle of Tune is a unique browser-based music game that uses music to create an artistic and urban appeal. Players create street layouts complete with buildings and traffic that pulsates with the beats and melodies of music.

The pulsating layout creation is recorded along with the music and can be uploaded for others to enjoy.

Isle of Tune Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #3 – Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of AtlantisDragons of Atlantis is an MMORTS that blends real time strategy, and social opportunities to create a browser based game.

Like the other RTS games on the list Dragons of Atlantis requires players to collect resources and construct an empire. Players must then battle it out in a large scale world to prove their power and strength.

Dragons of Atlantis Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #2 – Monster Dash

Monster DashMonster Dash is a simple action platform game that encourages players to get the best score possible by repetition.

Players take control of Barry Steakfries as he runs and guns his way across several different worlds and through several enemy types. The game permanently scrolls sideways picking up speed as the level progresses and players must simply jump gaps and obstacles all while shooting enemies.

Monster Dash Chrome web store page

Chrome Games #1 – Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs ZombiesPlants vs Zombies is an outrageously zany action strategy meets tower defense game. Players use several different types of plant weapons (yes, weapons made of plants) to fend off a cartoony zombie horde.

The game is pretty much that simple, use plant weapons to kill all the attacking zombies. The game gets increasingly more difficult as different zombie types begin to attack that have varying strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.

Plants vs Zombies Chrome web store page

Google Chrome Games and Apps

There you have it, 15 of the best Google Chrome games all available to download and play for free! Anyone interested in the best applications available for free should check out the article on Chrome Extensions no one should live without.

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