Improve Your Music Listening Experience on The Go

by Thea 0

Smart phones have clearly replaced music players. However, to get the maximum output from your smart phone, sometimes you have to go beyond the factory settings and pre-loaded apps. Here are a few tricks, tips and new apps that can improve the quality of your smart phone’s playback capabilities.

– Upgrading the inbuilt music player: If you have an Android device then you know that the default player is good for nothing. However, the Play store has many alternatives that will definitely improve your music experience. One such app is the PowerAMP. The handy equalizer, large file compatibility list and the many options for customization make this one a great app for music lovers. If you are using iOS then most people prefer the default player only but if you need some change then the Panamp app is one of the top picks. Another app is Track 8 that has the elegance of Zune.

Music on Smart Phones– Use streaming apps to supplement your music: Streaming services that are offered by most of the apps are still in their infancy stage owing to the large data transfers that they require, but still they are a good alternative to your music playlists and you must give them a try. Streaming apps can be the second best thing after your music libraries. One such fine example is from the technology giant Google. Google music is an awesome way to have a secondary library and that too free of cost. The Amazon Cloud Player is another beautiful streaming option that you have and it works marvelously on iOS as well as Android. To listen to music that you do not own, you will have to subscribe to apps like Rdio or Spotify that have a monthly rent.

– Listen to podcasts: Music is not just the only thing you can listen to and enjoy through your smart phone. Podcasts are another treat for your ears. If you have a nice app on your phone then the experience of listening to podcasts enhances significantly. For iOS, you have Downcast and for Android devices you have Doggcatcher. You can create custom playlists on both of these apps according to your tastes and you also have a series of playlists that are topic based.

Popular Music Apps– Use a nice pair of headgear: Rarely do we use the speakers of our smart phone to listen to music so a good headphone is a must for anybody who likes to enjoy music on the go. The problem is that apart from few models, smart phones do not come with a good headgear and you will need something better than the bundled piece. When it comes to noise cancellation, nothing can beat the full size headphones that are worn on the head. However, they cannot be sported by all and definitely not carried wherever you want to go. So ear buds are the best choice for on the go music listening. If you are looking for a cheap pair then Monoprice 8320s is a nice option, however, your search for a good headphone will end only with an expensive pair.

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