Minecraft is Coming to a Bookstore or Newsstand Near You

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Minecraft is one seriously addictive game, that will have you wasting away hours on building project after building project. Sure it may not have the fanciest graphics around, and it may not always be the most exciting thing to talk about (except for when a creeper sneaks up on you), but there’s no denying that it is incredibly fun to play.

Minecraft contains no questionable content, which makes it an excellent game for people of all ages. So it comes as no surprise then that Minecraft will soon be adapted for classic book and magazine publications.


Minecraft for Xbox 360 Box Art

Minecraft Coming to Books And Magazines

Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, have struck a deal with Egmont Publishing to take the game into ink form. Considering Minecraft has amassed a fan base of 43 million registered users, it is not a stretch to predict that a lot of those fans would love to see a monthly Minecraft magazine or comic.

Currently, there are no details on specifics yet. Meaning, we won’t know for a while if Egmont will be releasing books, walkthrough style products, Minecraft themed comics or even a regular magazine issue. One thing is for sure though, there will always be content to print in a Minecraft ink series due to the game’s endless possibilities of projects and scenarios.

Since its release, Minecraft has been modded several times to include Pokemon, dinosaurs and fossils, extreme weather effects including tornadoes, and much, much more.

A comic or magazine series based on the game could stimulate these ideas or develop them even more.

Minecraft: the Inked Version Will Be Available Outside The US Only

The publishing rights for the upcoming Minecraft publications, whatever they may end up being, are only available outside the United States.

An Egmont representative gave TechCrunch the following statement:

“No information on publishing programme/target audience yet as the deal is freshly inked – I can confirm we will be launching next year though. We are working closely with Mojang and with Minecraft enthusiasts to create a range of products that will deliver extra depth and breadth of content to engage and inspire fans and to enhance the experience of playing Minecraft. Minecraft excites and inspires millions of kids around the world and their appetite for content is obvious from the huge success of the online tutorials posted by passionate fans.”

Minecraft For Xbox 360 - Exploring The Nether

Judging by the reps response, Egmont understands that they have an opportunity to improve the world of Minecraft by extending the material into print form. Hopefully instead of just aiming to make money with a cheap Minecraft comic, they’ll create some truly remarkable things with the brand.

Carl Manneh, CEO of Mojang made a statement on the deal, as well.

“We’re excited to partner with Egmont to bring Minecraft to a new format. With the help of the amazing Minecraft community, we’re confident that we can help create intriguing content.”

It’s obvious that both parties want to enhance the Minecraft brand, albeit in the traditional pen and ink format.

This is Not The First Content Deal Egmont Has Been Involved With

Egmont Publishing also recently struck a deal with Rovio, creators of the madly popular Angry Bird franchise.

Angry Birds was originally a mobile game that was available only for selected phone models. Now, just like Minecraft, it has transcended into gaming consoles, substantial children’s toys and print form.

Minecraft for Xbox 360- Steve Riding in a MinecartMinecraft was an indie game at launch, and despite its tremendous success is still considered to be by many fans. Developed by a single man known to the world as Notch, Minecraft received several updates and eventually became the enormous success that it is now.

There is no doubt about the fact that Mojang is trying to monetize heavily with the brand. Minecraft now exists on mobile platforms, gaming consoles and will soon be available in print form. In addition, Mojang has a remarkably broad line of merchandise including toys and clothing inspired by the game.

Every year, Mojang even holds a conference called Minecon that is essentially for Minecraft fans.

It is quite difficult to ignore the success that Minecraft has become, and a new publication of any kind will certainly boost that success even more. Imagine what will happen when children read Minecraft themed books growing up, and then finally get their hands on the game.

We want to believe that fireworks will erupt everywhere when it happens. Those lucky, lucky children.

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