Mobile Gaming Marketing Set to Reach $100 Billion by 2017

by The Tech Labs 1

The advent of online gambling has proven quite profitable for the gambling industry. Currently, it’s worth millions, a situation that has grown exponentially since the proliferation of Smartphones. Now, instead of staying at home to gamble on your laptop or desktop, you can do so with great ease with your Smartphone, instead.

The mobile casino has promised to do great things for the gambling industry’s profits. Experts estimate the market to be worth over $100 billion dollars by 2017, which shows some staggering increases. This article aims to find out why exactly mobile gambling is so popular.

A vast, increasing market

Surveys show that 85 per cent of Canadians – which adds up to 26 million people – use a cellphone. And 45 per cent of these people use Smartphones. On top of this, 85 per cent of Smartphone users download apps, most of which are games.

With this huge, staggering market that is continuing to grow in not only Canada, but across the world, Smartphone design is now being catered to for people who like playing games with sites like Kerching Casino. Seizing the opportunity, gambling companies have designed and sold a vast number of mobile gambling games.

Fool-proof concept

Gambling on its own has succeeded throughout the ages, with never-ending popularity across the globe. But mobile technology allows people to take gambling beyond where it could go before, using the technology to make gambling of all stripes become instantly available to the individual player.

The variety of options is simply dizzying: from adventure games to online casinos, any one person can find something that will appeal to them.

China is estimated to generate $11 billion in gambling apps this year alone.

Incredible ease

The software used is hard to fault. Players can have a quick session of poker on the train to work, sharpening up their skills wherever they are. They can also link up their bank accounts straight to their player accounts, allowing hassle-free transactions.

As with most normal games, gambling games first allow players to try out a free version of their games, to see if they enjoy the feel of it. If they do, they can then pay for upgrades and full versions of the game.

What does it take?

Each country’s laws on gambling are different. So, companies must perform in-depth research into laws and tax regulations before heading in. Most countries tax the gambling industry a lot, which increases the popularity of gambling in communities everywhere, as they get to enjoy the benefits of extra tax income.

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