Pioneering Lithium-Ion Batteries – 30 Percent More Power And 1000 Times Faster Recharge

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What if you could use your cell phone battery power to ignite your car engine? If scientists from the University of Illinois are to be believed, they have developed what is described as superpower avatars of ordinary Lithium-ion batteries. These revolutionary new cells give Lithium-ion batteries 30 percent more power storage and make them 1000 times faster in charging gadgets.

The Need For Better, Power Retaining Batteries

Ordinary lithium-iron batteries were painfully slow to charge devices and lagged behind when it came to retaining battery power. As a result, they stuck out of smart gadget systems like sore thumbs and affected their performance negatively. In this super fast lifestyle, lithium-ion batteries were losing their sheen due to their technical issues. This is the time of speed and everyone wants to use batteries that bring more speed to their daily life. Ordinary Lithium –ion batteries needed to change and change fast, if they cared for a place in the competition.

It was important to develop a new type of cells that could minimize the power loss of lithium-ion cells and prove to be compatible with high ended gadgets. Hence a new battery was developed that carried improved cell composition and components.

The Science Behind The Super Batteries

Every battery has a Cathode and an Anode, the charge exchange points of the cell. It also has an electrolyte that acts as the source and medium of exchange. If the components of the battery were alerted, the battery itself behaved differently. This is what the team of scientists made in the laboratory.

Professor William King, head of the research team, reported that the application of advanced micro technology had made all the difference in the power storage capacity of these batteries. In this breakthrough battery model, scientists used a miniature version of the Anode and Cathode in a micro scaled environment. This immediately proved to be a performance booster.

This new battery is meant for the next generation of gadgets and gives a new lease of life to Lithium-ion cells.

Applications Of The New Battery

Scientists are busy making this battery adapt to modern gadgets. You can expect to use this fast charging and power storing battery in a couple of years. While it becomes more affordable and accessible, it also makes radios and tablets faster and more effective. In gadgets like these, the batteries could replace the capacitors with no harmful effect on the circuits. Personal electronics, like Smartphones or laptops, also gain by these batteries.

Similarly, commercial uses of the battery are touted to be super-successful. Solar power operated appliances can now store the power longer, almost over-night. This brings down electricity costs. Battery operated cars could become a more practical transport option since these batteries support heavy electronic devices effortlessly.

Among other things, plug-and-play devices could now be directly run by these batteries. Moreover, the time spent on recharging these items is drastically reduced.

With such large capacity for power storage and swift-recharge feature, the latest lithium-ion batteries are the latest talk of the scientific and consumer world. It is only a matter of time that these batteries completely outnumber other cells in the consumer market.

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