The Humble Bundle For Android 4 is a Phenomenal Deal!

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Indie games are so popular lately, that indie bundles are everywhere! Some of the bundles have a flat fee, but the best ones are “pay what you want”. In the “pay what you want” deals, you can choose your own price, practically any amount, for the entire bundle.

Most indie games that are included in these bundles have a corresponding Steam or Desura key. All you have to do after purchasing a bundle, is enter the corresponding game key within the right digital distribution platform, and it will automatically download your new game. The games are also typically offered DRM free, which means you don’t have to worry about pesky security measures or software protection.

This means you’re free to put the game on several computers, that you own, without fear of losing access to the game in question. Of course, it’s still illegal to give the game away or upload it to file sharing sites, but that’s a different matter altogether.

Usually, when we come across a reputable indie bundle, we let our readers know. Obviously, with all this talk of indie bundles, we must have come across one.

The latest Humble Bundle for Android offers a terrific selection of Android games. If you don’t own an Android smartphone, there’s no need to worry because when you purchase this bundle you also receive Steam keys so that you can retrieve the games through Steam.

The only exception to this offer is with the game Waking Mars, which is currently only available for Android. It will be coming to Steam eventually, and when it does all bundle owners will receive a Steam key for it too.

The Humble Bundle For Android 4

Humble Bundle For Android 4

The Humble Bundle for Android 4 includes six fantastic games that are available on both Android smartphones and computers (PC and Mac).

One game in particular is worth the investment, but the rest are nothing to sneeze at either. If anything, buy the bundle just so you can experience Sword & Sworcery because it is a phenomenal game.

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

Sword & Sworcery is the number one reason to buy the Humble Bundle for Android 4. The unique aesthetics and compelling gameplay are just as good, if not better, than most AAA titles currently available.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style. Traverse a mythic little realm, use a sword to do battle & evoke sworcery to solve mystical musical mysteries. Co-operate with friends via Twitter, experience a videogame world that is affected by moon phases & help a wandering warrior monk complete her woeful errand.

You can see more about Sword and Sworcery on Steam.


Splice is an experimental and artistic puzzler. Immerse yourself in its microbial world and start splicing! Every level (“strand”) consists of a number of cells that you will need to rearrange into a target structure in several moves (“splices”). Exploration and experimentation are key in determining how the curious little cells react to each other. Predict the sequence of splices you’ll have to make in order to successfully arrange each strand. Re-sequence, mutate, and splice your way through this unique puzzle experience, and you’ll exercise your ability to visualize sequential series of shapes over time. Solve your way to the final strands and you’ll be left with a heady sense of mental accomplishment!

You can see more about Splice on Steam.


Eufloria is absolutely gorgeous whether you’re playing on a mobile device or your computer. The visuals alone are awe inspiring, and considering the gameplay is also fun, it offers just another reason to buy the Humble Bundle.



Eufloria is an ambient game of space exploration and conquest that employs surprising themes of plant growth and bio mechanical evolution.

The game allows the player to explore a beautifully realized universe rendered in a style that is both unique and compelling. Eufloria’s aesthetics are reminiscent of children’s books like “the little prince” and the gameplay is supported by an original ambient soundtrack by Brian Grainger.

Gameplay revolves around conquering asteroids in space and using their resources to literally grow and nurture new semi-organic plants and creatures to do the player’s bidding.

The player is pitched again several teams of AI opponents that all vie for the same resources and can offer fierce opposition.

You can see more about Eufloria on Steam.

Waking Mars

Waking Mars is a one-of-a-kind adventure in which you jetpack through subterranean Mars encountering a host of extraordinary alien lifeforms that operate as a living, breathing ecosystem. Learn and master the behaviors of these creatures to create ecosystems of your own design if you are to survive and discover the secrets of Mars’ past.

You can see more about Waking Mars via the official website.

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Crayon Physics Deluxe is a 2D physics puzzle / sandbox game, in which you get to experience what it would be like if your drawings would be magically transformed into real physical objects. Solve puzzles with your artistic vision and creative use of physics.

You can see more about Crayon Physics Deluxe on Steam.

Beat The Average Price & Get Machinarium Too

If you beat the average purchase price, which is listed at the time you purchase the bundle, then you will also receive the bonus game Machinarium.

We’ve actually promoted Machinarium before in our Indie Game of the Week series. If you need more information about the game be sure to check out the related article.

Humble Bundle For Android 4 is Available Now

The combined price of the entire bundle is $67.94, but you can get all of the games through Humble Bundle for under $10. Of course, you can choose to spend only a $1 on everything, considering you can pay whatever amount you want for the games, but that is quite rude. We recommend at least paying the average bundle price, both so you can support the developers and so you can get the bonus game Machinarium.

Just for reference, here are the retail prices of all the games included in the bundle:

  • Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery: $7.99
  • Splice: $9.99
  • Eufloria: $14.99
  • Crayon Physics Deluxe: $19.99
  • Machinarium: $9.99
  • Waking Mars: $4.99

As of the time of this writing, there are only 13 days left to get the bundle! Hurry up and buy it! Again, you will get all of these games for Android, as well as Steam copies for your computer.

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