Windows 8 Features And Release Date

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Windows 8 Features & Release Date

Windows, being one of the most used OS, brings great challenges for Microsoft to keep its users impressed in the next version of Windows.

Although Windows 7 has done exceptionally well since its release, Microsoft has been constantly working to make the next version of Windows a better one by further improving upon the existing features, and have added new impressive Windows 8 features along with a stunning UI.

Microsoft released the early version of Windows 8 on a prototype tablet last week. Those of you who would like to taste and experience the all new Windows 8, you can download the Developer Preview, which is currently in pre-beta version. The developer version shows off the current stage of the OS. It is available for free download, and comes in three different packages:

  • (1) 64-bit version – Only the OS
  • (2) 32-bit version – Only the OS
  • (3) 64-bit version with developer tools


Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 offers a number of new Windows 8 features from its all new UI to Windows App Store and improvised security features. Here’s a list of new features and improvements which will arrive with Windows 8:

Support for both x86 PCs and ARM tablets

Windows 8 is the first edition of Windows which will work on both ARM based tablets and traditional x86 (as well as x32 and x64) PCs based on ARM processors from Intel and AMD.

“Support for ARM-based chipsets, touch, and sensors makes Windows 8 work beautifully on your choice of a full spectrum of devices, such as 10-inch slates with all-day battery life, ultra-lightweight laptops, and powerful all-in-ones with 27-inch high-definition screens,” Microsoft contends, in a Windows 8 Guide distributed with Windows Developer Preview

Windows To Go

The “Windows To Go” seems to be an exciting feature that basically allows Windows 8 to boot from a USB device (called as Live USB), including user’s programs, settings and files. The feature is designed to work with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and on both legacy NIOS and UDFI firmware. However, Microsoft says that a user will not be able to “Hibernate” with this feature.

Windows 8“Windows To Go is a new feature in Windows 8 that enables enterprise administrators to create USB drives containing complete, managed Windows images that users can use to boot and run Windows on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 capable computer. Windows To Go makes it possible for employees to use a managed device whether they work from home, a client office or in a free seating environment. This session will discuss Windows To Go, its hardware requirements and building compatible and complementary software.”

Another interesting thing about this feature is that, if the USB drive is removed, Windows will automatically freeze, but will continue to operate if the USB drive is inserted back in the next 60 seconds after removal.

Windows Store

To compete with Apple, Windows has confirmed the introduction of a Windows Store, similar to Mac App Store, which allows users to browse through Windows applications, while developers can publish their Metro-style apps on Windows 8 devices.

Few days back, Microsoft gave a strategic view of its app store, and gave a quick demo on how it works. Microsoft revealed that the Windows App Store will be the only place where users can access the Metro-styled apps. Here’s a quick demo that shows how users will be able to buy their apps:

Windows 8 User Interface

Speaking about the UI, Windows 8 certainly has got a mind blowing interactive UI, which has been extensively redesigned to a “Metro-style” design, which shows the most important information to you, embodies simplicity, and gives you full control over it. The UI is designed to provide a fluid and intuitive interaction and navigation with touch, or a mouse and keyboard.

Julie Larson-Green, Corporate Vice President, Windows who stated: “Everything that’s great about Windows 7, is better in Windows 8,” gave a quick hands on look at the Windows 8 user-interface. Here are some of the screenshots she released:

Windows Logon Screen – Unlike the traditional way of entering a password to unlock the screen, Windows 8 can be unlocked by just tapping on the right areas of the screen.

Windows 8 Features
Windows 8 Start Screen – The Start screen is yet another impressive UI. The screen basically groups all your applications together, which you can easily drag and drop, or add new things.

Windows 8 Start Screen
Control Panel

Windows 8 Release Date
Playing Videos in Windows 8

Windows 8
Windows 8 Task Manager

Windows 8 Minimum System Requirements

It is reported that Windows 8 is expected to have the same system requirements as Windows 7, and will run on existing machines that run Windows 7. Here are the following minimum system requirements to run Windows 8:

Processor: 1GHz or faster 32-bit or 64-bit processor

RAM: 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit)

HD Space: 16GB for 32-bit (or 20GB for 64-bit)

Windows 8 & Cloud Computing

It has been reported in the official Microsoft blog that Windows 8 will be tied to Microsoft’s SkyDrive, which will allow users to access their digitally stored data via Windows 8 on their computers, laptops, mobile devices… The industry’s leading cloud computing provider, Rackspace explains exactly how cloud computing works.

Windows 8 Bringing Kinect to Laptops?

Microsoft is also planning to build Kinect sensors into laptops. Prototypes have already been released, and were confirmed to be official. The sensors would be placed where the webcam is currently placed, and there could be an IR LED at the bottom of the screen. If Microsoft techs manage to drive the price of sensors down, it might even become a standard feature. There are also talks of miniaturized Kinect hardware for notebooks.

Windows 8 Release Date

We can expect Windows 8 to be launched sometime in mid-late 2012, however, it’s too early to predict the Windows 8 release date, since it is still under development. Nevertheless, the only question that haunts each and every one of us – Will Windows 8 Microsoft win the battle against Apple which it had lost several years back?

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  1. Hi all. I’ve used Windows for the last years and but in my opinion, it’s not that stable. When I’ve used win XP, I was getting “blue screen”, in windows 7 if I open more application it always crashes, says windows explorer is is not responding. If I click refresh several times, even if i don’t have any app open it crashes. Anyway, I am still using it because it’s fast and I can do whatever I want. I’ve also used a MAC pro for a few months. I had a lot of compatibility issues. It’s nice, has a very nice interface, has a console “which i love it” but it’s not that reliable. Most of people are working on a PC and need a lot of programs to do their work, not to search for compatibility and waste their time. Also, with 500-700$ you can make a monster PC and it can run everything you want (latest games, latest applications, movies, 3D HD etc etc) Instead, if you want the same configuration on a Apple or MAC, the price will be at least 1500$ not 700. And that is just the lowest price. Well, Apple has it’s good parts anyway. For example you can run windows 7 on a MAC, but you cannot run OSX on a normal PC. After using the MACbook Pro for 2 months I’ve sold it because I wasn’t satisfied. I’ve also used Ubuntu 11.10 or 10.10 don’t know for sure. Anyway I’ve instaled on a USB and was OK, But still not satisfied because I was unable to Play or install any programs. I was abble just to use the app that were already instaled and navigate the internet. I’ve searched how to install any apps or games, I’ve found that I have to use some program called “wine” Even so, I has unable to install an app through that. So that beeing said, in my opinion Apple was in top for a few months, but just because of the prices (A lot of people have this concept of : IF it’s expensive, It has to be good, better) and .. let’s say they had something “new”. Microsoft instead, it’s the world lider and I’m sure they will stay there long time from now on. Every OS they launched was significant improved (except VISTA, that was a total failure and they’ve admited.) I am sure that windows 8 will be significant improved. Now you all don’t have to contradict with me. Everyone has it’s opinion. I was saying mine’s because i’ve used both operating sistems, not just 1 of them. Regards 🙂

    1. Dude.. you cannot install any program? That’s because you’re trying to install WINDOWS program. Ubuntu program are inside [Ubuntu Software Center].

      If you’re using Linux, stick to Linux application.
      If you’re using Windows, stick to Windows application
      If you’re using OSX, stick to OSX application.

      All three of them are Operating System, but each one of them build in a very different way.

      1. use your mac properly or your windows system properly Ive been using both for a very long time. considering Ive been around since windows 3.0 they all require a bit of a learning curve. problem is most people don’t want to invest time in learning their new systems. in that case just buy apps written for that specific version of either. I can still run even apps written for windows 3.1 or xp on windows 7. I run apps that most people say can’t run a lack of effort on their part or too much trust in companies that say their products wont run on a new version. They are in business to sell you newer products all the info you need to run anything is online seek and you will find. If your too busy for that stick to off the shelf products for that version as I said.

        1. I agree fully. Computers are not toys. But most of the world’s population thinks it is. If one wants to get good output from a machine, one has to maintain the machine properly. That is the problem with all these peoples.

  2. Edited-Wrong place-

  3. i like this features of windows 8

  4. Wth, Windows never lost to Mac. Functionality > looks.

    1. You are right there.

  5. The picture said that Windows 8 can run in <300 MB RAM. but the spec said 1 GB RAM. It's a BIG Difference!

    1. omg. dumb. WINDOWS can run in <300 MB but you run programs WITHIN Windows that also need RAM. DUH.

  6. Windows 8 is the one of the useful for users, developers and students also. It is the added with several features in windows 7 and attractive with the user interface for window 8. It is the mainly considered that the part of way looking window never lost to mac.

    1. You’re the first person I ever met, actually like Metroll UI. Most people I met, online or in real world doesn’t like Metroll UI, and 99.9% of them don’t even know other OS, pure Windows user.

      Windows only place where it still standing strong is on PC. On server, mobile phone, small gadgets, supercomputer, and everything else that need OS, Microsoft lose pretty badly, you know?

    2. The problem here is that most people are sheep, you can put them into boxes but concerning OS they almost all fit into the same box.

      Windows is all they know, actually that is also the case now with tablets and Music players and phones, they only want iOS stuff from Apple, some of them can’t because they tend to be more expensive.

      I will bet with you that if all people would try Apple first they would not go to windows.

      Windows 8 will be a big fail, that Metro look is sure ugly like hell, even windows users agree, fail like Windows Me and Vista

      1. justperry.

        I like the idea of the MetroUI, watched videos, read posts and reviews, etc. I will not know for sure if I like the MetroUI until I have experienced it first hand which I will later today since I am downloading Windows 8 Developer Preview.

        However, I think I need to emphasize that I would not like Windows 8 (or any version of Windows for that mater) if it ONLY had the MetruUI. I find that there are uses for both. As long as I can easily toggle between both based on my current use of the computer then I will like it. I think it should also detect if I am using the computer/tablet as a tablet or PC (it should know this based on the fact that if it senses that the system is docket or if a keyboard is attached then it knows I am using it as a power user and will need my taskbar and start menu.

        I read a post a few months back about a user that says the desktop is essentially useless and I do have to agree with him. Most people, including myself, use the desktop as a dumping grounds. We save documents there, put shortcuts there, etc. and then eventually there is so much junk (stuff that I have pinned to my start menu and/or task bar that I don’t even go to the desktop any more.)

        Every now and then I have to organize my desktop and clean it up. I find that I am left with just a couple of things (my computer, recycling bin, etc.) and I still don’t use it.

        Now back in the days of Windows 95 and 98, I used the desktop ALOT.

        Anyhow, until I actually play around on a system that has the MetroUI, which should happen later today, I will not know for sure. I will state, though, that I am not the typical user that resists change although it took me a while to go from using File Manger and Program Manager to Explorer when I finally started using Windows 95.

        I try to find the usefulness in new things and old and to this day, I think File Manager is superior to Explorer.

        1. @jollygreenguy I will probably take a look at it as soon as I get a new Mac capable of booting into windows, right now I don’t own an Intel Macbook Pro.

          I have an old PPC Powerbook G4, can use a VM but it takes like half a day just to install windows 7 or later so not really interested.

          Just yesterday I F&^ked up My router by installing new firmware on it, OpenWRT and those guys new that if I f&^ked up there was no way to recover except opening the box and use a custom made cable, and I probably windows to get the original firmware on it.

          For those rare cases I need Windows but I still prefer a Mac, software is overall way easier to understand than Windows 3th party software.

          There are millions of software for Windows but the majority is crap.

          Windows 7 is much better than the rest except XP, that was good as well, I have to wait and see if Windows 8 is better than 8, I saw preview shots and sorry to say but I don’t like Metro.

          But at least Windows is innovative this time, take My hat of for that instead of copying a lot, before people flame Me, Apple also copies things.

  7. windows lost?? Are you serious? Apple is easy to use and looks nice…… That’s it. Windows is more functional.

    1. The article meant OS war on tablets and other small gadgets… Not on PC.

    2. if appl is o great why are you reading about windows?

      1. To troll and to annoy you and others who haven’t found the light.

  8. The only thing Microsoft did well was copy/paste. Copy other technology and paste it into their system and do a poor hack of a job with glue and scissors. When all that is done, cover it up with a pretty looking interface. Innovation at its best, I tell you what. I can’t think of anything that Microsoft has actually innovated…did they bring anything to the market that didn’t already exist?

    1. Completely true, considering that Bill Gates stole the idea form UNIX which was actually developed by scientists of Bell Laboratories.

    2. Finally somebody tells the truth.

  9. I keep getting these errors for our users Error Message: “Access violoation at address 7C9113C0 in module ‘ntdll.dll’. Write of address 0000000000”. Each explained that they had just upgraded to IE8 for IE7. Once these error popped up they uninstalled both IE7 and IE8 then reinstalled the IE8 but the problem still persist! Could some one explain to me why these sorted errors are being generated?

    1. Get a real OS then You don’t get those stupid Errors which 99.99% of the users don’t understand!


    1. You must still own an EDSEL!!!

    2. XP when its not supported and you are needing support, and you will be left in the dinasour ages. Good luck to you there buddy.

    3. Yeah !!! Best of luck. Stay in the dinosaur ages. Win 7 is THE most versatile and user friendly OS still now. After some days even the latest games won’t run in XP, like what happened to Win95 and Win98.

  11. Ubuntu is shit. Sorry to say it, but i’d never use Ubuntu as my primary OS. Being a PC gamer the best OS is windows. I’ve had windows crash on me many a times, but it has never been windows fault. it was shitty drivers from AMD etc.

    The only thing Ubuntu is good for is running on a VPS or DEDI etc (Ubuntu server)
    So for the every day user, windows is 100x better then Ubuntu. If you’re working more on a virtual level (servers etc,) then Ubuntu hands down. As for OSX, that shit isn’t even worth me bringing up. My brother had a MAC (this was a few weeks back) and the thing froze up on him from watching a Youtube video. No way to pull the battery and the thing wouldn’t respond to anything. After a bout 30mins of sitting the thing finally unfroze itself.
    At that point, i laughed at him so hard he returned it bought a very nice ASUS gaming Laptop for a lot cheeper with better Hardware.

    1. PC games designed for Windows, obviously. Saying Ubuntu is shit because you need something made for Windows is like saying Xbox 360 shit because it cannot play Blu-ray disc. No OS is pure shit. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

    2. I run a pc shop and mainly sell windows due to most programs run with microsoft. When it comes to tech work Linux is the bomb. Windows is for novice users that need their hand held for everything. Windows freezes up when you hook a dying hard drive up to it because it wants to “mount” the drive. Linux you can peer at components without mounting the drive, thus forth giving us a chance to rescue data without the os trying to take control as windows does. As for virus’s I praise God that Bill Gates got ahold of the market when he did. I do more virus removals on pc’s than I can keep track of and thats fine it helps provide me with over $100,000 worth of virus work a year. So believe what you want but if you know what your doing with Ubuntu you can also run windows within ubuntu like paint and you dont have to worry about getting virus’s.

    3. I am running windows 7 ultimate today and windows 8 tomarro:)

    4. True, Ubuntu as a primary OS is a little difficult for day to day activity. But it is developed by some people who don’t work for money like the employees in the big companies like Microsoft and Apple do. The only reason latest games usually don’t run on linux distros is that, the game developers don’t make it for linux. As there is very little users of Ubuntu, it would be non profitable to make it for Ubuntu. Everyone including me uses Windows, because other softwares are available for windows. Don’t blame Ubuntu for its shortfall. Windows has virus because of its faulty architecture. Linux has advantage over that.

  12. I wonder how many users of windows on this forum are using an genuine version of Windows. As an IT tech, alot of my users problems come from illegal copies, incorrect drivers, corrupt hard drives, viruses and sometimes deleting program files instead of uninstalling. To those who say Mac’s don’t get viruses, the reason is “why create a program to annoy users who are only 9% of the market”.

    1. It is called Operator Error, not ilegal copy of Windows. My god how many dumbasses say the dumbest things about people when they know better. Called computer ill-literate too. So many people claim they are IT tech and know crap about computers.

      1. Nice answer to dumba$$ PJ

      2. Utahman1971, I think its you who is a dumbass.

        Pj is right, many people use illegal copies which they download from P2P or otherwise and are virus infected, I Myself installed quite a few of them and those problems sure do exist.

        PJ, its more than 11% now and Macs do NOT have virusses, they do have few malware, thats different.

        The main reason they don’t get virusses is what you claim and the OS is based on Unix which is much more secure than Windows, only if you allow it to install shit with a password it will do so, Windows is Swiss cheese compared to that(MacOs X), easy to hack into.

  13. WINDOWS– 7.5
    XOS— 7.5
    UBUNTU– 7.5
    ANDROID– 7.5
    ENCOM 511– 10

  14. It is a great desicion to introduce one product instead of 20, that will run on all devices. Of course on theory that is. I can’t imagine them doing it right when they would have to write driers for so much hardware.

    1. Frist of all…. whats a drier? Driver you meant? Also why would they have to write drivers? The whole point is thatthey are trying to make a total paradigm shift here. You can expect a lot of software that will need to be purchased again… and I say its about friggin time!

  15. Lost the battle against Apple? It’s the other way around. Nice troll attempt though.

    1. Microsoft lost OS War on TABLETS and OTHER SMALL GADGETS. The only place where Microsoft still standing is on PC.

      1. on the pc,the only place it matters.

  16. Does anybody know if Windows 8 will have a multilingual packet as windows 7 Ultimate has. I postponed my purchase of a new PC runnning on a Windows 7 Home premium. I was thinkin maybe if they put out windows 8. Multi-language will be included. Thanks.

  17. Its true that windows pc gets a lot of virus’s, but macs do get virus’s every now and then and when they do, its impossible to remove. at least any virus can be removed in windows!

    1. What a crap full of shit.

      Macs DON’T get virusses, they GET malware yes but not virusses, and even when they would, “can not remove it” what is that nonsense?

      Try removing something on Windows which you don’t have the privilege to do so, very hard, on a mac you just put in a Admin password and thats it.

      1. @justperry Wow. Your ignorance is amazing. Malware is a class of programs *including* viruses. Example Mac virus: “Virus.OSX.Macarena.a”. Macs can get all kinds of infections, they just have to be written to run on a Mac, which criminals are less likely to do because there are far less Macs around than PCs. However, that seems to be changing, because Mac users think they don’t need protection, therefore making them a soft target.

        The “can not remove it” statement is essentially false, however in a lot of cases it is so difficult to do that it’s not worth the effort.

        And as for the “just put in the admin password” idiocy – what if you don’t have the admin password for your Mac, then what? It’s exactly the same in Windows. Neither OSX or Windows is locked down by default, however you *can* lock them both down. Looks like no one trusts you with a Windows admin password…

        1. @fyre Quote:”Macs can get all kinds of infections, they just have to be written”

          Now You contradict yourself in one line of text.

          Virusses CAN NOT be installed on a mac without first having explicit consent of the user, Unix in that context is far more locked down than windows, that’s a fact, whether You agree or not.

          It is you which is ignorant, I used Macs for 15 year and never had any shitware on My computers, NEVER.( And for those windows users which claim the same,LIARS)

          Another Quote: “what if you don’t have the admin password for YOUR mac”

          If it’s YOUR mac you automatically have the password because you are the owner!

          Although a Mac logs into the user account automatically the first time it is still locked down from anything automatically installing, and any smart people should instantly switch of auto log in.

          Macs are safe by default, PC’s with windows are not.

          Ask any decent programmer and they will say windows is like swiss cheese with many doors(security holes and the like) open.

          Whether you like it or not, windows is crappy coded

        2. @justperry You misquoted, and left out the most important part of that sentence. What I said was “Macs can get all kinds of infections, they just have to be written to run on a Mac”. There is no contradiction there.

          There is also no need for the user to be informed of anything that happens on a Mac (or PC for that matter). Processes can be injected, or fake exception handlers registered, or even malicious kernel patches installed – all using local privilege escalation vulnerabilities. None of those would prompt the user, since none of them would use defined API calls to elevate. Unix was never designed to be secure, it was designed with portability, and modularity in mind – security was added on after the fact.

          Using a Mac for any number of years does not qualify you to make assertions about anything. Additionally, “shitware” as you put it, is a very subjective term – I could quite easily assert that anything written for a Mac falls into this class.

          The “your Mac” statement has no relation to who owns or originally setup the Mac, it is related to who uses the computer. Maybe this misunderstanding on your part is related to the complete mutual exclusivity of Macs and business systems.

          What does auto-login have to do with anything? That security measure only affects human users, programs can run on boot without ever relying on auto-login.

          If Macs are safer by default, then why is the firewall turned off by default? Network intrusions are much more likely to occur than sneaker-net intrusions.

          By “ask any decent programmer” I assume you mean a Mac programmer – maybe you should as any Cocoa developer how easily those executable files are to infect. If you don’t know any programmers (highly likely, considering) then ask Google.

          Just because Windows has more known security issues, does not mean that Macs have less security issues, it means that no one has reported any that are found – and good luck getting Apple to tell you.

          Windows may not have the best code-base, but Macs do not have their own code-base at all. Apple effectively said “we can’t write an OS, so we’ll “legally steal” one and make a themed UI.

          In any case, your point is moot, since Mac hardware is PC hardware now, and the base OS is a wholesale rip-off of FreeBSD (including its security vulnerabilities, plus additional vulnerabilities from the poor Mach splicing) – therefore all that’s left is the UI, congratulations you have a Mac theme for your PC.

          Why you mad now bro? 😉

        3. @[email protected] I agree with fyre on this. Great to know Mac need PC architecture to compete lol. They are a total rip off no question and to use the architecture of a pc is just free loading of ideas they never even thought of. I thought Mac were a breed of their own? Guess not and if the majority of PC users wanted to they could easily boot Mac OS’s on their Pc be it single boot or Dual boot. but no we choose not to.Why ? we don’t like it

        4. @[email protected]


          Go back to your high school english class and relearn the definition of a contradiction since your command of the english language is obviously lacking as well as your command of a dictionary. Macs have the capability of getting a virus, but the virus itself simply needs to be created in order for Macs to be infected. Virus writers don’t care enough to make such a virus because their impact won’t be as widespread as those for windows operated machine.

          {From Merriam Webster’s online dictionary


          :a situation in which inherent factors, actions, or propositions are inconsistent or contrary to one another}

        5. @fyre @justperry are you people really going to argue over which company makes the better OS? What stake do you have in their overpriced, overly licensed software companies? Why don’t you find something more important to debate, like world hunger or overtaxing the middle class or even the high price of gasoline/diesel being a major cause of the cost of living rising so dramatically???

          This is the topic you choose to mull over and debate… no wonder we’re in the state we’re in!

        6. @fyre @justperry

          I run Windows 7 Professional on my desktop and Home Premium on my laptop. Ever since Windows 2000, I have always created a Windows user account with limited access and use that instead of an account with admin level access and I think more users should do this. Of course, with UAC the need for this isn’t AS important as it was with XP and previous versions of Windows – but I think it is still important and good, sensible computing.

          I can’t recall the last time my system was infected with a virus but I am not ignorant to the fact that it can happen. Even when I had DOS/Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98/ME (Ouch!) I seldom had a virus.

          I find it is amazing how easily people infect their computers with viruses time and time again.

        7. @fyre @justperry

          Excellent points!

      2. I agree with fyre on this one .If for some reason you don’t have user rights on either your mac or windows system and you are main user then ask yourself this question Don’t you think there is a reason why your system has locked this file down? Its a certainty the system is using it for one reason or another. This is important to take into consideration It does happen on both cases of mac and windows but with mac you can easily remove the object with the use of password without a second thought and could easily corrupt your operating system without realising until your next reboot. At least with Windows it becomes a bit harder for you to bypass this process therefore protecting your system that little bit more. I have to say I am really passionate on condemning those people who think they are the don and mess with operating systems and find out they had messed up. Especially when they go deleting or changing the operating system files themselves. These files are there for a reason and should remain a part of the operating system

        As for Mac i don’t mind mac but as this thread shows Anti Windows boffins thinking they are elite all because they own a mac system. its about time they pull their heads from up you know where and realise they have paid double the price for a machine that is easily matched by windows for a fraction the price and of same quality.

        Isn’t this thread supposed to be about the windows 8 release?

        Mac users spoil it again i suppose

        1. @mully1985 And Fyre.

          I should apologise to fyre for being a Jurk, I was just trolling;)

          But a still think a Mac is safer for a lot of stuff like virusses, again I never had any rubbish on My Macs.

          I had to troubleshoot a lot of Windows Computers and I still think Windows is inferior.

          Just another example, what about NTFS, its a bad Partition sheme, not to mention its also prone to fragmentation.

          Another one is the Windows register, if something is wrong with it your #%&%^#, not so on Macs, each and every process uses its own Preferences.

          Is Windows 7 an improvement to other iterations of Windows, YES is the answer but some of Windows versions are sooo bad, Windows Me and Vista were very bad.

          Is Mac OS X free from problems, no its not but I myself never had to reinstall it, most of the time I even placed a new OS X over it and even then no Problems.

          Windows needs a compleet reinstall which many people find too hard, too complicated and takes a lot of time.

          Mully1985 I like to be able to easily delete files from the system, saves a lot of stuff not needed by the System or Me.

          For instance Documentation and Dictionaries, there are also a lot of .Kext’s which I could delete for instance all Gforce Kexts not needed by the system, on an older Mac it makes a difference.

          There are also many files stuck in the Library folder after removing a program and a password IS needed.

        2. @mully1985 Windows machines don’t have the same quality as Macs and they can’t do the same functions either. Freelance videographers like myself have to use a Mac because programs like Final Cut Pro are not available for PC. If you use a 24″ or greater Apple Cinema Display, the gamma is set much higher and resolution is such that color rendition is significantly more accurate than your mainstream pc which is critical in our work because we have to know exactly what the final product will look like. Mac’s also boast the industry’s best desktop publishing softwares as well as graphic arts programs. Mac’s are designed by professionals and used by professionals. There are a lot of things running under that hood that you don’t understand. Don’t put the Mac down because you don’t understand it.

        3. @Mahadragon Be careful what you say, some pro’s are moving away from the Mac, reason FCP X, a disaster, in the end they will get it right again but Apple needs to move fast if they don’t want to loose more pro’s.

          And they cancelled Xserve and the MacPro needs an update soon, but that’s because there are no new proc’s yet, mayor new CPU next year.

          Hopefully Apple is Not going into the OS X to iOS direction, that will be the day I will put Linux on My Machine, heck, if I buy a new Mac soon I will get rid of Lion soon thereafter cause it’s by no means their best OS.

          Or I disable all those shitty new features on Lion and look how it does.

          iOS is good for those iPods-iPad-iPhones and the like but not on a Laptop or Desktop.

          Do you like the Metro design, guess not, there are even lots of Windows users disliking it.

          Mully1985 : I forgot to say before, there are also a lot of language files installed not needed if you need only English for instance, if I want to delete them I NEED a Password, and that Password is the same as when I installed it, try that on a Windows Machine.

          Those files take a lot of space, as do all those help files I don’t need and lots of other stuff not needed, happy I can slim My Install down to half of its original.

          Windows has a folder in System which grows and grows, try to delete that one and your System fails.

          I once had it(friend’s PC) and it was 30 fucking GB.

        4. @[email protected] yes i have got to agree with you on that aspect hands up .I am not in the professional industry you have explained and I got to admit Mac are better for video technology . I have used Mac and Windows and I just find Windows much better to use on a whole but as you have mentioned Mac are designed by professionals for specific reasons and I think for a regular home user of a Mac is a waste of time unless you use the machine to its full potential. In my opinion many regular home users purchase a Mac for one simple reason and that’s for the sake of just having one to boast about when in realism they have not got a clue what to do with it other than browse internet, listen to music and so on. These people wind me up when they become all anti Windows.In my view Windows win all hands down for total home use but for certain industries Mac is the choice. As for any Windows operating system I have to admit XP is by far the best all round so far. I have used windows ME in the past =Shit, NT = shit Windows Vista= Absolute Shit. Windows 7 =nothing to write home about. All but XP used far too many system resources. Apart from the Metro design I have total confidence 8 will take Microsoft users forward with a better experience of computing . They know they have to clean up the UI with something a bit more efficient and I am sure they will.. Regardless of how shit their OS’s have been over the years I can still honestly say I have been loyal to Microsoft in the means of sticking with them and purchasing a genuine copy of a windows operating system. I have to agree with messages in this threads regarding P2P copies of Windows installs. There are virused copies out there. Don’t do it. Be loyal to Microsoft and if it means going to a well known Microsoft certified PC shop for an install go do it if you can’t afford a Key. Windows has the monopoly of home use so lets keep it that way..As for Mac they too dont skip the net of P2P copies too. there is plenty knocking about and I am sure many have installed them.They are just as bad.

        5. @[email protected] Hi there in regards to your removal of language files etc being removed .what route did you take on deleting can delete these by going into control panel then selecting add or remove programs or on a W7 system it is programs and features. when that screen loads up click on the tab saying add or remove windows components.Easy as that no need for a password , maybe need install disc at times but I have never had a problem removing any files mentioned in your message.. If you try to remove them direct you will have a problem due to the system locking them in use

        6. @justperry @Mahadragon Well, learn to like lion if you buy a new Mac. Unless Apple changed (doubt that) Macs wont run any OS older than the one the system ships with.

        7. @justperry @MahadragonI don’t know much about mac’s as I am a Windows guy but I do respect the mac. However, I do have a question as I do like to learn. My question is in regards to the following from your post:

          “if I want to delete them I NEED a Password, and that Password is the same as when I installed it, try that on a Windows Machine.”

          So does that mean that say in July of 2009 you installed the language files and your password at that time is ‘abcdefg’ (I know, very secure password, lol!) Then in October of 2009 you change your password to ‘1234567’ Then in January of 2010 you want to delete the language files, you have to use the first password, ‘abcdefg’

          If I am understanding you correctly, isn’t that a security flaw? What if someone saw you type your password or they obtained it somehow and as a result, you changed your passowrd. Couldn’t then this person, for whatever valid or invalid reasons, type in your org. password and remove these language files?

          Is that how passwords work on the mac? Obiviously they would have to know what the password was at that time.

          I see some benefits to this (such as on a shared system if you let someone else use the computer and your profile/username they will not be able to delete files from when the system was first set up as long as you changed the password. But I see this as a security risk. Is there a way to force all files that use the old password to inherit the new password?

          Thanks for any feedback you have!

        8. @jollygreenguy No, if you changed your password then that password is the valid one, so installed language with 1111 then change password to 2222 then delete with 2222 because that’s the system wide password for that user.

      3. @justperry The main reason for this is alot of hackers use Linux since alot of freeloaders wouldn’t want to make virusses for their own OS now would they ? the day windows would make a UNIX based operating system .. people who make virusses would just make virusses for UNIX .. I have to say i prefer LINUX on a normal use basis, just lacks alot of easy to use programs .. Windows should of gone over to Unix in my opinion but they just want to dominate the market and so wants apple 🙂 main reason they will never do that you can use linux on a pc .. so if they would make a unix based system without all the security to not run linux “free OS” they would be creating competition and actually making drivers user friendly for linux .. most gamers go for windows so if windows make a unix based system that can game .. people would just go over to a linux based system free OS.Apple on the other hand made some gaming available not alot tough .. They are not aiming for the gaming market wich is a pretty big market would lose alot of gamers to other OS’s if that was possible ! So i think they will never go over to unix .. So apple chooses to make just a number of pc’s and their os only runs those kind of drivers .. of that certain desktop .. Microsoft could do the same thing what would draw off alot of gamers on to consoles because who’s gonna pay so much money for a computer that cannot be upgraded ?

        1. @NicoLafertin @justperry “alot of hackers use Linux since alot of freeloaders wouldn’t want to make virusses for their own OS now would they ?”

          I’ll have to tell those students in Zambia that we sent all those Ubuntu installed laptops, so they wouldn’t have to deal with all the Microsoft licensing fees, to stop being freeloading hackers!

          Man, am I embarrassed to have the same first name as you.

      4. @justperry Wow you know nothing you piece of crap life you. Macs can and do get viruses.

    2. If you own a pc and you get viruses then your just stupid, don’t be stupid and you won’t get viruses.

  18. hi guys window 7 is 1 problem KMP player starting problem

  19. Amazing that all those who feel they’re OS experts speak broken English.

    1. Amazing that you think fluency of English has anything to do with OS expertise. You probably think those non-English speaking countries on the map are just various depths of sea right?

    2. dumbest comment ever…

    3. @Bountyman

      dumbest comment ever…

  20. windows 8 is going to be great. only 300 mb ram requirements. imagine running this with a core i 7. Pretty sick. I have windows and mac and they both have their + and – factors. The debate will always continue it is just in our nature.

    1. No it is NOT, that interface/UI just looks awful.

      1. @justperry The Metro UI interface looks great. Very simple, elegant, and useful. I’m looking forward to Win 8. Don’t knock it before you try it.

      2. @justperry To you maybe but i hate the interface/UI of mac and love the one for windows so how about you don’t force your beliefs on other people?

      3. @justperry Metro all the way, best UI ever to come out and it cannot be compared, all the things that matter are there from the start

        1. @AllanMichaelRomero @justperry

          I like the idea of flipping between interfaces (Metro and Standard Desktop/Start Menu), based on what I am doing.

          I think the ability for one device to be in what I call, “tablet mode” or “PC/Power User Mode” is great!

          I plan on downloading the beta later today and installing it on my laptop so I can see how they are doing it as of now. Of course this can change by the time it is released but from what I have read and watched in videos, I am truly going to love the options it gives me.

          I am waiting until later this year, early next year, to buy a tablet. I am a Windows guy but do not have anything against Apple/mac products. However, if MS gets this right, I will be buying a tablet that runs Windows 8. As long as it doesn’t use low end hardware so that I can run some of my intensive applications on the tablet and connect a keyboard when necessary then I will be a happy camper. But if all it does pull off [successfully] is the same thing the iPad does (which by no means am I degrading what it [the iPad] does, then I will need to consider if I want an iPad or a tablet that runs Windows 8.

          For my tablet needs, all I really want to do is read PDF’s, sometimes e-books, even though I do have a Kindle 3G for that (w/ Keyboard), browse the web, check email and post/reply on forums . But I would love the ability to do the other things I currently do on my desktop and even laptop, as long as it does it successfully.

          Time will tell but for me, I want to be able to use both interfaces if I am to use a tablet that does more than just a tablet but also only what a tablet does at times (I know, strange statement! lol)

    2. A lot of people buy Macs because they have to, not because they want to. I am an aspiring freelance Videographer. I will eventually have to buy a Mac because Final Cut Pro is the industry standard in the area that I’m working in. Everyone uses it and they expect you to have it. Final Cut Pro is not available on Windows machines. The same goes for graphic developers like my cousin. She has to have a Mac because the programs she uses are only available on Mac or work best on Mac.

      Incidentally a lot of people don’t realize that the Apple Cinema displays have resolutions and gamma settings that allow for a very accurate color rendition (as opposed to PC’s which is built for the everyday layman). This is perfect for the Videographer or graphic artist because they need to know exactly what their product looks like before it goes to customer. There are a lot of little things that are built into Macs (or Mac products) that nobody ever talks about. There’s a reason why they charge so much money for their computers, it’s not all smoke and mirrors.

      1. @Mahadragon I’m pretty sure they still over charge. To prove this look at RAM prices 4 gigs of mac ram (Same brand and quality) costs 2.8 times more than PC Ram

  21. Who ever said that Windows lost to Mac? Macs might be more popular than ever, but that doesn’t mean they’re used by anywhere CLOSE to the majority. Can you say “bias”?

    1. urh.. in tablet and low powered machine, Windows lost pretty badly. I’m sure thats what the article meant…

  22. I like the idea of windows to go, although it seems like a pure rip of UBUNTU’s live session… Also, I’d hate to see my powerhouse of a desktop pc looking anything like a tablet, so I hope the UI is configurable down to a T, otherwise I might be disappointed!

    1. Apple has one of these back in 1999, and IBM propose same thing back in 2004. Anyways point is, it’s not actually new.

      1. @lonelyfighterx Who cares if it is not new? It is good and that is all the matters.

  23. i had already forgotten about windows 8, u played around with the Developer Preview for a couple of weeks and did experience anything life changing so to speak.
    heard a rumor about a beta so i will check that out when it is released.
    i only have a desktop so hopefully the beta will be more attractive.

  24. They say you can download Win8 64 bit with Dev Tools

    Will this run on my 32bit W7 Computer (Without losing my W7 Stuff)


    1. @WonderWhyItTookSoLong Dumb question, what do you think?

      No of course not.

      1. @justperry @WonderWhyItTookSoLong Of course, VMWare Workstation

        1. @SybreW @justperry @WonderWhyItTookSoLong no

        2. @CodyNicholasPatterson @SybreW @justperry @WonderWhyItTookSoLong Yes.

      2. @justperry @WonderWhyItTookSoLong NO.

        1. @CodyNicholasPatterson @justperry @WonderWhyItTookSoLong I got it myself on VMware Workstation 8 running Windows 8 in the background. Why no? It’s a yes, sir. I’ve got 16GB RAM and a nice M4 SSD. i5 2500K @ 4,5 GHz. I don’t get your point. It’s a YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

        2. @SybreW @justperry @WonderWhyItTookSoLong He said 64 bit on 32 bit

  25. Windows to Go is already dated by any Cloud system.

  26. Here’s another dumb question

    Has anyone tried to run the BETA W8 on an ARM processor

    (I presume that means the type of tablet which can run Android)

    Any models worth a mention which are ARM and support W8 ?


    1. @WonderWhyItTookSoLong read:The PC will come with the OS preinstalled, and all drivers and supporting software. WOA will not be available as a software-only distribution, so you never have to worry about which DVD to install and if it will work on a particular PC. WOA PCs will be serviced only through Windows or Microsoft Update, and consumer apps will only come from the Windows Store, so you never have to worry if a program will run because you are not downloading or installing from a DVD outside of the store experience. A WOA PC will feel like a consumer electronics device in terms of how it is used and managed. For example, as previously detailed, the new refresh and reset functionality will be available, and for WOA this provides the equivalent of a “clean install” or imaging.

      1. @AllanMichaelRomero @WonderWhyItTookSoLong You keep saying WOA and I have no idea what that is, but no you can either by windows 8 on disk or with the computer once it comes out, as well as you can isntall it on a tablet. I for one installed it on my archos arm processor tablet.

  27. Altho strictly not a WIN problem per se, could differentiate from others by having keyboard mfgs (or in some way) do following (in what I call “Improved Word Processing” or IWP).

    Note: automatically having PC add “spaces” etc. would

    a) take advantage of PC speed over human typing

    b) make posts & other typed entries more uniform & easier to read

    c) while following conventions that have been used for 1000s of yrs in English (to indicate the ending of 1 thot & the beginning of the next etc.)

    d) automatically have typed entries be “correct” without loss of speed

    1) Following any “period” automatically capitalize 1st letter of following sentence & add “space”. (Some posters neglect this space & do not capitalize (presumably in the interest of speed – foregoing a convention of English that has been used for >1000 yrs to signify the beginning of a new sentence.) Omitting these often causes much confusion.

    2) Use Ctrl + period for the few situations ( 95% of time. That is, do opposite of spell-check & suggest word (with proper spelling.) If not what’s wanted can always change.

    5) Replace “scribble” below words prgm believes misspelled with “circle” (since easier to see).

    6) Add space after “, but”, since correct form.

    7) Add space before word & followed by ” – ” or “(xxx).

    8) Add space before word & after “(xxx)”

    9) Signify when use uneven # of () or “”symbols. (Should always be even #).

    1. @wpoole41 just code it yourself. If you have windows or linux, that is. With a mac, don’t even think about unless you wanna pay $99 bucks a year just to give Apple new software to brag about.

    2. @wpoole41I think you have some great ideas there and should consider coding it. I know that some of this already happens in MS Word but as you know, you have to have to fork out a few hundred (unless you are a student)

      Now in the browser I am using, even though Word is installed, it is a simple text box and MS Word has no control over that so your ideas would be great for a browser plugin/extension. It could also be a new textbox control that web developers could drop on a page to take advantage of those ideas.

      However, I think it should be a browser plugin since the user could set global settings in their browser to do one, some or all of your ideas.

      In regards to the following:

      Following any “period” automatically capitalize 1st letter of following sentence & add “space”. (Some posters neglect this space & do not capitalize (presumably in the interest of speed – foregoing a convention of English that has been used for >1000 yrs to signify the beginning of a new sentence.) Omitting these often causes much confusion.”

      I agree that many people neglect the space and do not capitalize. However, I usually add two spaces after a period (usually) and have done that since I took my first typing class and was told to always do that.

      Additionally, I remember when we first started typing our English papers in English class that my teachers have also said to do this.

      Because of this, it has become second nature for me to press the spacebar twice without even thinking about it! So when you get this coded or get someone to code it, if the plugin/control/extension/etc. detects the user has already pressed the spacebar, let the users spaces override what the program wants unless you have an option for “Enforce STRICT [Language] Grammar” ([Language] could be any supported languages such as English, Spanish, Latin, etc. that the program was been coded for.)

      Usually the only time I do not use even a single spacing after a period is when I am rambling on in a comment or some other text box and I am running out or have already exceeded the number of characters permitted. Of course, this rarely happens because as you can tell, I don’t ramble on 🙂

      Of course, if these features were to become part of the core browser, much like many of today’s browsers underline misspelled words, I am sure Internet Explorer will be the last to adopt as it still does not natively, out of the box, without any add on’s, underline spelling errors!

  28. i wonder if windows tablets will be as thin and light as ipad. This will be critical for windows 8 tablets to suceed.

    <a href=””>Diolt Directory</a>

  29. I love seeing fanboys say my operating system is best, both osx and windows have issues, I own a pc and have a macbook from work, I have used both throughout my working life, had many viruses and have had to fix some right nasty ones. However the main reason PC’s get viruses these days are from torrents, dodgy sites, ripped software, and emails… I think thats alot to do with the fact pc software gets hacked more than mac software, and mac’s simply have less software full stop, plus if your prepared to pay 5 times the price for your hardware specs to start with chances are you less likely to spend your life on torrent sites anyway,

    Also by far the biggest share of mac owners are design and media companies and agencies, which being corporate users are far less likely to donwload cracked software and are generally sitting behind firewalls, that makes the small market share even smaller from a virus writers perspective, but any anti virus software company will tell you mac’s are open to attack as much as pc’s, no point arguing… its why would sophos and other AV companies even have osx versions of their anti virus.

    I will say that if your a professional worker and have worked in design studios or alike, I can tell you macs flake out as much as a pc, things like duplicate fonts are a git to fix in osx, permissions for users without admin rights is a mess, you have to force quit and even force a restart if your working with anything that uses alot of ram, and if something goes wrong, and are trying to fix your machine, then chances are you’ll be going back to the install disk in situations that on a pc you could fix yourself.

    It all depends on your needs, if your a gamer then a pc wins hands down, if your a media producer either of the main OS’s works these days, if your a web developer then osx has some advantages as it runs as a server but testing is a pain for IE, if your a 3d person or into more advanced stuff then pc’s offer the biggest advantage as renderfarms are cheaper, and more developers are out there developing things like vvvv etc. And sometimes the software you need is simply not there on macs

    Iit depends on your usage, for occasional users osx is nice and simple, power users buy what suits their needs, some people like to customize and fiddle, some people want the ability to build a system and be allowed to open the case with voiding your warranty, if your in an office then chances are your on a pc as email programs are a joke on osx and ms office and exchange still rules supreme. So get a grip people, life is full of choices, pick whats best for you, and stop moaning about what others do or need. We are not all just playing angry birds on a tablet or looking at facebook. Or do like me and have one of each 🙂

    1. evomedia.

      Excellent post, avomedia! However, I would like to comment on your comment, ” if your a web developer then osx has some advantages as it runs as a server”

      Windows 7 (Home Premium, Home Basic and/or Home Starter) and the Professional versions of Windows 7, Vista and XO can easily be configured as a web server using IIS. By default, IIS is not set up but it is easy to set up.

      I am not sure about IIS on XP Pro and Vista Professional, but in Windows 7, you can even use IIS to serve up php pages.

      Of course, this is only for testing and cannot be used to serve up pages to hundreds of users (I believe it will serve up to 10 sessions at once on the Professional versions of Windows)

      And if you are not using Windows 7 (any version) or a previous version of Windows [Professional] then you can usually install apache or use an IDE that acts as a web server when debugging your web pages (For example, an old version of PERL Builder did this if I am not mistaken and I know for a fact Visual Studio will do this.)

      However, I understand that your comment was probably meant to what comes with the OS without having to buy anything else but Windows 7 (any version) and previous pro versions of Windows does have a web server built in.

      Of course, running the pro version of any windows will give you the most features in IIS (I haven’t directly compared Windows 7 Home IIS with Windows 7 Professional IIS, there could be some limitations that I am not aware of even if it is the same version such as IIS Express, which is a free download and can be run on any version of Windows since Windows XP) Some limitations may be tied to the OS and not actually IIS itself, although technically IIS is checking to see what OS it is installed on. One such example, and it is too early for my mind to be working 100%, is application pools. I believe you have to be running one of the server versions of Windows to have the additional application pools. But for most web developers, this should not be a problem for simple testing.

      Anyhow, great post again! I myself prefer Windows but that is my personal choice. I have nothing against Mac products. I believe it all comes down to personal preference. There are pros and cons to both Operating Systems and as long as the end user, or whoever is in charge of maintaining the systems in a work environment, understands these pros and cons, he/she will select the best tool for the job.

      Some people may select one over the other just because they are used to it and do not want a drastic change and deal with a learning curve, no matter how small. Some people may prefer the user interface and as long as it does what they need it to do, will be fine with that and that is perfectly okay!

      Just my two cents, for what it’s worth!

  30. I think Windows 8 will win it. I saw a boot race between windows 8 and snow leopard or lion and Windows 8 won! If it wins Microsoft will be the best instead of Apple.

    1. @hello95 So because of boot times its the better OS, what a nonsense.

      I don’t know about W8 boot times but I sure do know that My 7 years old Powerbook G4 boots up faster than My sisters 2 years old dual core W7 installation.

      Win it???? There is nothing to win, Windows is still the most used OS but other are still gaining market share while Windows is loosing market share.

      Its fucking high time Microsoft cleaned up their bloated OS, how many lines of code are there on W7, a gazillion?

      They should have moved to Linux a few years ago, Apple moved on from OS9 to a more stable Unix so I still don’t understand why Windows didn’t move on from old code.

      I have no doubt W8 will be faster and better, but that Metro look is just awful.

      1. Due to them being the market leader and needing to have all their old programs be compatible with their new software its quite a bit more difficult for a company to change all their old code without there being consequences. You could consider it a curse that due to being the biggest they are now the least nimble to change in terms of their own architecture without making a portion of their customers angry.

        And I’m not entirely sure but wasn’t the reason apple changed was because of the change of processors they were going to use on their systems or was that even before that happend ?

        1. They changed to using BSD years before they changed to Intel processors. The first 3 or 4 years worth of OS X systems were all PowerPC-based. They got rid of OS 9 because, frankly, it was terrible and they knew it. The Windows kernel, on the other hand, is the undisputed market leader with no close competitor. They have no good reason to use someone else’s kernel when theirs is already better and much more widely used.

      2. @justperry @hello95

        Good points!

  31. This is the most horribly written article I have read on W8. Did you even finish high school? “Will Windows 8 win the battle against Apple which it had lost several years back?” What?? Are you kidding me?

    1. @TysonStrickland whats sad is i never even read that very last part of the article until you pointed it out…. who did write this and thinks apple is the marketleader in operating systems for personal computers ??

      … and i’m not talking about iphones and ipads being counted in as those aren’t traditional personal computers but mobile devices.

    2. @TysonStrickland Hi Tyson, thanks for pointing it out, however, the mistake in the statement was the “8”. I did not mean to say that Windows or Microsoft had lost “completely” to Apple. I know that I made a mistake be making such a vague statement, and I apologize for that.

      However, my statement holds and here’s why –

      Windows, or rather Microsoft certainly lost the battle against Apple in many terms. The fact is true that Windows is the “most” sold OS, but that doesn’t mean that it the “best” sold OS. Right? Also, when it comes to design, power, usability, interface and performance, Apple is considered to be the “best”. I’m sure you would agree with that. And I’m sure you would also agree that Apple’s OS and Microsoft’s OS, both have their own pros and cons regardless of the market sale or the design. If only Apple sold its products at a price compared to Microsoft’s, I’m sure you can image where Apple would have been now. Currently, users have no choice but to deal with Windows systems, since they are affordable. However, Apple has no reason to sell their products at a lesser price coz every feature in their product is worth it. Right from the hardware components to software programs and applications.

      In the ear of Windows Vista, we all know how bad the OS was and the problems end-users faced. However, Microsoft got things right when it released Windows 7 and I’m sure things will get even better when they launch Windows 8.

      1. @joelfernandes @TysonStrickland Mac OSX 10.7 is slower than 10.6 and by far less user friendly. Macintosh computers aren’t made for the power-users and certainly don’t have any feature I like what Windows doesn’t have.

        My Macbook needs a solid 2 minutes to start up. I cannot find how to uninstall programs, since I still have LittleSnitch running in the background and I don’t know where to remove it, Macintosh has left a grey mark for me.

        My Windows 7 PC, however, only needs 14 seconds to start up. All programs turn on when I want them to, and all programs are configured how I want them to. Directly, from the start.

        My Windows 7 PC has only cost me a total of 1400 euros, including the 24″ LED screen and Razer Mouse + G510 keyboard. Whereas my Macbook has cost me 1200 euros excluding all the apps I need to buy to watch my .avi or .mkv movies, and it fails in both performance and user-friendlyness.

        Sure, it looks nice, but really now? Mac is worthless. It has no market value except for the ones who believes their lies. I now only use Mac for my music and programming on Xcode, and with all the bugs and hick-ups I have to live with, it’s slower, unreliable, doesn’t work well with business applications, absolutely nonuser-friendly, uncontrollable, and sir, it certainly isn’t the “Best OS”.

      2. @joelfernandes @TysonStrickland

        Wow. very biased and not even close to being accurate.. While Microsoft messed up with vista, they still are the Big kid on the block. They DO have the most systems out there with PC OS and server. What has apple done on the server front… ZERO. While Apple may be making great leaps, they never would have survived if Microsoft didn’t step in and save them… Competition is good! But anyone who really believes apple doesn’t have any hardware or software issues has their head in the ground. The two best things apple has done is iPad & iPhone… That truely has generated change and gave users that portability. For that I say apple is number one.. But when it comes to outpacing sales, sorry to tell ya, Android is the fastest growing. They haven’t caught apple, but they aren’t falling behind. ( I know, different discussion all together).

        I have devices from each vendor and can clearly say NONE of them are as perfect as you would appear to be painting Apple.

        Just Saying

      3. @joelfernandes @TysonStrickland You can’t backup a statement with an opinion.

      4. @joelfernandes @TysonStrickland “Also, when it comes to design, power, usability, interface and performance, Apple is considered to be the “best”. I’m sure you would agree with that.”LOL! Only by Apple fanboys. Sorry, but, as a professional software engineer who is also finishing a Master’s in Computer Science, I find this assertion absurd, at best. I’ve managed dozens of OS X workstations and servers and dozens of Windows workstations and servers. To say OS X leads Windows in design, power, interface, or performance is complete and utter nonsense. Perhaps if you’re comparing a $2,000 MacBook Pro to a $500 Windows-based laptop, then you might have more power, but that’s because you’re comparing good hardware with crappy hardware and says nothing whatsoever about the OS. If you compare a $2,000 OS X system to a $2,000 Windows system, I assure that the Windows system will destroy the OS X system on power and performance.

      5. @[email protected] OS X is has only a fraction of Windows’ and Linux’s power. You can’t customize it from source, and if you open it up to upgrade (unless it’s a mini, or pro), you void the warranty unless you get a guy at the genius bar to do it for you. But what if you ordered online, and you live 200 miles from the nearest Apple Store, like me. Well, then you have to order online AGAIN, and spend another couple thousand dollars for so-so hardware. Just because of the of the shiny OS and sparkly aluminum case. Apple should have an obligation to sell the products at a lower price. The hardware components suck. With a mac, you get a 1.8 ghz core 2 duo, with 2 gigs of ram, and if you’re lucky, some AMD Radeon graphics. For $2000. With a PC, it’s a 3.8 ghz i7 with NVIDIA FX 5800 graphics, and 16 gigs of ram, for the same price. The difference is the Apple premium (adds $500), and the shiny aluminum case. The 12 core mac pro’s hardware is only worth about 1000 dollars. Yet they sell it for 5000. Wow.

        ps: Bill Gates coded Apple’s OS in the beginning. You know why? Old Stevie couldn’t program.

    3. @TysonStrickland And like @KyleBinder mentioned in his comment above, “The only place where Windows still rules is on PC.” Windows has certainly lost in many areas. I hope at least the Windows Phone 7 succeeds to some extent.

      1. @joelfernandes @TysonStrickland @KyleBinder Ruling on pc is more than enough seeing as though businesses, schools, technical jobs, music jobs, creative arts jobs, all require computers.

  32. Why are they try to make it sound like Windows lost. Windows never lost

    1. @KyleBinder PC is not the only thing that need OS you know? Windows lost in server, tablet and low-powered machine. The only place where Windows still rules is on PC.

      1. @WahyuHidayat @KyleBinder which is more than enough

      2. @WahyuHidayat @KyleBinder Windows is still pretty dominant in the server market. Even most of the servers the government uses are Microsoft base.

      3. @WahyuHidayat @KyleBinder Yeah, mikerkelly is right. To say Windows “lost” in the server market is not much more accurate than saying it has “lost” in the PC market. Almost every organization of any significant size at all runs an Active Directory. In fact, Windows domination in the server market is a large reason that it still dominates the PC market. From a business standpoint, it’s much easier (and, therefore, cheaper) to manage a Windows domain than anything else. Nothing else touches the ease with which systems administrators can manage a domain of Windows-based computers. Even .mil is an Active Directory domain.Also, I’m not sure exactly what you’re referring to as “low-power machine.” Windows is still a huge player in the embedded market and it pretty much owns the netbook market. The only places where Windows has really “lost” so far are the smartphone and slate markets, where Android and iOS currently dominate.

    2. @KyleBinder One of our IT guys said it best. Apples are like a race car, they look good and have lots of cool stuff, but there not practical if you have to do work, costly to fix, and good for about a year. PC’s are like trucks not as fancy but able to handle all kinds of work, easy to fix and good for 5 years. This isn’t an Apple bash they are nice but not really practical. The cost of one Apple is more than enough to get a really nice PC ( A truck w/ all the goodies and 4WD 🙂 ). The statement that Apple is winning in mobile tech, bah, Android OS is far superior. Apple mobile is for media only no real work can be done on it unless you use an app or remote desktop. Android is far closer to real computing on the go then Apple. Simple people like simple things i guess, and i cant argue that iPhones and iPads are very popular. Apple has definitely found a market.

  33. What battle? Apple’s market share on personal computing is so small in comparison.

    I think Windows 8 brings to the table an OS that people have been waiting a long time for. Something that supports mobile devices, such as slate tablets and more. And from what I’ve seen, it will be an amazing system. Windows 7 in itself is far an away, without saying 🙂 , a million times better than Vista, and is the first OS in years MS has released that stands up to the test of time that XP did.

  34. What about the file system? Since Windows XP Microsoft has been saying that they will re-work their file system for a new, better one. IMHO, NTFS is a good filesystem but it lacks in performance compared to other alternatives such as XFS, ZFS, JFS2, btrfs…. actually, the whole desktop is slugish today mainly because of the disks (even if you use SSD, it is just a temporary relieve… eventually we will be slowed again by the disks and not because of the technology that they are made of but because of the filesystem itself).

    1. @paragao Do you realise that windows 8 actually will see a new file system ReFS, based on NTFS but without many of the limitations, it’s being pushed to server environment first but will filter into win 8

    2. @paragao No, SSDs solve all I/O speed issues for just about all users. The future Filesystem from Microsoft may be more efficient and more reliable against data loss, but the inefficiency of the current NTFS filesystem just increases CPU utilization, but does not hinder the speed of an SSD. CPUs are so powerful these days, who cares.

    3. …you forgot EXT2/3/4.

  35. Why can’t Microsoft understand that the only thing IE is useful for is downloading a better web browser?

    1. @Zable_Fahr

      I see what you did there, my 9gagger friend! 😀

    2. @Zable_Fahr ie9 respects all the standards, and i hear ie10 will be quite similar to firefox, also the developer tools on ie10 will be better

      1. @geoariton @Zable_Fahr I disagree, i have seen lots of websites that work in IE 8 but not IE9.. some websites are having to force compatibility mode to make there site work properly.

        1.  @sboelitz
          I use IE9 on my Windows PC. I’ve seen many more problems with websites I usually visit in Firefox, in IE9, they’re gone! Even Flash runs faster…

    3. @Zable_Fahr All developers stand strong and stop supporting IE. Every IE release has caused a ton of work to keep cross browser compatibility. For instance IE 9 stopped supporting the “nowrap” attribute on tags. This may seem small but if you have to manage a large site w/ many pages, like me, this little diddy took me 3 days of useless coding to go into each and remove the attribute, then add a span tag to accomplish the same thing. This is one of many examples. I hope to god they abandon IE altogether. Like you said its only good for downloading a real browser. And for all others that are not developers stop using it. It takes 5 min to get a “real” browser up and going. With our combined efforts we can standardized the web and start spending our time making cool stuff vs wasting our time trying to keep things working.

      1. @Zable_Fahr ha ha the td tags were omitted. I was referencing them in the first post

      2. @Creeton Your first problem was using a table based layout. Your second was using a text editor that does not have a find and replace functionality.

        1. @mcpants32 i completely agree w/ ya on the table based … I inherited the mess. Secondly I did use find and replace, but not effective when adding a span tag. Trust me I wouldn’t be where i’m at if i were an idiot.

        2.  @Creeton
          I use table based layout too. Seems I’m not the only one.
          It’s probably because I used a book that was from 1998 to learn HTML – it still even had DHTML and annoying Java applets in it… even Frame based layouts!

    4.  The iPad is going to cause Microsoft’s Office division to lose billions in the next 3 years. Microsoft is late to the game. They’ll have a difficult time producing an Office for iPad version that costs anywhere near the $30 for the iWork suite. And this will lead many people who are current Office users to realize that they don’t really need Office. 
      <a href=””>Multidecks</a>

  36. guys why don’t you understand windows 8 can do everything win 7 could do you can even totally use it as win 7 by disabling metro. but according to me metro and windows 8 is a great add on. also it is not like there is any other OS that can compete with the windows abilities not even mac os

  37. …but I don’t want my desktop to look like a WinOS smartphone…

    One OS for PC, tablet, and phone? Say it isn’t so and you are not lazy programmers.

    1. @ErichEpoor It does not have to look like a smartphone… that is just the start menu that looks like the smartphone version, the real desktop looks a lot like windows 7

    2. @ErichEpoor Allot of companies are doing this android have made there tablet and phone OS the same now, windows is doing the same so users experience consistent between devices… makes sense really.

    3.  @ErichEpoor
      Yes, because having one OS operate across platforms is the “lazy” way to go.

  38. I doubt it will release in 2012…it has to come through lot of version…may it will be in 2013 first quarter

    Abhishek Joshi

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  40. my classmate’s step-aunt makes $79/hour on the internet. She has been fired for 5 months but last month her income was $8215 just working on the internet for a few hours. Read more on this web site… LazyCash9(com)

  41. There is no battle! OSX is useful for one thing only…to dualboot windows 7 (or 8?)

    Apple cannot compete with MS except in the mobile world.

  42. peter benz rs-m farnood pakravan steven lou

    here is no battle! OSX is useful for one thing only…to dualboot windows 7 (or 8?)

    Apple cannot compete with MS except in the mobile world.

    1. @MihirGarikiparithi peter benz rs-m farnood pakravan steven lou Apple mobile is nothing more than a media streamer no real computing can be done, there are apps that allow for some like remote desktop, but bah. I cant speak of Window’s mobile as I have never owned a mobile w/ a Window OS, I can speak of Android though and it spanks Apple, not an opinion. Look for yourselves. Apple mobile is simple for simple people I guess but there is obviously a market for it.

  43. Bottom line Mac just a junk computer. If we are compare the look Mac look way better then any PC. Mac use nothing but junk parts and have so many problem. I been manage Mac since 1993 till now talk from my experience it just another junk.

    1. @ntfs

      Mac is training wheels for your grandmother. Nothing significant has ever come out of an apple platform. Can Apple run enterprise services? Music production sure, because artists need training wheels sometimes. Pro Tools and Reason still come in a windows flavor too. Photoshop? same thing. The difference is you get real enterprise security and authentication with PC, but dont tell that to the people on training wheels or they might fall over.

    2. in US maybe its best, but for us outside US, its a crap OS specially file sharing, transfer. it does not read the file process by windows, but files process by MAC can be read by windows.When you are in a job doing some file sharing, it will delay your work cause you need converter… unlike windows and linux, just plug-and-play.

  44. Not certain why the reviewer summed up by saying “Will Microsoft win the battle against Apple which it had lost several years back?” If we’re discussing US sales, Windows still outsells Mac by a very considerable margin (about 87% to just under 13% for Mac as of late 2011) and if we look at Mac’s world-wide share, it’s even smaller than what it is within the US — actually somewhere between 3% and 5%. Overall, however, Mac’s market share within the US is growing at a steady pace, but its share worldwide has been virtually stagnant for many, many years. To this end, it’s really too early to be making statements about a victory that not only has never occurred, but one that still has quite a ways to go before being realized.

    1. @IMWorks Both Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) and Apple(R) MacOSX(TM) have a serious enemy that you people constantly ignore – it is called Linux. I know several companies who switched to Linux last year and they are pretty happy about it. Why would not they be happy? They have a rapidly developing platform, with millions of free applications. Platform that is completely open, from the kernel and boot-loader to the simplest GUI applications. X Window System, being criticised so often has many advantages. Linux distributions had included hardware acceleration before Windows and MacOSX, we had remote desktops nearly THREE DECADES ago, system ready for the Internet (remember the time when network layer on Windows was a third party product???). Sure, there are disadvantages, but Linux will fix them – we do not have to wait for years for Microsoft or Apple to release significant patches, or completely rewrite an OS…

      1. @dejan_lekic @IMWorks Just to point out the obvious, Linux didn’t have remote desktops 3 decades ago because Linux didn’t exist 3 decades ago. The Linux kernel was first released in 1991. You’re thinking about UNIX. Linux is similar to UNIX, but they aren’t the same thing. As you’re probably aware, GNU (the organization that makes most of the utility applications included in Linux distributions) actually stands for “GNU’s Not UNIX.”

        1. @vbscript2 @dejan_lekic @IMWorks I am perfectly aware of all you said. If you read again what I wrote above, you will see I mentioned X Window System before that sentence… – If you know so much about Linux, then you also know that Linux desktop is X Window System (1984), which almost from the start had remote capabilities. So what are you trying to prove? 🙂

          But, Linux is moving forward – Wayland ( will in few years become #1 display protocol on Linux and all modern UNIX systems…

        2. @dejan_lekic @vbscript2 @IMWorks

          Yawn linux is boring and a waste of my precious time. If Linux was soooo cool it would be running on peoples phones, or at desktops at best buy and frys. Talking about all this takes me back though, to the 90’s…

        3. @hydro2k You are then obviously not aware of the fact that Android platform is based on Linux? 😉 Also, almost all major mobile-phone vendors had mobile phones that were based on Linux…

        4.  @dejan_lekic perhaps he doesn’t know the hottest mobile OS now Android’s is a linux-based system. Now linux is the serious competitive OS that even apple will be thrown away by these Windows and Linux. For now, i’m considering windows as the universal OS since its widely used everywhere even poor countries.. Windows always released its predecessors source code open for developers every time they release new version. except the crap Windows Vista.

        5.  @dejan_lekic
          BS. read this and understand: Linux is not a desktop system, even linux people admit that. Also people who pulled off finaly understood that. That’s why they stopped supporting it.

        6.  @atch
          *ahem* “Linx is not a desktop system, even linux people admit that.”. I’ve been using Linux for three years now. In my house, all desktops PC’s run on Linux and my server upstairs run Windows 7 (which will soon migrate to Win8 Server).

        7.  @JoshRobertson
          Yeah, some tech-savvy people use Linux for their own desktop system, but most of them will still admit that it’s not a desktop system for the average user. I’m pretty sure everyone I know who uses LInux as a desktop system knows how to write software. Don’t get me wrong, though. I like Linux, but it’s really not for the average user. Personally, I don’t even run X on my Linux VM. I just have it running as a VM on my Win Server ’03 box and ssh into it when I want a GNU/Linux environment to work on a program. For all of my day-to-day computer user, I just use Windows 7 (as I am doing right now.)

  45. Well, Windows 8 already contains more than 300 new features. At its Build developers conference, Microsoft pointed to plans to keep adding more new capabilities until Windows 8 evolves into a shipping product..Windows 8 Help

  46. Well, Windows 8 already contains more than 300 new features. At its Build developers conference, Microsoft pointed to plans to keep adding more new capabilities until Windows 8 evolves into a shipping product..Windows 8 Help

  47. You can watch the video of how the Windows 8 Developer Preview edition is looks like and download it on

  48. This is the best review of Windows 8 that I have seen. I’m glad that I found this technical website. Great work guys!

  49. I like how most of the comments here have almost nothing to do with the win 8 itself xD

  50. Windows 8 is a yuppies OS, designed to try and win back some of the tablet market that the iPad has gotten. With this goal in mind, Microsoft have failed to realise that desktop users (people who use mice and keyboards for work every day) are going to struggle with this OS over windows 7.
    It’s not even ‘Windows’. Applications come up full screen and completely different.
    Will Microsoft win back part of the market share? People seem to have forgotten that as far as desktops are concerned – Apple’s biggest market share win was caused not because they did anything right, but because Microsoft stuffed up with Windows Vista.
    They’re about to do it again on a bigger scale. People like familiarity. They don’t want to have to learn how to use a computer all over again. The frustrations I’ve heard from so many clients in regards to the new Office design with the ribbon bar (and no menu) still go on today.
    Mac OS and Linux represent what Windows users are more used to more than Windows 8.
    I have used Microsoft my entire life. I develop (professionally) for the windows platform – and I want Microsoft to succeed. (I don’t like Mac’s theory of restricting the user) – but my experience with Win 8 Dev release, and now the preview release has me seriously considering Linux or MacOS as my primary OS for all my general work, with VMWare and Windows 7 for my development environment!
    The only success I can see here is if Microsoft bring back a ‘view classic’ option that will give you a Windows 7 like start menu, run applications the old way – and the option to completely disable Metro unless the user actually wants it.
    As for the dig about linux on mobile phones. What do you think Google’s back end is running on. (Or apple’s for that instance?!?)

    1.  @adzadude You may like this: a util for switching win 8 back to a classic interface and disabling metro, you can also just switch metro back on it you want

    2.  @adzadude
      That’s where computers are heading. We’ll be seeing less power-consuming monster PC’s with bazillions of RAM installed, and more ARM-powered tablets with touch-screen interfaces. I for one am liking the idea, but many people are not (like yourself for example).
      That’s the way the cookie crumbles I’m afraid…

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