Liberate Your Tablet or Smartphone With Help From The Minion-Friendly Archos Child Pad

by Briley 1

Everyone has a mobile device these days, whether that includes a smartphone or a tablet; therefore it is not unreasonable to assume they carry with them at all times.

Mobile devices are essential for communication, but they can also help pass the time during lengthy periods of limbo – which is, essentially, just a fancier way of saying gadgets can be used for entertainment.

Android tablets and smartphones even make excellent toys for your children, and will provide hours of entertainment for them. Except, it is never a smart idea to hand an expensive device to a minion with no self-resolve. Furthermore, once you do it, once you hand over that device it’s going to be next to impossible to get it back unless, of course, you want to deal with hours of tantrums and unnecessary screaming.

Not to mention, giving a child free reign when playing with an Android device or tablet can lead to serious problems. Children can do many things during their playtime with the device that could lead to a less than nominal result. The child could drop the device thus resulting in a broken or cracked screen, or even submerge the device in nearby liquids when you’re not paying attention. Not to mention, inappropriate material litters the Google Play market, and there are lots of high priced apps that can be purchased with the simple push of a button – whoops.

When there’s a $400-$500 device involved, the last thing anyone wants is for it to be demolished by a curious toddler.

Luckily, Archos has released a tablet for munchkins. That’s right, we are talking about a tablet that is designed to withstand kid-safe poking, and prodding but still offers electronic bliss. We’re referring to the Archos Child Pad (we know, it is not an exceptionally creative name). It’s time to liberate your tablet or smartphone from the smudgy little hands of your beautiful little minion.

The Arnova Archos Child Pad

The Child Pad is a 7″ kid-friendly tablet designed with a slim (12mm) form factor, yet includes a durable plastic housing that is safe for rough little hands. Probably the best feature of all, is that the Child Pad has been filtered to include content that is only suitable for innocent, but prying, little eyes. Not only does the Child Pad include a filtered app store (more on that later), but it also includes a 6 month subscription to the Mobile Parental Filter by Editions Profil.

The Child Pad runs Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and will be preloaded with exclusive content from the new film Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. The exclusive Alvin and the Chipmunks content will include behind the scenes clips, wallpapers and a themed online game.

Say it with us, yayyyyyyyyyy! Okay, so maybe we’re more enthusiastic about that Alvin content than you are.
ARNOVA Archos Child Pad With Alvin And The Chipmunks

The Archos Child Pad

The Child Pad is not, by any means, a dumbed down tablet. We’re willing to bet that even a Dad or two will feel the need to steal the device for personal use, which is acceptable because EVERY father knows how to take turns, right?

It sports a 7″ touchscreen display and is powered by a 1GHz processor combined with 1GB of installed RAM. As mentioned above, the Child Pad runs Android version 4.0 ICS, but it also includes a custom child friendly interface, with large size app icons that are perfect for chubby little fingers. The developers have even lumped applications in related folders so that all entertainment, tools and multimedia are easily and quickly accessible for the little ones.

ARNOVA Archos Child Pad With Mobile Parental Filter by Editions ProfilDespite the child-proof design, the Archos Child Pad provides a complete internet experience thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi (802.11) radio. The Mobile Parental Filter from Editions Profil automatically filters inappropriate web content. The software uses an “intelligent content evaluation system” to verify and analyze websites in realtime and block content that is not safe for children. With the Archos Child Pad, you can truly be worry free while your child is browsing the internet (although, we are fully aware that a dutiful parent always keeps an eye on the child, no need to blast us).

A front facing webcam ensures that children can play with photo software and talk to family, with your express permission of course, via video chat software.

The Child Pad will also come preloaded with a suite of “educational” and “general knowledge” apps that are just perfect for younger audiences. ARNOVA claims the tablet is splendid for gaming, learning, coloring and drawing but naturally, the related apps will have to be installed.

In addition, the tablet will have access to the screened AppsLib market which offers only family friendly applications and content for download. This means that the tablet can be surrendered to a little one without fear of the child coming into contact with inappropriate content. All of the apps and downloadable content in the AppsLib market are free of charge, which subsequently means that parents won’t get any charges or surprise fees.

The Child Pad looks to be a device that is truly safe for children to have free reign.

Archos Child Pad Full Specifications

For the techie minded folks out there, it is always polite to cover the full list of specifications when it comes to a device, some people just like to know what they are. So, here you go.

ARNOVA Archos Child Pad Drawing and DoodlingThe Archos Child Pad will include a 7″ LCD resistive touchscreen display with a maximum supported resolution of 800 x 480. An ARM Cortex A8 (1GHz) processor powers the tablet, and combines with 1GB of installed RAM for fluent performance. For internal storage, the Child Pad will include 4GB of internal flash memory with a microSD expansion slot for up to an additional 32GB of external storage. Additional features of the Child Pad include integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 functionality, a front facing webcam, accelerometer support and a micro USB data port.

Additional information and technical specifications, such as a list of supported video formats, can be found on the Archos Child Pad website.

The Archos Child Pad is Available Now

The merry news here is that you can stop lending your Toshiba Excite 10 LE, Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab Series tablet to your little one. Tablets are not made for younger audiences; it was probably never a brilliant idea to let munchkins have such an expensive device anyways. Didn’t your mother ever teach you to respect your belongings, shame on you!

Fortunately for you, the Archos Child Pad is just for innocent little monsters (see what we did there) which means you can take back that tablet or smartphone, and still be free from tantrums- that is assuming you give them a Child Pad instead.

The Archos Child Pad is available now for $129.99 and can be purchased via the Archos web store.

ARNOVA Archos Child Pad Exclusive Alvin and the Chipmunks Content

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