WebReader Review: Keep in Touch With Your Favorite Websites!

by The Tech Labs 2

Actually, there is no end to the number of applications that can be used to read RSS Feeds. Still, there’s plenty to improve when taking a peek on what is out there.

In a couple of words, WebReader is a RSS Reader that helps you keep in touch with all the news on your favorite websites. And better than ever, it’s free.

Web Reader Review

WebReader Review

WebReader tries to improve the way you read by offering a far more appealing interface than Google Reader. It has plenty of features to take usability to a new level:

– You can easily add your feeds from any website or even your Facebook Pages.
Just sign in using the Google Account and all the feeds will be fetched automatically. You can add a feed by typing only the URL of the website. And better, any feed you will add will synced automatically with your Google Account.

– Extremely simple feed and folder management and search between the feeds
All the feeds are easy to manage and to organize them into folders. Also, the search is really effective when used to search through your subscriptions or to find new content that might interest you.

– 3 ways to read your articles
Viewing the articles can be done in 3 different ways: you can choose to have entire articles displayed, only a summary of them, or just the titles. These views can be changed from the buttons in the top right.

– Possibility to hide the sidebar
Much more space to read and use the keyboard to surf between feeds.

– Easy share & adjustable font size
Sharing a news story on Web Reader via Facebook and Twitter is as easy as 2 clicks. No other words needed

It also has features like smart search, keyboard shortcuts, starred items and many other. What WebReader’s developers say: “It’s probably the best desktop RSS reader you’ve used. And you can bet we’re making it even better!”

Take a look and download WebReader, it’s free! Click here to download it now…

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