The Totally Free Indie Game Bundle, For Free

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To start this thing off properly, we’re just going to ask this; do you want some free games?

Who are we kidding, of course, you do.

Pay what you want indie bundles are frequent occurrences lately. You’ve got your Humble Bundles, your Indie Gala bundles and of course your candid Indie Bundle. If those pre-determined bundles don’t suit your needs you can always build your own indie game bundle. Even though, you can choose your own price, all of those bundles require money, and sometimes even $5 to $6 is a lot to dish out.

Call us cheap, call us freeloaders, hell call us whatever you’d like, but we’ve got one of the best indie bundles right now because it’s totally free! Oh, and the games are quite impressive too.

Introducing The Free Indie Bundle

The free indie bundle includes five notable titles that are guaranteed to work on Windows, sorry Mac lovers. All five games are DRM free and a couple have online multiplayer and leaderboard support.

The Free Indie Bundle

Nitronic Rush

Nitronic Rush is a trippy, Tron style racing game. Rush has you racing through a digitally enhanced and neon littered city (we mentioned Tron right), with fast paced techno music and unique abilities.

During races, you will have to avoid obstacles by using the vehicle’s nitro boost, bank turn and jump abilities. At times the course even takes you offroad and into the sky where you must maneuver using a set of wings.

In addition to a story mode, Nitronic Rush also has challenge levels and hardcore difficulty levels. A supportive community has also helped the game to grow by creating their own levels, all of which can be downloaded and added to the main game through the official forums.

Stealth Bastard

Stealth Bastard is essentially an action platformer that, well… we’ll let the developers describe it for us.

In addition to a full suite of levels and challenges Stealth Bastard also includes a level editor so that you can make your own levels and share them online.

Online leaderboards keep the challenges amped up, as you rush through each level to achieve the highest score; and because the game is free, you can play against all your friends!

A Flipping Good Time

A Flipping Good Time is a fast paced 2D platformer that essentially has you jumping, flipping and flying around the levels. The objective in this game is to collect all the consumables, which will increase your score and potentially allow you to unlock bonus levels.


Viriax is what the developer, Locomalito, claims as a medical terror arcade game. We thought that was an fascinating variety of genres too.

Essentially you play as the Viriax virus, working your way through the human body infecting organs one by one. In each level, you must continue moving up the screen, like a vertical platformer; however, there is a problem, you must reach the organ core at the end of each level before you run out of energy. Every move you make in Viriax and cell you attack consumes a portion of your total energy. You can obtain energy by picking up consumables as you progress through each level.

Viriax is kind of creepy, yet remarkably fun. If you don’t trust us, check out this trailer.

Ski Challenge 2012

Ski Challenge 2012 is pretty much self-explanatory. You ski down a slope, Olympic style, trying to get the best time possible. There are several game modes which provide different challenges and difficulty levels.

Deity (Because Every Indie Bundle Has to Have a Freebie)

We know we mentioned there were five games in the bundle, but we’re including this one as well because it is quite simply, amazing.

Diety is a stealth action game that was inspired by titles like Diablo, Torchlight and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Diety is presented in a top down isometric view just like the Diablo series.

Diety is a relatively short game, but the developers have stated on the official site that future updates will add more levels and content.

Free Games, Free Games, Free Games

Sorry for all the repeats there, we couldn’t think of anything original, besides who doesn’t like FREE GAMES?

Be sure to support the developers by checking out their other projects and leaving some donations where applicable.

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